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    Zero Punctuation: Nier Automata

    You know the best part of all this? That when you get to the third playthrough of the game, there's a shop that opens up, allowing you to basically pay in-game money to get any achievement in the game. So you don't really HAVE to do any of the achievements other than make enough money to buy them.
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    Daredevil Vs. Daredevil: Who Is The Best Man Without Fear?

    Can I at least be the first to say that it was refreshing to finally, FINALLY, have a movie or series done by either DC or Marvel that's mature and rated 'R' that isn't cutting corners or pulling punches (pun intended). I mean this gives me hope that perhaps someday they can get Thomas Jane...
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    Escape to the Movies: Jupiter Ascending - Tries But Fails

    I can add another one to the list, Babylon A.D. If you can get your hands on the Raw and Uncut version of that movie and seen the previous movie, you'd get that Fox execs basically changed the beginning, the ending, the dialogue, and added fight scenes that weren't even in the final movie. The...
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    Zero Punctuation: Sonic Boom - Boom or Bust

    See, this is more proof of what really needs to happen. It won't happen, but it's one of the few ways of saving Sonic other than just burying the IP in a time capsule and unearthing it after a generation has gone by without him. Archie Comics basically took the Sat Am cartoon and ran with...
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    Suikoden and Suikoden II Coming to Vita Next Week

    No, let's be honest here... to pretty much everyone who likes the Suikoden series. If 5 was actually 4 instead of the truly forgettable one, there wouldn't have been much of an issue. As it stands, by the time 5 rolled around, fans were tired of prequels. They wanted the goddamn finale that...
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    Uncivil War: Yahtzee Eats His Mustard

    Hey, if I could find a moderately hot British chick to hang around with me, I'd probably marry her too. So I don't blame the American women for liking them accents overseas. Also remember, Brooke Lawson aka Dodger is rooming with Sam Thorne aka Strippin as well.
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    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Finally Tackles Its Biggest Mystery

    No offense but those ratings you're showing for Tuesday primetime shows AoS being the only time ABC isn't in last place. It's second, and AoS has never beaten NCIS and never will. It doesn't have to be the best show on television, it just has to be the best not-NCIS show in that line-up. And...
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    The Tick to Return as Amazon Pilot

    Fox just kind of failed shows in general during that time. Remember a few years after this, Fox tossed Family Guy off its line-up and failed miserably to find a replacement. Failed so hard that the first 2 minutes of the new season took a jab at Fox by naming every show that took the time slot...
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    Escape to the Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy - Surprise! This Movie Rocks!

    You are trying so very very hard to troll in this relatively obscure forum, Mr. I-Have-Three-Posts-Total. Has it been working well for you so far? You'd have a bit of a point, maybe, if 92% of the review community didn't agree with MovieBob according to Rotten Tomatoes. You don't have to...
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    Ronan the Accuser Speaks in New Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

    I like the fact that they have Michael Rooker on the placeholder of the video, but if you blink you miss him at the end of it.
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    Movie Defense Force: The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Better Than Broody Gritty Wah Wah

    I've always found it funny about Spiderman as a character, not that he can't get a decent movie to save his life, but that he's the character that you can't revolve a decent story around to save its life. Spiderman is only a decent character as long as his environment involves strife...
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    Jimquisition: Air Control - A Steam Abuse Story

    That fact that this faulty, fraudulent, obvious cash-in was allowed to get any sales at all is the problem. Not that they exist, Christ they were all over the place in Kickstarter, but Kickstarter at least admitted it was an issue but didn't have the control to stop most, so people just got...
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    Joss Whedon Is Making Avengers 2's Ultron Sound Awesome

    Truthfully I think Ultron will be fine, and I think they also have humble hopes when it comes to Guardians of the Galaxy. I think if it's a runaway success, they'll be surprised. They know it's a risk, and they're probably prepared if it doesn't do as good as the other movies. And to me it...
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    Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Arrives in North America this Summer

    Because this is basically a poor man's .hack, and .hack was a single player game mimicking an MMO with problems.
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    Jimquisition: An Industry Of Pitiful Cowards

    They didn't mock old-school DMC, they mocked old-school DMC Dante. As well they should, Dante was a melange of tired tropes that needed to die. The super-serious 'stop mocking what I like' hardcore fans of old Dante also should be mocked. Yeah, he put on a white wig and thought it was...