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    people's misunderstanding of Korra and Asami

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    people's misunderstanding of Korra and Asami

    OP is the only one on these forums I see that is reacting so... strongly to the ending of LoK. Either you're trolling, fanboying waaaay too hard, or you are genuinely homophobic/biphobic. I'm inclined to believe you're not homophobic/biphobic because you imply you are only against Korra and...
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    Christmas Avatar Request Thread 2014

    Someone did take up his request. T_T (Don't cry, Legion. Frappe will notice you eventually!) I don't know if the Halloween thread was stickied, but I didn't know this thread existed until I glanced at the very top of the stickies. The stickies rarely change so I would never think to look for...
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    So are drunk people responsible or not?

    Since she is your wife she has A) given clear signals that she wants to have sex with you when she was sober, B) you've known her long enough to know when you are approaching uncertain/dangerous territory, and C) she hasn't explicitly said "no" or physically resisted you while looking...
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    So are drunk people responsible or not?

    If you get drunk and have sex, something is being done to you by someone else that may or may not be drunk, and it may or may not happen if you are drunk. typically, people will usually only consider it rape if you are soooo drunk that you can't really consent (i.e., you're not even consciously...
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    Poll: Too Much Of A Good Thing?

    You're getting older. it happens to everyone. You become desensitized to everything with enough time. You enjoyed the movies/universe a lot when you were younger because they were new. They aren't new to you anymore.
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    Christmas Avatar Request Thread 2014

    I tried.
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    Anita Sarkeesian states that sexism against men is impossible

    That's horrible. :l Nobody deserves to be raped, no matter how much you disagree with them. Your attitude speaks of someone who's never known someone who has been raped or, more likely, you didn't care.
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    What's with Black Widow in The Avengers?

    A quick skim of the wiki doesn't show anything related to the serum in the comics, and she's definitely just "normal" (relatively speaking) in the movies. In the comics she was rescued by Logan and Cap, before lots of other shit started happening (think elite sleeper cells, arranged marriage...
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    Poll: Anita Sarkeesian Said A Thing!

    But then, how would you be able to complain about people who complain about people complaining? :(
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    Terminator Genisys: Get the Pitchforks ready(spoilers)

    "Genisys" (at least spell it right if you are going to hate it without research) stands for General Identification System (computer system for biological identifications).