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    So, the ending of Telltales "Game of Thrones, Episode 1" [Spoilers inside]

    It was decent enough in the sense of being engaging, but it's hard to judge the overall quality since it was really three connected stories rather than one. That's true to the source material since the books change voice with each chapter and the show has it's different storylines, but it's too...
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    Poll: When did you start to call yourself a gamer?

    I don't - love games, but it's a hobby and not an identity. And an entertainment consumption hobby at that (I think there are some more active hobbies that do have a lifestyle element, but gaming just isn't one of them). That said, I don't particularly object if someone else labels me that...
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    Poll: Should I buy Dragon Age Inquisition?

    I voted "Yes, but..." because I've been enjoying it (I'm about 30 hours in at this point), but am also aware that is has some issues that need smoothing out. Bugs aside, I think it's a solid game - some of the side quests are tedious, but most of those aren't required, so I'm not bothered by...
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    Thread Topic - LGBT and Video Games

    The point of the list of irrelevant games seemed to be games where relationships of any type coupling is irrelevant, which is a different issue that the one you seem to be responding to - I agree that a good majority of relationship-driven content wouldn't be particularly changed by swapping the...
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    Games you feel that only you played

    Mine is Conquests of the Longbow. I meet plenty of people who remember other old Sierra adventure games, but I only very rarely talk to anyone who remembers this particular one.
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    Poll: Do you REALLY cry over Games,TV shows?

    The only things I've genuinely cried over were one game (the end of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons) and one movie (I saw Marley & Me on a plane the week after my dog died - that was embarrassing). I've gotten that pre-teary feeling for plenty of things though: the end of the Tuchanka part of...
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    How Long Do You 'Give' A Game Before You Stop Playing?

    It depends on the type of game and the specific issues that I have with it. If a game has terrible controls or hideous voice acting, I may give up within 30 minutes (even less sometimes). On the flip side, if a game starts out strong and then goes downhill, then that's where I'm...
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    Poll: Unfinished Games Anonymous: do you ever give up before completion?

    All the time. I value my entertainment time too much to spend it on things that I'm not enjoying, so if a game turns out to be mediocre (or is decent but gets tedious), I'm not going to play it past that point. If it's not fun, why would I spend any more time on it?
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    Has gaming and the modern world reduced your attention span?

    I'd say yes to the decreased attention span, but I wouldn't say it's from gaming - I think it's more a matter of easy access to a constant stream of new information. Eh, maybe in some cases. I've met some folks in the 35+ ages who were diagnosed before ADHD was in out there in the common...
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    Am I a Gamer?

    Dude, you can identify yourself however you want. My point was that some people are uncomfortable calling themselves gamers not because of associated shame from whatever recent drama has been cooked up, but because of the implications specifically related to pop culture consumption (so that...
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    Men: Now a Minority in PC Gaming.

    Heh, I've seen plenty of threads here that slam CoD as being for dudebros/teenagers/casuals-who-think-they're-gamers, so I don't think that would stop the arguments. Still, even without that particular issue, any small sampling of games is going to miss people who aren't fans of those...
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    Men: Now a Minority in PC Gaming.

    But how else could they produce any demographic information? Sure, you could do a breakdown by genre? But my point was that their are genres that cover both. Even if you studied it by console vs phone vs tablet vs PC that's not necessarily telling since you can play everything from Farmville...
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    Thread Topic - LGBT and Video Games

    Eh, I can see how that would be true if you're primarily playing puzzle or racing games, but as soon as you move into story-related ones, there's a solid number of games where a character's motivations are related to the person they're involved with. And what's that if not giving relevance to...
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    Men: Now a Minority in PC Gaming.

    Why should they? The line between "real" games and "mobile" games moves with nearly every person who argues about the topic. Those flash games that people mock are often just versions of older games - so are retro gamers not real gamers now? Is Farmville really so removed from something like...
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    Am I a Gamer?

    Eh, I don't think that's the only issue. There's the whole hobby-as-identifier piece as well, especially when that hobby amounts to pure pop culture consumption. If you're writing your autobiography, it's one thing to list gaming as a major hobby, it's another to call yourself a gamer as a...