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    Basement Dweller

    Eh I'm sure the parents are proud of their son, as parents tend to be. Even some women will accept this sort of mindset (rape thing aside, which I'm sure the guy can only put the spin on with his mom), like look at that Oregon militia stand off thing that just recently ended. There were a few...
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    China's "Artificial Star" Is Three Times Hotter Than Our Sun

    Rather than something like a Fahrenheit vs Celsius conversion argument I would assume that Kelvin is used exclusively by the scientific community, with the whole point being it's on the same scale as Celsius but just sets '0' at absolute zero. Which is, you know, probably useful for sciency stuff.
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    DirectorK discusses anime: The Asterisk War: What RWBY "COULD" have been

    Taking a look at their store page a single season DVD is a rather standard price of $20. Coincidentally, this is the exact same price for the season DVD's of all their other shows. I'd say the position RWBY exists in is it's an amateur project that's become as popular as professional...
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    DirectorK discusses anime: The Asterisk War: What RWBY "COULD" have been

    I'll never understand this perception of RWBY that exist in some places, particularly on here... do people not realize it's only a web series and not a professional production? Also let me say it, 'tournament arcs' are garbage. Well they can be okay, but they're way overdone in anime and I...
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    Fire Emblem Fates Cuts Petting From English Version

    Man people talking about things being for adults, but right or wrong in Japan this sort of thing is targeted at 12-18 year old's. It just another thing filed under the 'Japan is weird' category.
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    8 Video Game Controllers That Time Forgot

    The 'pause' button was actually on the console itself. But even more forgotten is the left hand 'Sega Control Stick' Pretty sure I still have this thing in storage!
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    EA to Host Fan-Focused Events Instead of Traditional E3 Booth

    I love how after creating the marketing term "EA Play" they're now crafting the corresponding announcement(s) to awkwardly use the term "players" when referring to their audience. It's such an obvious marketing exec decision to stay on point or hammer home the current buzz word.
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    Yeah the original X-Files the extent of conspiracy theories didn't go much farther than the government covering up extra terrestrial content. Which made sense because the extended series story revolved around a discrete alien invasion, which brings it into the sci-fi category. Most episodes...
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    Echoes of Aetheria Review - Fantasy, Treason, and Mechanical Spiders

    RPG Maker has been around for as far as I know 15 years? I first got into trying them out 12-15 years ago. Back then it was all old Dragon Quest/Phantasy Star style combat, and I know that at some point they at the very least added early FF type combat. I'm not saying you're wrong since I'm...
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    Echoes of Aetheria Review - Fantasy, Treason, and Mechanical Spiders

    It's a JRPG Maker game, but surprised to see it has a different battle system from the norm? I like the idea of JRPG maker but the core mechanics are basically NES/early SNES era JRPG's, and once you've played a couple they all start feeling the same. They've been making this for so long it's...
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    Fireball Activity Increases Dramatically Over the Last Two Years

    They all seem to be hitting Russia, and none of the Russian's filming it seem surprised. Coincidence!?
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    Master Racier

    Hah I've pretty much always been a PC peasant! While it makes for a humorous comic though while some PC gamers like to rag on console gamers, while there can certainly be the dick measuring contest turning on fellow PC gamers for being under spec'd generally isn't a thing (from what I've seen at...
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    Poll: How much DRM is too much?

    People tend to forget or not realize that while over the past 10 years publishers have really ramped up the DRM, that it has always been there in some form. At it's basest level it was a small road block to prevent one kid from buying a game and passing it around his entire school. Generally the...
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    $600 for the The Oculus Rift?

    Yes there's that, and to be honest I barely even knew that these 3D TV's were a thing! I think a big problem with those though are that people already went out and bought themselves a big screen flat panel TV's just before the big 2008/09 market crash, so there isn't really a need to replace...
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    Who Will Be Cast as The Young Han Solo For the Upcoming Film?

    I know that's the story we have and I have nothing on hand to back this up, but I can pretty much guarantee you that Harrison Ford was also at the time an aspiring and well trained actor who was simply finding a better living as a carpenter. This just goes to show you how tough a market the...