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    What's the first class you usually play in RPGs.

    Mage or any kind of magic class. I rather beat my enemies from afar rather than up close.
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    Greatest Game Opening EVER!!!!

    Mass Effect 3. Hands down for me.
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    Poll: Do you question people that play opposite gendered character in games

    Personally if I can play as both genders I usually will, such as go through the game as a girl and then go back and play it has a boy. I don't think you should question someone over it. It's only a game and who wouldn't want to be someone they are not in real life even if it is the opposite gender.
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    Personality trait enheritance from your parents

    I have my father's personality, which is sarcastic and laid back, but my temper comes from my mother.
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    Anime visual styles you can't stand

    They look like sea urchins
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    What are your irrational fears?

    tomato worms, worms, and grubs
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    Most hated enemy in gaming?

    Shadow Teddie in Persona 4 because you had to remember the sequence of his attacks so you didn't die.
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    3DS Bashing

    Too me it targets certain people and personally it doesn't target me. I don't hate the 3DS it's just something I don't find the need to get since my DS without the 3D is just fine for me. More games would need to come out for it to even have me consider buying it. I just don't want to buy it for...
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    Poll: Top 5 games of all time, no mean comments

    My top 5 games 1. Persona 4 2. Mass Effect 2 3. Professor Layton: The Diabolical Box 4. Alice Madness Returns 5. Resonance of Fate
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    How big is your itunes library?

    I have 2428 songs, but I also have all the Doctor Who seasons in my iTunes as well and the music that is in my iTunes is just the music that fits on my ipod. I really have 40gb of music on my computer I just need to get a bigger ipod.
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    Things That Annoy You

    I don't mind if you text during class, I just can't stand when you have someone texting and their keyboard on their phone sounds like a herd of zebras going across the plains of Africa.
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    Do you like your first name?

    I like my first name because it is very rare for some who is my age to have, I mean I went through elementary, middle school, high school and most of college without running into another Mary and I personally think that is cool.
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    Relatives beat sibling's they accused of witchcraft

    Witchcraft in general is no different than any other religion/belief and is, at the core, harmless like any other belief. Beating someone over it and essentially killing them is ridiculous.
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    If console gaming is cheaper, why are all the games so much more expensive?

    I do both console gaming and PC gaming, but to keep everything working and up to date in a PC is both time consuming and expensive, while I can just go out and buy a PS3 game and I don't have to worry about if my system can handle it or if I have to dim the graphics any. Also, I use my computer...
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    Do games help you get to know your friends?

    I had a huge realization when my friend and I decided to play the same game (Persona 4 was the game). Even though we get along pretty well, we are very different and it shows right down to how we play a RPG. When my friend watched me play she asked "do you use mostly elemental attacks or melee,"...