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    Rock Band Revival? Rumors Point to New Next-Gen Title

    I would consider buying a PS4 if Harmonix really did release a new Rock Band game. Rock Band 3 is the only game I've touched on my xbox in the last few years. That being said, I don't think we'll see this new game for a good while.
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    Reddit Moderators accused of Corruption! Allegedly threatened former mod speaks out!

    Some serious allegations here. Reddit admins are often accused of actions like these, but I've never seen an actual mod step forward and claim they really are true.
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    "The Talk" makes fun of castrated man.

    Stupid cunts. They deserve to be kicked off the air for this imo
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    Why are you hetero or homosexual?...

    I am hetero. Why? I was born that way
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    A sad day for humanity or at least the public image of these women.

    Heard about this story the other day, disgusting. This guy made a video about the story:
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    Valve Discusses Charging Customers Based on Popularity

    I don't think that would ever work.