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    Was it prudent of Jennifer Lawrence to take pictures of herself nude in the first place? Y/N?

    Christ...this thread pretty much ended at the first response. Nothing else can really be added that you didn't just say.
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    Game of Thrones' Syrio Forel Joins Star Wars: Episode VII

    They need to throw cannon out the window and just have Syrio in Star Wars. "What do we say to the Dark Side?"
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    What are you nerds reading? :D

    Christ, I haven't touched a book in a couple of months now. I used to read all the goddamn time, but work has been kind of screwing me over recently. Last book I read was The Strain, by Guillermo del Torro and Chuck Hogan in preparation for the TV series. Books pretty good. TV series, while a...
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    Game of Thrones Season 5 "Nude Scene" Shooting Snag Resolved

    Didn't even hear that there was an issue to begin with. Mint. I guess this confirms that the scene will actually happen in the TV show, which was surprising considering what the character has been doing so far. So according to the bottom remark, the books are going to have gay dudes and the...
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    I'm a straight male gamer, convince me diversity in games is a good thing

    Probably her best voice acting EVER was in ME3. Dat ending.
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    I'm a straight male gamer, convince me diversity in games is a good thing

    Do you want to play the exact same character in every single game? Becasue that's how you get the exact same character in every single game. I don't care if a character is white, black, Spanish, female or gay. But I'm incredibly bored of the brown haired guy that saves everyone and bangs the...
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    Johnny Gat Goes to Hell in Saints Row Standalone Expansion

    Cool...any others? Or just that one? Because in my books, only ONE other example doesn't constitute that it's a popular idea.
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    SWAT Raids Yet Another Livestreaming Counter-Strike Player

    I don't think you quite understand just how valuable that skill is in real combat. If some terrorist is running at you screaming shit with a bomb, he will literally be converted to FULL AMERICAN by performing a full 360 and no-scope his bomb detonator. On a serious note...that's actually a...
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    BREAKING: Anita Sarkessian Eats Sandwich

    xXx_Pu$$y-De$try3r-420-69_xXx I nearly died laughing. Also, I have no idea what's going on in this thread.
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    Rumor: Warner Bros. Imposes "No Jokes" Rule On DC Comics Movies

    Depends on the movie and atmosphere. The Dark Knight was brutally dark and gritty almost the entire movie. I fucking hated that one cop trying to make it 'lighter' by commenting on shit the Koker just did. "Yes! I DID just see that! Shut the fuck up and let me watch this movie!" Unlike almost...
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    Valve Explains Why Its Latest Steam Controller Has an Analog Stick

    Aparently. TO me, it just felt like using track pads with my thumbs. They have no place with gaming. If I want some accurate shots in an FPS, I'll use a mouse. If I want some mint controls for driving, I'll take a 360-esque controller. It's not that people aren't ready, or aren't used to track...
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    Cheating in relationships

    There are two kinds of cheating. The one where it is a once off and you confess as soon as possible. That is something a couple can possibly accept over a period of time and move on, the relationship surviving. And then there is the one where it's hidden for an extended period of time. As...
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    Valve Explains Why Its Latest Steam Controller Has an Analog Stick

    As someone who tested the other design, it's not becasue we aren't used to dual trackpads, it's because track pads can get fucked for gaming. I have a trackpad on my laptop, and a legit mouse is waaaay better.
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    Games you have played A LOT but never finished.

    Apparently there is stuff to do after you visit the Grey Beards in Skyrim.
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    Characters Ruined by Their Voice-Acting

    Gotta disagree, I think Mike Patton fuckin' nailed doing the voice of an eternally evil being. Granted, I think the quality of it's script was better in the first game, while the second sounded more like "What could The Darkness say that sounded badass?" instead of "What would the Darkness say...