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    Do people dislike the Xbox One because of what it is or the functions it was supposed to have?

    This is always the biggest indictment against the Xbox. Almost all of its games come out on the PS systems or PC too. Whereas the PS systems get a lot of exclusives. These are mainly in the form of JRPGs and obscure fighters, but that gives it an actual reason to be purchased instead of just...
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    Improving Dragon Age: Inquisition?

    I always bring up to my friends that Dragon Age should just do Dragon's Dogma's combat already and stop trying to please both crowds with that pseudo-action, pseudo-tactical system that is just bad. Just be an action game, your combat will thank you for it.
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    Gaming Heartbreaks - What game did you love/want that never hit your country's shores?

    Grand Knights History was a real heart breaker. It was scheduled for localization, but the project was scratched. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth will probably not get localized, which would be a crime.
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    League of Legends Tournament: LGBT Players Have "Unfair Advantage" - Update

    And Riot Games is based in the US and their main demographic is the 18-30 crowd, which a majority of favor LGBT rights. It would shock me that no one at that organization stopped to think about what Riots' thoughts on this would be. Does anyone think Wizards wouldn't immediately drop a sponsor...
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    Poll: Do you still pre-order games?

    If I'm buying a game day one anyway then there isn't a reason not to pre-order it. Plus, special editions have limited copies.
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    How Lizard Squad Stole Christmas

    I wouldn't put it past Sony. The Xbox Live had outages at times, but the PSN folded like a house of cards. If there was a DDOS, that tells me that the PSN can barely handle the demand during peak times. If there wasn't a DDOS, it shows once again how utterly inept management of the PSN is.
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    How Lizard Squad Stole Christmas

    Lizard Squad said they were going to do that on Christmas on Twitter, apparently. So chances are there was an actual DDOS.
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    Reviewers jumping on the hype train

    Review score inflation is a thing with video games. It is pretty ingrained in gaming culture at this point. That will account for most of the cases where the professional score differs from the user score.
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    Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire are missing a couple things from the X and Y series.

    Didn't know that. That would explain how quickly OR/AS came out after X/Y. Edit: It is nice to see that character customization was so popular. That basically guarantees it from now on.
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    Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire are missing a couple things from the X and Y series.

    I liked them because it introduced a running option that didn't require you to hold down B while also not being unwieldy like the bike.
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    Jackie Chan Battles Adrian Brody, John Cusack in Dragon Blade

    John Cusack teaming up with Jackie Chan in an action movie set in the past? Sounds like a sweet fever dream.
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    Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire are missing a couple things from the X and Y series.

    You also can't cruise around in skates. I personally don't like the decision. Yeah, the character models are true to the original, but why can't I customize the MC? He/she is a blank slate for the player anyway.
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    Poll: I hate all the Mega Man games

    All of them? Even the Battle Network series? ;) I'll be the first to admit that, while the games are pretty impressively designed for their time, the games can get pretty bullshit when it comes to difficulty. I like the games (and love X), but Nintendo Hard has its flaws.
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    Show Me Your Inquisition Face

    You have to play with the mesh on at least "High" on the PC to get anything remotely passable. It really is amazing. How do you screw up textures on something as fundamental as the MC's face?