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    The Woes of Payday 2 on Anything Except the PC (Crimewave Edition Xbone Gamertags)

    Thanks for the help but it's all on their end, a LOT of people have been messing with their networks in vain attempts to fix the issue to absolutely no avail.
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    The Woes of Payday 2 on Anything Except the PC (Crimewave Edition Xbone Gamertags)

    The game freezes up anytime you try to join a game off the screen, essentially making it impossible to play the game without having a lobby set up and sending out invites. Can't just join a game. The problem might be different on the PS4, I'm not sure but the issue is very real for...
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    The Woes of Payday 2 on Anything Except the PC (Crimewave Edition Xbone Gamertags)

    So like some kind of foolish fool I decided to pick up the Crimewave Edition of Payday 2 without reading up on it. In my defense I'd already played and loved the game and didn't foresee any real problems occurring considering the game has been out for years and a simple port didn't seem like too...
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    MovieBob leaving The Escapist

    Yes, to everything you just said. I removed The Escapist from my bookmarks, might check in from time to time when I think about it but there are certainly better places on the internet these days.
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    MovieBob leaving The Escapist

    Bob became my favorite reason for visiting the site once Jim left, now...shit. I mean Yahtzee will always be good (dude needs to renegotiate, he's got ALL the power now) but I'm not sure if his once a week game review is enough an excuse to keep showing up. The site has done next to nothing to...
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    Why the Marvel Movies Should Ditch Peter Parker

    Not really, I suppose you could maybe see it from that perspective but Marvel owns those two characters, that's why they can use them. All they are doing is slightly changing how they got their powers, that's it. Also most film-goers don't give two shits about Scarlet and Quick but we're talking...
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    Why the Marvel Movies Should Ditch Peter Parker they wouldn't do that, it wouldn't even work, people are way too picky. Besides owning Spider-Man equates to owning all the spider related characters as well so it would be a huge legal mess to even try something like that. OP: Definitely expecting the old Parker luck to force us...
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    So, I have 1 litre of Bacardi, any suggestions of what to put with it?

    Simplicity is key, mix it with something you'd be in the mood to drink all by itself. I've got a little Jager spice from the holidays that I've been mixing with vanilla coke, shit is a phenom. Also been tasting a bit of grey goose cherry mixed in with a some cans of Surge I happened upon...
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    Marvel: Comic Creators "Influenced" by Film Universe

    I call bullshit, I love Marvel to death but there is definitely clear cut cases of writers having changes dictated to them to line-up the Marvel universe with the movies. I tend to think it is the higher ups green-lighting series that further their agenda, like that incredibly forced Nick Fury...
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    8 Video Games That Are Better Than The Movies They're Based On

    The Warriors isn't shitty, it's a great film and scored generally quite high, I can't believe you can hold such moronic opinions. Especially since the game is actually a trash heap and in no way comparable to the film. Also not sure how you can have this list without Butcher Bay, it is like...
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    Star Wars #1 - Please Let Episode VII Be This Good

    "Recommendation : If you like tar Wars you should buy this comic book." What exactly is "tar Wars"? ;) I'm glad this was good, looking forward to picking it up.
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    Dredd Writer: Sequel Not Happening

    Dredd was damn good, I literally just watched it the other day and my mind has been swimming with possibilities for the sequel. This is oddly timed and awful news. So tired of shitty PG13 action romps, Dredd didn't pull a single punch and held true to the character it portrayed.
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    Defective Samus Amiibo Sells on Ebay For $2,500

    If Samus is one solid piece of plastic then this defect is fucking impossible. If she requires attachment of her arms by a factory worker then this is legit but entirely intentional by a bored worker, either way it is NOT worth over 2 grand, fucking priorities people.
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    Zero Punctuation: Assassin's Creed: Unity - From Pirates to Paris

    qué? I think this is the first time I've seen a post on here in spanish. The future narrative used to be cool but now it just sounds like it is really pointless.
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    Why the Game's Title Should Have Been Dragon Age: Impositions

    Yeah he went a little off the rails in this article, partially truthful but it really felt like he just wanted to drum up anger for EA which has by now been stereotyped as evil. I've only played a bit of multiplayer so far but haven't felt incentivised to buy anything. The matches are tough and...