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    Doner Kebabs!

    Really? My kebab shop's doners cost £4 on their own! That's what I get for living in the south-east I suppose... But I don't mind that much because own of the kebab shop guys is quite fit.
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    Female Friendzone?

    While the word "friendzone" usually makes my eyes roll, I can see where someone who uses it is coming from, and I don't know why it shouldn't apply to females also - we are quite capable of shooting ourselves in the foot too. Most of my life I have always been friends with the guys I fancy, and...
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    Favorite type of aircraft

    I've always loved the Harrier (as you might be able to tell...), it's just so cheeky. Oh there's no runway? That's fine by me, up up and awaaaaaaay!!!! I've seen it a few times at airshows, it's fantastic to watch. One trick the pilots like to do is fly by, then put on the brakes mid-air and...
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    Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher dies, aged 87.

    I remember my deputy head of sixth form presenting an assembly to us once, starting with the words "The IRA tried to assassinate Margaret Thatcher, and I wish they had succeeded". In addition to all of the aspects of her political career that have already been mentioned, as a school child...
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    Poll: Is it [wrong] to name a child after a [video game character]?

    Hee hee why am I not surprised that the vast majority voted that it's not wrong! I think Liara is quite a nice name, and not to noticeably odd like Sonic or Dragonborn or something.
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    Your "How's that a sport?" moments

    To me, a sport is something that athletes take part in, i.e. people who have physical skills such as strength, endurance, speed etc. Anything that just involves skill or precision without the need for physical exertion such as darts or chess is a game, and the people taking part are players, not...
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    The worst and best emotional states you have been in.

    Worst: The day I gave birth. It actually hurt quite a bit! Particularly because the hospital was overcrowded and there were no beds available on the labour ward, and not enough midwives to go around. I was pretty much left to get on with it by myself with no access to pain relief. Eventually...
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    You know you live in [Blank] when [Blank]!

    You know you live in England when you know exactly where every single pothole is on the way to and from work, and know exactly how far to steer to avoid them.
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    You know you live in [Blank] when [Blank]!

    You know you're in England when you are getting quite good at pronouncing Polish names. You know you're in England when you are working just to cover the childcare costs.
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    V-day and your plans

    Oh THATS what they're calling it these days is it? ;) Me: No break to routine - work, home, eat, video games, sleep, repeat. Hooray for singledom! Kind of!
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    Worst episode of your favorite TV show(s)

    Battlestar Galactica: The episode "The Woman King", already really well explained by Frybird and Xathos. Also, can't remember the name, but an episode in the first or second season, where it was all about Apollo/Lee and all of a sudden they shoehorned in out of nowhere that he had a hooker...
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    I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse-lasagne!

    Yeah, the problem I have is the whole mis-labelling thing and not knowing if it's got horse-drugs in it etc. I think the FSA was in a bit of a rush to say "there's no danger to public health" when they didn't really know that for a fact yet. The thing I like though is that yes, it is bad and...
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    I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse-lasagne!

    In the wake of the recent horsemeat-burger scandal, it has now been found that some frozen Findus lasagnes in the UK are 100% horsemeat. My feeling on this is that it is not ok to package something as beef and it's actually horse. It's obviously being...
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    Prince Harry kills Taliban; thanks practice on video games

    I'm not a huge fan of the Royals, but Harry is the exception. He is cheeky and tells it like it is and doesn't have much love for the media. Talking about what he wanted to do after coming back from his tour, he said he wanted to visit family, saying "I really am longing to catch up with people...
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    Poll: Women In Front Line Combat Role

    I have read quite an interesting book on the subject called Corsets to Camouflage by Kate Adie. They had that bit about the anti-aircraft guns - hilariously, the women were allowed to calculate the angle to set the guns, and give the order to start firing but weren't allowed to fire it...