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    Ad Exec on Blockers: "Little Piss Ants" Threaten Freedom of Speech

    It's funny. I don't run ad-blockers per se, but I do run noscript and similar because ads with scripts are security problems. Just make your ads text or images, then we won't have this problem anymore, unless people go to the trouble of blocking images from specific domains. Also, The...
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    Reminds me of the inside of my brother's old desktop, dust everywhere, but it was a Dell, and they knew they were selling to people who didn't know shit about computers so it kept working. Now they got tablets and laptops.
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    New Overwatch Hero Is a Response to Body-Type Diversity Criticism

    Real girl arms are bleh, toothpick arms are only marginally better, well-toned arms are the best, muscly second best.
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    Feed Dump: Random Acts of Toilet

    Excellent episode. Monty Python and the Holy Grail or Don Quixote?
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    Here's The Steam Controller's Final Design

    I'm glad they kept the two circular trackpads, I thought they got rid of those. Question is, will I be able to use it with all the games that require a xbox360 controller?
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    A Review Scoring System That Would Work

    I always liked X-Play's five star system. Before they changed it to giving out half stars, and then the show being canceled.
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    Why Completing All Objectives And Finding All Secrets Are Meaningless

    Haven't played new stuff with this problem, but I remember being a completionist for stuff like all the 2d Castlevanias.
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    Feed Dump: Library Pee Sale

    Reminded me of one of the little wizard dudes from Magicka. (talking about the cloak at the end, sexiest thing I've seen all day)
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    Mathematical! Adventure Time is Getting a Full-Length Movie

    Yes, this is awesome news.
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    Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and all things there-of.

    I knew it would take until they did absolutely every dragonball story they could before they'd allow a player-created character.
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    Should Artists charge money for their content?

    How could the answer be anything other than absolutely yes they can? Get a job, all of you.
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    Critical Miss Takes A Moment For Family Time

    awesome pic, needs larger version
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    Ad Spot

    Loved it, got a little Nightvale influence there?
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    Scarlett Johansson to Star in Ghost in the Shell Live-Action Film

    Nothing against Scarlett, but I'd rather see her in a Black Widow flick than this. They couldn't find one Japanese-descent actress? Really? I doubt they tried, which, as a whole, is what I fear will ultimately describe this movie. They did not try.