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    Apple Removes Civil War Games From App Store

    1. It's not forbidden per se, it's allowed to display all things Nazi in museums and the like. 2. It's forbidden to display any Nazi-related banners, logos are clothing in public outside of educational purposes. I fully agree with this ban, and I hope so did many German people after the war...
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    Apple Removes Civil War Games From App Store

    So I see you've never been to Germany then. Nah, doesn't matter, main thing is you have an opinion!
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    Poll: Gender Equality

    Should men and women be treated equally? No. They should have equal opportunities, but I will never treat girls the same way as boys. Is there a societal gender equality problem in the first world? Depends on your definition of problem. How are men treated better than women in society...
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    Transgender question

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    Transgender question

    Cisgendered people likely never ponder these things - they don't have to. This much seems certain. But what exactly is gender? What does it mean to be of female gender? I think we can agree it's not wearing dresses or playing with dolls. It's not having a uterus or being into men. So...
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    Transgender question

    Yes. But how do we define male and female otherwise? How did MarsAtlas know she was a female? And what does she understand by that? What if someone was born with a male body, raised male and lived male - then goes trans woman, but doesn't change the name (say it was neutral like...
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    Transgender question

    Fascinating. No offense, I don't consider you a freak or some such. I just think people like you give us new insights into the human condition. I always assumed all "roles" or "identities" were man-made, cultural, societal. You were raised as a male, I suppose, but changed to the correct...
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    Transgender question

    No offense, but your post is exactly what I don't want to see here. I don't care what baffles you or what you think a transgender's state of mind is. This thread was not supposed to be "straight dude who doesn't get it vents his crazy theories and analogies." This was supposed to be...
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    Transgender question

    Those don't help me at all. Or is it some sort of hint that I'm being rude by asking? I mean, this is an anonymous forum and I'm asking into the room, it's not like I try to embarass or offend anyone personally. I'm just wondering what the driving motivation behind switching genders is. Not...
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    Transgender question

    Hi. In my lurking around here I've gotten the impression that a number of our members are identifying as transgender, so I though this is a good place to ask this question: Why are you transgender, or why do you want to switch gender? It is not meant accusatory, I acknowledge the human...
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    Fan Cuts The Hobbit Trilogy Into a Single, Four-Hour Movie

    I think the last movie is most succinctly summarised by one line of mono-/dialog: "Hey, there's about a hundred orcs coming our way. The two of use will take care of them, you go on ahead!" Yeah, I was biting my nails...
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    On the PC Master Race and the Language Police

    I'm a PC gamer for the sole reason of Keyboard-and-Mouse. If I could attach them to a console, I'd strongly consider switching. Sitting somewhat upright on my (comfy) desk chair with the giant 30" screen filling my field-of-view and controlling the game with Keyboard-and-Mouse feels so much more...
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    Understanding Polygamy

    I don't think it works. People say monogamy doesn't work, but I think it does better than polygamy. People are just naturally jealous/possessive. "Traditional polygamy", i.e. one dominant partner has multiple submissive partners, may work in highly (p|m)atriarchical societies, where...
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    Poll: Toilet Paper: Which direction?

    Another vote for "Mine just stands an a little cupboard next to the loo" Oh, and definitely #firstworldproblems
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    8 Horrible Predictions By Smart People

    And one month earlier, the Soviets put Juri Gagarin into space. Come on, history isn't nationalistic. That was not a prediction. That's a can of FUD. Microsoft knew that Windows Mobile was a nice generational leap behind iOS and the iPhone, and the only way marketing people know how to act in...