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    Update: Pre-Orders Open for Starbound

    Karadalis - This article headline is misleading. This game is not being made by the same people that made Terraria. The only person they have in common is Tiy, who did pixel art in the original game. They have no intention of slipping into the same line of dickery that eventually befell Terraria.
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    Valve Introduces Early Access Games Program

    Yeah, I wish journalists wouldn't write about a new thing some big company does as if it's totally original, while totally ignoring the fact that it has been done. It's almost like they don't really know what's happening in the medium they write about. Buried under mountains of press releases...
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    Deus Ex Goes Hollywood

    Another day, another game adaptation. This could be good, or it could not. Either way I don't think the companies that own these properties really care. The whole point of making these is to try and drive up perceived brand value in order to drive up stock prices. This is why most of them turn...
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    Valve's Source Engine Runs Better on Linux Than Windows

    Not sure what you mean by suspicious. And Steam wouldn't be the first. Desura has been on Linux for a while now, and the Ubuntu Software Center also has some paid-for applications, and it even sells music. I do think Valve have other plans though. They're not stupid, and certainly would not...
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    Valve's Source Engine Runs Better on Linux Than Windows

    Depends on the one's distribution. A 32-bit distro with a real-time kernel does not have the 4GB memory cap. There's also a kernel setting called Physical Address Extension that's enabled on some. It will allow up to 64GB of total RAM, but still just up to 4GB per process.
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    Valve's Source Engine Runs Better on Linux Than Windows

    It's not really the point of this comparison to be a pissing contest. The thing to take from this is that this completely tramples over the opinion that Linux sucks for gaming. It can game just fine - just needs more games.
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    Gabe Newell Thinks Steam Can Help Mainstream Linux

    Well, the Nvidia drivers aren't too bad. Either way, it's a somewhat moot point as part of Gabe Newell's crusade is to also improve the graphics drivers. So far Valve has identified one bug in the Nvidia driver, which NV has fixed, been working with Intel to improve their open-source drivers...
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    Notch in No Hurry to Bring Minecraft to Steam

    Cobalt is being developed by Oxeye Game Studio - and it's still being updated frequently -
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    Steam and Linux Are Now an Item

    "Humble"- He said "Humble Indie Bundle" - as sold at ... not just "indie bundle" ... The HIB sale requirement is that there must be Win/Lin/Mac versions available to qualify. This is one of the reasons Unity3D is being released for Linux, to give Unity's customers the...
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    Extra Punctuation: Too Many Options in Skyrim

    I'm guessing Mr Cro plays on a console where he's not able to take screenshots. I have over 200 screenshots, a fair amount of them featuring my character sans helmet. Sometimes in armor, sometimes in town wearing nothing but his civvies. So yep, customisation good. Gief moar.
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    Court Shoots Down Bethesda's Scrolls Request

    That was written by someone who did half-assed research. These are all for "The Elder Scrolls" and all by Zenimax: IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Pre-recorded CD's and DVD's featuring fantasy games. IC 025. US 022 039. G & S: Clothing, namely, T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts...
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    Court Shoots Down Bethesda's Scrolls Request

    Need to knock you around with a silly-stick a bit too. It's common practice for trademarks to be filed to cover a bunch of different things. "The Elder Scrolls" for example has trademarks that cover its use in movies, books, sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps etc. And a trademark is usually not just...
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    Court Shoots Down Bethesda's Scrolls Request

    Except one is a big box title and the other is free-to-play, so even if people got them mixed up, no sales are lost for Bethesda. This is not accurate. Mojang owning the trademark "Scrolls" does not automatically empower them to sue anyone using the word in a title. That did not work for Tim...
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    Bethesda Doesn't Enjoy Being "Forced" into Mojang Lawsuit

    It's the principle of the thing. You might be content to bend over whenever someone threatens you, but there absolutely no nobility in that. This whole thing stinks. Might or might not be Bethesda doing the stinking. We could all blame this on the legal system, but it doesn't matter. It's all...
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    Bethesda Doesn't Enjoy Being "Forced" into Mojang Lawsuit

    And why is Blizzard not suing over World of Warplanes?