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    Power Rangers - Go Go Get a Donut!

    I never claimed the shows being vehicles to sell toys are the reason why they got popular. I know it really didn't start this way, at least in Nipponland, where it really started with Godzilla/Kaiju films that birthed the Ultra series etc., but Hollywood execs that brought Japanese stuff...
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    Power Rangers - Go Go Get a Donut!

    The shows ARE sterilized corporate products based on Japanese sterilized corporate products designed to sell toys. It wasn't as egregious in, say, the 80s, but it got progressively worse. Heck even Kamen Riders are all about toys now.
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    Here's The Crappy Reward That You'll Get When You Find All 900 Korok Seeds in Breath of the Wild

    Maybe it's a commentary on how chievos and general ocd checklist/completionist mechanics are shit! Luck is "un" in Japanese. 運 The word for shit you're thinking of is "unko".
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    PewDiePie Addresses Recent Media Coverage Amidst Controversy

    Whoa better be careful there. You don't want to get crucified by the media for using a direct quote!
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    The Console Versions of Skyrim and Fallout 4 Now Have a Maximum Active Mod Cap

    Just some background, the max number of ESPs/ESMs you can load in one session is 255. This is why "mod merging" is a thing. Yes I've reached that cap. The cap is likely for stability. Besides, I don't think consoles have the capability to merge mods (which is something you do through TESEdit).
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    Kojima On Nintendo Switch: "It's The Gamer's Dream"

    But you could already do that with handhelds.
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    Terry Crews Wants to be in Overwatch

    Can't wait to see him in Odorwatch. He better say POWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!
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    Kripp Could Have Crashed Hearthstone Servers by DEing His Dupes

    Imagine clicking a button that opens up 1000 firefox tabs all at once. That can make it crash.
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    Creepy Summer Lesson PSVR Game Gets New Trailer, Details

    Those communities aren't as esoteric as you seem to suggest. The reason for having a full male cast for FFXV isn't to pander to males either, if you haven't realized yet, and it's just as "creepy" as what you seem to object to.
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    Creepy Summer Lesson PSVR Game Gets New Trailer, Details

    You sound like this is your first encounter with Japan. Everything's fair game as long as it's fantasy. Otherwise you wouldn't have hotels that let women sleep with their husbandos staring right at them, or Free, or any of the fujobait that's been coming out. This shit is no less creepy than...
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    Sega Encourages Fans to Keep Making Sonic Fan Content, Calls it "Great Stuff"

    Maybe they're actually learning from Doujin culture in Japan?
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    No Man's Sky Concurrent PC Player Count Down 90% Less than Two Weeks After Release

    That's first month, not two weeks. Is that not an invalid comparison?
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    Overwatch Now More Popular in Korean Internet Cafes than League of Legends

    You forgot to mention that players don't have to buy/own the game when they play in PC bangs. It's the only reason why it would even be given any attention, considering it has to compete with, aside from LoL, other F2P titles like Sudden Attack, as a paid title. I don't know how they did it...
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    Blizzard Removes "Avoid this Player" Option from Overwatch

    I can git gud and avoid who I want to avoid. I don't even understand how you people can't process that avoiding someone and getting better are not mutually exclusive.