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    Pokemon Black & White Celebrates Release Date With English Trailer

    I'll be getting White. Probably when it comes out. I haven't really played Gen IV very much, and I actually want to get back into the old game. I've been looking over the new roster, and I'm really looking forward to it.
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    we need more 'intelligent' shooters

    That's what I thought Bioshock was like for the most part. There was a great deal more to the gameplay than just shoot everybody in sight (not that wasn't significant). Lots of customization and "RPG elements" as I've stated, even if the story was somewhat underdeveloped (though I don't know if...
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    we need more 'intelligent' shooters

    Metroid Prime is a game where you shoot enemies in a first person perspective. That's an FPS in my book. Incidentally, you also do a lot of thinking. I can't believe Bioshock hasn't been mentioned yet. Deep storyline, not exactly Myst-level thinking but hardly mindless gameplay. Must be the...
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    Your favourite obscure band?

    You mean "Pipers" or "Peppers"? Cuz, one of those is obscure and the other one is not. Very much so. That being said, the genre of surfer rock is one I see less and less of. I guess it's a niche genre. So I humbly present Surfer Blood
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    Which country is least likely to start World War 3?

    England is far too polite and proper to offend anyone's sensibilities. Japan isn't all that keen on killing anybody in a mass display of imperialistic genocide either, not since last time... Sorry Geass fanboys, ain't gonna happen.
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    Elder Scrolls Turns V at Spike VGAs

    All I want is that the NPCs stop staring at me. Really if they altered the dialogue to be more like Morrowind's or maybe even resemble Bioware's dialogues I would be very happy. And the leveling issue was mentioned so that too. Also I hope fighting dragons isn't run up, hit with sword, get...
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    "Retro" Gaming Binge......

    Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door If you're going with Nuts and Bolts you'd better go with the originals as well, Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie. I recommend Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem and Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Can't go wrong with those.
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    Spike VGA's is still retarded

    Spike itself caters to the lowest common denominator in just about everything it does. Video games are more a part of pop-culture than they are an art-form, so Spike is merely capitalizing off the popularity of video games. Yes it sucked, but unless Spike is playing a good movie once in awhile...
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    Why all the hate when I say I don't like the Beatles?

    I know what you mean. "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" just got a whole new set of meanings for me.
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    Why all the hate when I say I don't like the Beatles?

    No, there's no accounting for taste. Although, I personally feel the Beatles were amazing songwriters and pioneers of their time for the genre. Not liking them is nothing to get upset about regardless. I'd get new friends if I were you. You're entitled to your opinion, and those that don't...
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    Bejeweled 3 Launch Party: Tea and Good Manners

    I still play the second one on my iPhone. I never played the first one. Highest level I got was to level 10. Then I ran out of moves. Looks interesting, gonna have to take a look. And that party looks hardcore.
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    Poll: Do you drink Alcohol?

    I hear that. About four beers in an hour gives me the same kind of feeling as a hit or two from a vaporizer. Also, brownies. Doesn't screw me up, doesn't turn me into a horrible person. Same as alcohol if one isn't irresponsible.
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    Poll: Do you drink Alcohol?

    Alcohol is best considered a food. I drink for the wide variety of tastes, especially with certain foods, and the mild intoxication that comes with responsible social drinking. I have become something of a connoisseur when it comes to beer and wine, and I can mix a large library of drinks...
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    Daily Drop: Swiss Cake Roll

    Was that thing even edible? I have a rule: never eat something that doesn't explode when dropped from a height of at least 15 feet. Also never eat a swiss cake roll bigger than your head.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Every OS Sucks

    This video is hilarious and very true. Although I wouldn't say every OS sucks, I will say the OS wars suck. "Elitist" bastards trolling "elitist" bastards. Really no one knows what that word means anymore. No one. I use both PCs and Macs and I've worked with Unix builds including Linux. I...