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    CNN overreacting and claiming Manga is child porn

    What? Manga's not kiddy porn! except the ones that are totally kiddy porn
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    David Cage Awarded the Legion of Honor

    He sure could use the ego boost.
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    Capcom: Our Resident Evil Gamer Fanbase Is Too Old

    If the gimmick restaurants and dressing up don't pan out, they could always try making good games.
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    Ouya Promo Drops Console Price to $60

    That's still pretty steep for a paperweight.
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    Ouya Website Now Accepting Bitcoin

    My two favourite retarded schadenfraude products, together at last. Today is a good day.
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    Warcraft Movie Cast Revealed

    Still not fussed about this but it is looking better lately. Focus on the orcs instead of the boring faction and no Colin Farrel with his annoying fucking eyebrows? Yes please.
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    Poll: Who are the most important members of society?

    That's the antithesis of the whole point of society.
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    When the script crippled the rest of the movie

    The Dark Knight. Yeah, sure, just have the cast fucking openly discuss the themes and message, wouldn't want any of the audience to go away thinking you'd just make a great film for the sake of a great film now, would we?
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    Resurrecting the Superhero MMO - City of Titans Q&A

    The fact that they're saying shit like this in 2013 like it's a novel idea doesn't bode well. This has been tried time and again and people either don't give a shit about it, actively dislike it because it misses the whole point of MMOs or will praise you on forums for it then go back to WoW...
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    The Horus Heresy novels, what do you think of them?

    Space Marines are boring shit so I haven't read them, but I knew Aaron Dembski-Bowden over WoW a while ago and he's kind of a pompous wanker. Thus ends my valuable input.
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    Ouya 2.0 Planned for 2014

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    Ouya Replacing Original Controller

    Shine on, Ouya. I've been restricted to PC gaming since I was twelve, so watching this piece of shit and the crazy, amoral morons behind it flailing around is the most enjoyment I've got from a console in years. I honestly hope they manage to release the 2.0, but I don't see how their company...
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    8 Members of the Justice League In Their Best Costumes

    The fuck is this? "8 random things that came up when we google image searched 'justice league costumes'"?
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    World of Warcraft Bot Maker Suffers Crushing Defeat

    Good fucking riddance. Bots screw up the in-game economy and ruin pre-90 battlegrounds, one of my favourite parts of the game.