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    Killing Joke Film Controversy SPOILERS

    That's what people are finding controversial? Not that it is *heavily* implied that Joker rapes Batgirl after shooting her.
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    Poll: Is anybody else glad Ronda Rousey lost?

    I'm glad she got served a dose of humble pie. She's a phenomenal athlete and has done a great deal for womens mma, but as a person she is just awful. I watched the ultimate fighter which she coached and she came across as an overly emotional asshole with some real mental problems. Perhaps...
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    the most annoying NPCs

    OG Loc from GTA:SA. By the gods, I wanted to cap this fool so badly.
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    Profile avatars general

    Black Mask from Batman. My favourite from the Batman rogues gallery. Plus, I love the picture.
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    Who's Your Gamer Crush?

    Always been Imoen from BG2. Second would be Neeshka from NWN2, then Leliana from DA.
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    Movie Defense Force: Transformers

    I hate the movie, it's absolutely awful and Michael Bay should be shot. What really annoys me about is the ending which is basically; Megatron - Give me teh allspark! 14 year old looking numpty Shia Laboooof - Fine, take it. Megatron - Oh noes, I are dead.
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    White People! Are you offended being called a "Cracka"?

    It's primarily used by blacks as a racial slur against whites, it's no different than a white man calling a black man a ******. I personally don't find it offensive but the intended insult is still there. What annoys some folk though is the double standards involved. If for example I was to walk...
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    What Do You Name Your RPG Characters?

    Well in Fallout I used the name Mr. Bond as it looked awesome when being spoken to by NPC's. Plus there's that but with the Bishop women in Fallout 2 where seeing "Mmmm, Mr. Bond" made me laugh a little more than I should have. Otherwise I usually go with the name Cain for a guy or Imoen for a...
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    If you could break any law without legal repercussions, what would you do?

    Human rape is fine, I'm not a savage. Well murderwise I was thinking of rolling a grenade into a packed shop type of thing. But straight up throat cutting sounds good too.
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    If you could break any law without legal repercussions, what would you do?

    Good old rape and murder, live upto my Viking heritage.
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    Poll: Poll: What is your favourite Superhero?

    Nice to see a fellow fan of The Boys. Personally I'd go with Daredevil. If there was ever any doubt that the heroes are as crazy as the villains reading this comic will clear it up for you lol
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    Why do people like Elder Scrolls games?

    If only. I'd pre-order that game in a nano-second. I found Fallout 3 a bit meh. New Vegas however was just shy of awesome. Loved it. As you said, if they could get it right, and with these two companies that'd be a big if, it'd be a license to print money.
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    So escapists... what's your porn name?

    Whiskey Steel. Not bad methinks.
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    Poll: Fallout1 or Fallout2

    I would go with Fallout 2, it's got far more to do and has alot more humour in it. I loved the first one, but usually just found myself wandering around not really doing much.
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    Little touches in games that made you smile

    This. Also in BG2 one of the loading screens said "While your character doesn't have to eat, please remember that you do. We don't want to lose any players."