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    Your Newest Game: what did you get and why?

    Torment: Tides of Numenera. I'd long been itching for a good CRPG after playing Tyranny and that one seemed like it would hit all my pleasure points. I'm probably amongst the minority who disliked Planescape: torment back in the day (the story was excellent but the game mechanics were opaque...
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    What are some space games that give you total control?

    Let me add my vote for Elite: Dangerous. It's basically the exact game you're looking for: A wide open galaxy, freedom to move around and make or break alliances as you please (with the attendant consequences of both) and manually controlled and occasionally obnoxious landing sequences. That...
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    Why aren't you sick of Marvel Movies yet?

    I think part of what made Cap'n 'Murica a good movie is that he never had to go through the whole process of having a wounded baddie at his mercy and then wrestle with his inner morality over whether or not to pull the trigger. He didn't have to 'prove' his goodness to anyone. It was a nice...
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    Mass Effect, I personally think Paragon Shepard has the more solid story than Renegade.

    That had to be my favorite moment in all of ME 3. Even the simple act of tying the trigger pull to a renegade interrupt was a masterful design decision. You literally do need to use the same button you've been using to mow down fools all game long to stop Mordin. They could have just made that a...
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    Are there any real-life issues that fiction SHOULDN'T address?

    You talk a big talk, bruv, but your avatar is still some bastardized Steiner-Davion crossbreed that makes me sick to my stomach anytime I see it. Put your money where your mouth is and put on a proper Omnissiah skull! On topic: Germ warfare, maybe? I know that such things have been depicted...
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    2 player pen & paper RPG

    I suppose the biggest hurdle you'll encounter while playing a 2-person game would arise if/when you try to add new players to the game. A new arrival will feel quite alienated if you've got a campaign going that's specifically designed around the two of you. Hard for a new fellow to break into...
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    Glorious War VS War is Hell

    I've not been in any wars myself, neither directly or in the crossfire of one but every military sort I've spoken to (all of them served in the US armed forces in Afghanistan) usually describe their war as being boring. There's a whole lot of marching around, constant drills and tedious...
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    Poll: Expendable/Limited Use Items

    I think games likes Witcher 3 or XCOM 2 managed to strike the right balance between expendable and limited use equipment. In the case of the former, all potions are limited use but can be replenished easily and virtually anywhere. In the case of the latter, all items in combat are limited use...
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    Poll: Star Trek: Which Enterprise is Your Favorite?

    Bah. Martok's Rotarran kills more Jemmies (even if it happens off screen) and that was with a Bird of Prey- the overall design of that ship is actually quite similar to the Defiant (forward-facing weapons and cloaking, for example) except that the Rotarran probably had less armor and less...
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    Poll: Star Trek: Which Enterprise is Your Favorite?

    I don't see how anyone can defend any Enterprise other than the E class. It stands to reason that the best ship would be the most advanced one and the E class was certainly that, if only by virtue of being the 'latest' Starfleet design. I don't know about this. For a ship designed...
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    Poll: Do you turn on the subtitles?

    For my part this depends on the game I'm playing. For a shooter I'd probably turn off subtitles because I've got enough to worry about on screen without also having to read tiny lines of text in the middle of everything. But for a strategy game I almost always turn them on because I can...
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    How are all you Escapebrits beating the heat?

    I freely admit that I live across the pond from you English but it's just as hot here as it is anywhere. Worse still is that I'm a clinical microbiologist by profession so I spend three to four hours out of every workday inside of a hazmat suit with an oxygen tank strapped to my aching back...
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    It's Hard to Get Nostalgic About Games You Didn't Grow Up On

    Ah well, who can blame him? Diving through flaming hoops will give anyone a thousand-yard stare.
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    It's Hard to Get Nostalgic About Games You Didn't Grow Up On

    Is this a thing that needed to be mentioned? I thought it stood to reason that one could only get nostalgic about remakes of games that one had indeed played in the past! Do female bears wear perfume? Do they actually buy that stuff? Or do they meander into department stores in the dead of...
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    The whole holding-a-door-thing

    What are you, a modern day troll toll-taker? Nobody passes your door (bridge) without the toll on pain of getting clubbed, is that it?