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    How Many Solar Panels Would Be Needed to Power Earth?

    You're probably thinking of the national ignition facility 1:1 milestone, but that's not an example of sustainable fusion. The 1:1 ratio involves the output energy and the combined energy of the laser beams as they hit the hydrogen pellet, which is a fraction of the total energy required to...
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    Opinion: DOOM is Exactly as Violent and Bloody as It Should Be

    Yesss thank you! They could have at least taken a cue from shadow warrior and let the player chop up enemies instead of forcing us to slog through what is essentially a glorified quicktime event. This game looks so sloooow
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    Evaluate this PC for me!

    I'd definitely start out by adding another 4 GB of ram. With just 4 there are now games that literally will not run on that amount. Get an ATX motherboard Scratch the case fan and get this box...
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    You All Depress Me: Something We Need To Acknowledge.

    The vast majority in the FF thread are either decrying the change or are in favor of 'sensible' clothing for both male and female characters, so I really don't get what you're talking about here. By the way I'm one of those mysoginerdic gobble gator terrorist and I am firmly against the...
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    United Kingdom Privilege (NSFW)

    The word in question was '****', not 'cahnt' ;)
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    Dragon Age: Inquisition Wins GOTY at SXSW

    Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can clue me into what is technically impressive about Destiny
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    Destiny Takes GOTY, Confuses Audience, at This Year's BAFTAs

    One of the commenters on the main article page makes an especially good point: How does a MULTIPLAYER game win GOTY but does not also win the best multiplayer game of the year award? If it wasn't awarded GOTY for pretty much the only thing it does, then what was it given the award for?
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    REPORT: An Intimate Interview with Tim Schafer

    He decided to mock women and ethnic minoritiy supporters of gamergate who tweet under the notyourshield hashtag, thereby perpetuating the 6 month long position of various social activists that women and ethnic minority gamergate supporters are at best race and gender traitors who shouldn't be...
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    Consortium Marches Into An Alternate Future With The Tower Prophecy

    Best game of 2014** gets a sequel. **Patches may factor in. Also, mr Gonzo? You think you can maybe edit that ending spoiler in the article? 'cause, you know...
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    Poll: Can pornography exist in a sexism free society?

    Your premise is fundamentally flawed and makes your post basically a loaded question; sexualising is not objectification. There's nothing wrong with sex, and I can't believe this needs to be said. Being interested only in the sex that you're seeing on your screen when you want to get off is...
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    Jimquisition: The 100% Objective Review

    No one wants a 100% objective review, other than the couple of imbeciles who spam AAA game review comment sections foaming at the mouth, the ones that the media is trying to portray as the "every gamer". The folly of these people is that they have too much sugar in their system and they don't...
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    Game Theory: What's Wrong with the AVGN?

    Sounds like a tongue in cheek endorsement of the avgn character ... I mean, what else could it be?