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    Poll: Attack on Titan - Which military branch would you join?

    I went with the Garrison. I find it hard to want to risk being eaten alive, the only way I'd do so is if my family and property were in immediate danger.
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    Poll: Favorite Titanfall Faction.

    Short and sweet. I'd just like to know whether the Escapists prefer the IMC or the Militia. Personally I prefer the IMC. I don't know why but I always go for the bad guy. I loved the Imperials in Star Wars, the RDA from Avatar, and the Combine from Halflife 2. Although I believe my love...
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    What makes the Empire in Star Wars evil?

    You also have to look at the Moffs. I don't think a single Moff was good, in any way. Hell, some of them hunted random people for giggles on planets that they controlled, and the Empire endorsed this. Most Moffs have people killed simply for being in an area they don't like, or an area that they...
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    Anime. Opinion and recommendations.

    OP stated that Berserk was one of his favorite animes, you're bringing salt to the ocean friend.
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    Anime. Opinion and recommendations.

    Easy Mode: Full Metal Panic, or Bokurano. The first one is more lighthearted, the second one is fairly deep, both have really good story telling in my opinion. I don't know if you're still monitoring your thread, but if you are I highly recommend these, since I have the same disposition with...
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    Need epic music, seriously.

    You've just saved me. :) Thank you. THIS, is definitely what I was looking for.
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    Need epic music, seriously.

    Thank you for throwing me into a nostalgia fit. >.<
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    Need epic music, seriously.

    I posted something LIKE this not too long ago, but it was more angled towards music that people enjoy, mostly game music. Now, I'm craving music like Please tell me that my friends at the Escapist can help me in this noble pursuit.
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    Why is it so imporant for video games to be considered art?

    I really don't know, to me a game is a game. But, I'll admit, many games have made me feel something so maybe that has something to do with it. /shrug
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    The Hobbit, you ever read it?

    I don't know, I already see lots that's not right. I saw a small pack of dwarves attacking some very dull sounding trolls, where as in the book The trolls conversed with each other and ambushed the dwarves one at a time. It's not a BIG deal, but it's things like this that kind of ruined the...
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    Epic Video Game Music Thread

    It's been a long time since I've personally seen a thread like this one. Sure, it HAS been done, but I want a fresh perspective on this. People come and go on the Escapist all the time, so if I choose to start a new thread instead of using the damned search bar, sue me. Now that that's out...
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    Does Mass Effect 3 NEED multiplayer?

    To me this is just like Skyrim. Bethesda considered adding multiplayer for a brief moment, then (in a polite way) told fans to enjoy the single player and stfu. AND BEHOLD! It worked. I say add more the single player experience, enrich it like you always do. And give me my damn Mako back!
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    Japanese Censors: Sexually Aggressive Women Turn Kids Gay

    "And if you keep getting these depictions of women taking the lead, matters soon develop in a homosexual direction" Hate to say it, but I love a lady that takes charge. Maybe not 100% of the time, but it certainly brings out the complete opposite of homosexuality in me.
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    How and when did you discover the Escapist?

    I try to separate myself from the fan-boys clamoring to grab Yahtzee's cock, but a friend showed me his first review ever on youtube (Fable I think it was) and liked him. When he moved here after only one more episode it only made sense to follow him. It was probably years before I actually made...
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    Poll: were world war 2 and the cold war clear cut battles between good and evil?

    This blind and ignorant patriotism, plus a lack of historical knowledge, really does make us Americans look bad. Seriously, America bullied Japan into attacking us, but that was way later in the actual war. Before Pearl Harbor (if I remember correctly) Briton had already been pretty much leveled...