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    On Valve and HL3 - A Different Perspective

    I would think some section of them would continue doing something vaguely game related for the purposes of not rusting. At the same time I can't say how I would behave if I knew every day I went to work I would be earning money for existing.
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    Zero Punctuation: Hunt Down the Freeman

    This video brings up a good point: what are the standards for valve, here? Is this only considered acceptable because no one at Valve bothered looking at it?
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    On Valve and HL3 - A Different Perspective

    I think the thing to keep in mind is that the people who made the Orange box, not just Half Life 2, have moved on to other things. At some point a project has to be considered done or at the very least get some interest in it. HL3 has been put off for so long (longer than Duke Nukem Forever...
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    Zero Punctuation: Hunt Down the Freeman

    Last week Hot Coffee and this week Hunt Down the Freeman. Yahtzee are you trying to tell us something? Should we be sending the rescue helicopters and the swat teams to some unnamed address for your rescue?
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    Zero Punctuation: Nintendo Switch & Breath of the Wild

    I'm not sure, better go take some pictures of it and get back to us.
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    Zero Punctuation: Overwatch vs Battleborn

    How the hell did this topic turn into mindless politicization? Whatever. Let's talk instead about Battleborn and WHY it has received so much ire. I think it's no surprise to people that Gearbox is, for a lot of people, on par with EA at this point. Gearbox has, several times now, fleeced...
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    One other thing I wanted to add: People are forgetting that this isn't one-off behavior from Kotaku. This is consistent with a pattern of abuse of their 'journalism' label that has been going on for years. Kotaku has never given developers a fair share. They've never even tried to do...
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    General reminder that Kotaku is the same company that has routinely planted evidence on other companies just to get "the scoop" later [] and is consistent with their constant pattern of abuse of their...
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    Open Letter to Parents of League of Legends' Players

    This This is why I can't play League or even post-2008 DOTA. At some point, every player became a means to an end instead of another person on your team. Eventually everyone was like that to the point where the chat function was only used to call missing enemies and to shit-talk the other...
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    Poll: The Use of "Pixel Art" in Modern Games

    "Pixel Art" is just another type of artstyle. Some of it looks amazing, and can look even better than the most meticulously crafted 3D model. Or it can look like minimalist garbage. This is like asking if watercolor is an acceptable form of painting in 2015.
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    "Illusions" That You Would Like Dispelled For the Good of Gaming

    Ooh, can I add onto this? The illusion that Bigger = Better. That somehow making a game larger in scale, budget wise or production wise, will always produce a better game. This is something the industry needs to learn, and fast.
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    Metal Gear Rising 2 Teased at Taipei GameShow

    Err, Yes there is. That's what her finishers are. But I do admit Bayo 2 fixed a lot of the -annoying- ones. The ones in the game aren't the ones that are egregious offenders, such as the ones in W101 and MGR itself.
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    Metal Gear Rising 2 Teased at Taipei GameShow

    Please. PLEASE Let this be the version that has a full-length Jetstream Sam campaign instead of a half-hour long DLC. I don't care how it's done; time travel, cloning, necromancy. Just make it happen, somehow! I feel the same way, and I really don't appreciate Platinum's obsession with...
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    Anyone avoiding Amiibos

    I can understand the purpose of buying any of the products in the OP. I can't see the ultimate purpose of Amiibos unless you just really, really want a figure of your favorite character. Right now they're expensive Smash/Mariokart DLC as well as being currency for scalpers. The number...
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    Jimquisition: Shadiness of Mordor

    No they're just as guilty as everyone else too. Just because they're small, doesn't mean they're still not part of the problem. You can't make the argument that being small somehow negates them from being part of the problem when they themselves are repeating the industry mistakes that got...