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    Jimquisition: Fake Nerd Girls

    I've never noticed the fake gamer girl phenomenon either. From the girls I know, they do play certain games, but games are not as big part of their lives as they are with mine. Ie, my wife likes to play certain Lego games, but she wouldn't be as invested in the field of gaming or a genre of...
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    Pick Your "Worthless" Super Power!

    X-ray vision, or the ability to see through clothing. I can use it to...see through...and see if terrorists are carrying bombs. Yeah, that's it.
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    What's the game with the most potential for a good movie?

    Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner. It's already there, with all the cutscenes and whatnot. Mass Effect could make a good series, as can KOTOR 1/2, Planescape Torment, etc. The key is a good world and good supporting characters.
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    Sequels You Liked to Games You Didn't

    I agree, and Hordes of the Underdark was way better than the vanilla NWN Campaign. My Games: Streets of Rage 2, Shadowgrounds Survivor. There are a few other games that I just can't think of off the top of my head.
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    Your 5 most disappointing games, 2008-2012

    1. The Path: BORING. 2. Doom 3: Ultra repetitive. And respawns are stupid. 3. The Walking Dead (only one part): The story doesn't really change. What a rip. 4. Oblivion: Long winded and boring and repetitive
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    Is this morally bad?

    It sounds like a good idea. You'd certainly be away from everyone else, though how many asses you'll kick is hard to say, especially with the Aussie Army. From what I understand, being a grunt is mostly carrying a lot of heavy stuff around you, being hot and sweaty, and constantly in fear...
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    So I have a year to kill

    You can travel the world and do odd jobs while you're there. Maybe you can teach English at a foreign country for a little bit. It'll pay the bills at least and you get to learn a new culture.
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    Poll: Should I go balls to the wall and ask her out?

    Does she like her BFF? He may have already entered-DUN DUN DUN-the FRIEND ZONE.
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    School or Work?

    5 miles? Who told you that? The physical fitness test is not that intense. You may have to be able to run five miles LATER, but I think it's about a 2 mile run in 16 minutes.
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    Macbook Pro for gaming

    You can play pretty much any source game with an HD 4000. But I think this link will be very, very useful for you: If you're willing to play medium settings, you can expect to play games like Mass Effect, most...
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    KotOR 1 & 2...thoughts on mods?

    This pretty much explains Obsidian: excellent story-telling and enough bugs to give an entomologist a power boner.
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    Best out of context quotes.

    "Do you realize how stupid we are? Don't underestimate us!" Gintama is the King of comedy.
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    Games with the best sense of scale in battles?

    Mount and Blade does an excellent job at the scale thing. You can increase the limit to 300 (or 150) troops at once in the options menu, and it really is something leading a whole buttload of troops against another whole buttload to participate in epic battle in which life and death is only a...
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    Character classes you hate

    Bards. I can understand swashbuckling pirates, but one bard who sings when your teammates are fighting? Is there anyway that could look badass? Druids are kind of silly, but I don't dislike them. They can shapeshift remember? Rogues. They're not designed for group combat, and they're...
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    Poll: Is Confessing to a Girl a Good Move?

    WHA-?! Perfect then! Try to partner up with her in class projects and start saying more than just "hello". You have a year and spend about 3 hours a day with her already. Go for broke mang.