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    Watch the Vault-Tec Video Covering Charisma in Fallout 4

    going to max it and try for a pet Deathclaw
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    Konami is Looking Into Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Server Issues

    Guess we shouldn't be surprised. #FucKonami
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    New Batman Arkham Knight Trailer Teases Team Combat

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    No Right Answer: Best Board Game - Chess vs Monopoly

    Settlers of Catan would be a good suggestion as well
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    Wing Commander: Privateer - Less Than Expected

    a game i'd like to see reviewed is Cybermage remember it being a lot of fun
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    Miracle of Sound: Resistance (Wolfenstein: The New Order Song)

    another great song, thanks so much!
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    I Am a Monster - Hands on With Evolve

    In my best Sean Connery voice: Greg there are some masses of bloody flesh that don't react well to bullets in here
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    Superman/Batman Title Revealed, And It's Hilarious

    Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Litigation
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    Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: Gaming the System

    +20 points for everyone who watched this
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    No Right Answer: "Greatest" Movie Ever Made

    lots of good suggestions, under the same formula iron man and avengers helped create the modern superhero movie standard, and then green lantern gave it a black eye.
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    Earth: Year 2066 Removed From Steam For Dishonest Marketing

    A victory for Jim Sterling! TNX steam, now what about all the other spamware?
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    LoadingReadyRun: The IMAX Experience

    10s of movies! buy them all now!
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    Escape to the Movies: Pompeii

    A reboot of stargate?! REALLY?? oh balls.
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    Firefly to Receive First Official Action Figures

    same here quality is lower than i'd like too
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    Overworked Cory Art Day

    ah now we finally see how the office was caught on fire ;)