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    Botched Warlords of Draenor Launch Nets Subscribers Five Bonus Days

    Can't honestly complain, except that I've started a new job this week and haven't had time to play. 5 Days is a pretty nice little thing though.
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    Poll: Do you enjoy Moviebob's content?

    Over the years I've watched most of his film reviews because we tend to share an overall opinion, if not completely the same idea. I use his reviews as a barometer (among other review sources) to determine if something's worth my time. His Big Picture videos are often interesting and well...
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    Poll: Your presence on the Escapist.

    Well I recognise - to varying degrees - pretty much everyone in the thread, many of you I feel I know a fair bit about as I've probably seen thousands of your posts and have quite a memory for that sort of thing. As for myself? I lurk. 99% of threads I read get no response because someone...
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    Fun ways to screw with Telephone sales people

    If they're not being a dick, I politely but firmly tell them I'm not interested and say goodbye. If they're a scammer it varies. Had a "Windows" (your PC has a virus) guy really worried when I repeatedly asked him where he was actually calling from and if I could speak to his manager...
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    Blizzard Cancels Ambitious Titan MMO After Seven Years

    Well it's official, even Blizzard can't out-WoW themselves. On a serious note, good. They really don't need to make a new MMO if they don't want to, MMOs can feel stale and dispassionate even if the team desperately love making them, would hate to see titan go that way. While WoW is...
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    Let's discuss the Smash Bros. demo!

    Got a demo code, played it hard for a couple of days, let my brother have a go, was handed back a broken 3DS. Now waiting on the repair centre to see how much it's going to cost him. So yeah, excellent demo. Looking forward to the full game. Very impressed by the graphics and feel. Nice...
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    The Ice Climbers Were Cut From Smash Bros. Due to 3DS Hardware Limitations

    I don't miss IC from a personal perspective, and I can see why they were cut, but it still feels disappointing. It's not a space issue, as pointed out above Ice Climbers have been known to cause slowdown on old versions of the game (which weren't on underpowered hardware like the 3DS) and...
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    Super Smash Bros. Sells One Million Copies in Two Days

    I've got the Mario galaxy platinum OST, it was the only club Nintendo reward I actually wanted. I'd much rather have paid £10 for it. --- I would be getting smash 3DS when it comes out over here, but my brother managed to wreck the circle pad on my 3DSXL playing the demo. I need to get...
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    Training Pokemon Y

    I recently built a new team of 6 from scratch for VGC, all 3-5 perfect IVS with egg moves and natures etc. I even MM farmed for a shiny for one of them. Including the shiny, it took 15-20 hours. Piece of cake compared to wow grinding, which I've been doing this week.
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    [back to gaming] What are you playing now?

    Gone back to WoW for the new expansion, currently hitting cap on more characters (done Priest and Rogue this week, Druid is an hour or so from completion). Really enjoying it again, trying to pick new main for the next year or so. And then I got the smash demo and that kinda sucked up my...
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    You Can Use Your 3DS As a Wii U Controller in Super Smash Bros.

    Oh, that's nice. I was kinda expecting it but It'll be handy when I'm with friends and they don't have spare WUU controllers. The Vita has kinda spoiled me for stuff like this. Wait, people have SPARE smash codes? how does that happen? *cough* I'm in the EU if anyone's interested *cough*
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    Buy a 3DS and Smash Bros., Get Another Game Free

    I bought one of the ambassadors and then promptly upgraded to an XL when the pikachu one came out. No regrets. You can transfer all the ambassador games to a new system if you get one. OT: Cool, I have a couple of friends who might well be getting this.
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    Ozone Layer Levels Have Recovered by 4%

    In some parts of the world, we are. It's a bit of a random issue to mention but we've been managing cod numbers off the UK for a while with how low they got, and they're on the up. That said, yeah. We're greedy fuckers. Overfishing is far harder to come to consensus on than CFCs in the ozone...
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    Getting a 2GB SD Card

    I instantly knew what you needed it for upon seeing the title. heh. As it's such a specific requirement, the availability is totally down to luck. It has to be 2GB at most and NOT SDHC. Suggestions so far are solid (try the sort of places that might have out of date tech) but to be honest, it...
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    AT&T and Verizon: 10Mbps Is Too Fast For Broadband

    It's not even just the size of the country. It's all about willingness to invest in infrastructure over shareholder returns. In the UK there are a lot of people I know who live in semi-rural areas (15 miles from 100 000+ population town) who can't get more than 2Mbps. And they have a monthly cap...