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    Doraleous and Associates Hits YouTube With New Season

    Perfect end to my day, been waiting for this for ages. Shame they left the escapist was one of my favorites.
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    Gabe Newell Speaks On Recent VAC Controversy

    I understand and agree with what your saying sorry if I came across as an ass. Your right as well I hadn't considered those with money already invested in their steam accounts who could be turned off by something like this, I guess the best, and perhaps only, real option is to try and get...
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    Gabe Newell Speaks On Recent VAC Controversy

    Good reply really addressed my points, he clearly laid out how VAC worked and why they had been using it in that way, whats the problem?
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    Gabe Newell Speaks On Recent VAC Controversy

    This thread Jesus the amount of bullshit in here. CEO of a billion dollar company goes online himself to answer questions over fears about the way VAC works, and instead of people saying fair play thanks for explaining it etc, they decide to shit all over it. Whilst not the most popular...
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    Fallout 4 Teaser Sites Broadcasts Ominous New Message

    Nevermind all solved in OP. Hope its not a fake.
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    Faulty Xbox One Disc Drives Reported by Some Buyers

    Wouldn't read too much into it just like the PS4 bricking reports, we wont know exactly how many are fucked for a few months.
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    Sony Changes PSN Europe Passwords As Precaution, Forgets To Tell Users

    Not sure how selling a million consoles in a day counts as back firing but each to their own. OT: Stupid mistake by Sony, still at least they realised before the PS4 hit Europe.
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    Ubisoft Announces Great War PS4 Puzzler Valiant Hearts

    Wow I have to admit that video was exceptional and I hope the game can deliver, hopefully it'll be on PS+.
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    Can binge drinking damage the brain?

    Sounds like a fairly substantial hangover, nothing to worry about. Some of the comments in here you'd think you should be dead by now Jesus. Relax about it, drink some water and chill, next time drink a little less if it worries you, certainly no need to pack drinking in altogether.
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    Universal Porn Filter Coming to the U.K.

    Oh the irony of a Conservative government pushing nanny state measures, pointless policy which I doubt will become a thing, much like minimum spend and plain packaging.
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    Poll: Do you support evolution?

    I answered i 'support' it. I'm not sure how you can even really argue against it, all the facts are there and are backed up with a plethora of evidence.
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    Poll: Donating blood

    I give blood regularly and urge all those which can to do so. However i have to take issue with the poll option 'No I'm gay and backwards arseholes stop me' It isn't 'Backwards arseholes' which are stopping gay people giving blood, it's the fact that you are more likely to be HIV positive...
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    Pointing out double standards does NOT make you sexist!

    This article seems to go against what you say and suggest that domestic abuse against men is a very real problem. ''Data from Home Office statistical bulletins and the British Crime Survey show that men made up...
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    So, why do people like the Uncharted games so much?

    I read this very thread recently I swear ... Aha, i am not going insane. As for the games they fill a niche in the PlayStation gaming market, there isn't really anything else like them, well...
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    "Vaccines don't save lives"

    Vaccines are incredibly important and should be given to all children. They save lives and help us rid the world of dangerous diseases, can't really see the argument against them.