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    Name Game: The Important Australians

    For anyone wondering, despite my lack of a moustache... I totally won.
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    Name Game: #9

    I cannot believe I didn't see the punchline coming - well done. Whoever makes this comic must contain high traces of awesomosity and raditude.
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode 25: Series Finale

    Episode 25: Series Finale Lund and Shanks meet at Polybius for the ultimate duel. Watch Video
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    Doomsday Arcade: Finale Episode: Behind The Scenes

    Finale Episode: Behind The Scenes See the hard work and shenanigans that went into the series finale, going live this Thursday at noon EST. Be sure to join Doomsday Arcade?s Facebook Fan Page here [!/pages/Doomsday-Arcade/45991651661]. Watch Video
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    Doomsday Arcade: Finale Preview

    Finale Preview Get a sneak peak at the upcoming dramatic conclusion to Doomsday Arcade. Watch Video
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode 24

    Episode 24 Shanks and Bruce fight their way through the legions of Mario's Generals. Watch Video
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    Doomsday Arcade: Series Recap and Episode 24 Preview

    Series Recap and Episode 24 Preview With only two episodes left jump back into the fight and see what's in store for the dramatic conclusion. Watch Video
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode 23

    Hey Guys, This is Shanks just wanting to say that we are making a super epic conclusion (possibly super-dooper epic). Sorry about the delays, but there've been plenty of production issues working against us and I'm really trying to make these last two episodes a worthy sendoff. Can't say...
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode 23

    Episode 23 Shanks escapes Rapture and regroups with the rebel forces while Lund is poised to be the perfect weapon for the NPCs. Watch Video
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode 23 Preview

    Episode 23 Preview See some of the foes and friends Lund and Shanks meet next week in Episode 23. Watch Video
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    Calling all Captain Beefheart fans!

    Yeah, I'm a big Beefheart fan which is where that reference came from. Been working through his discography this year and It's amazing to look at the contrast between albums like Trout Mask Replica and Bluejeans and Moonbeams, where Beefheart more or less knocked out a pop record to try and...
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode 22

    It was MY VOICE! I just let you use it for an episode. KWYYYYYYYYY-ET!
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode 22

    Episode 22 Lund and Shanks find the utopian city of Rapture and an unexpected ally. Watch Video
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode 22 Preview

    Hi Everyone, The plan was to release it on the Thursday that just passed. Unfortunately, as I was completing the episode my computer shat itself due to the overwhelming amount of awesome that was contained within it's bowels. I'm sorry to be delaying so much but Episode 22 is 100 percent...
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    Once you see it you won't unsee it: The blue/orange poster saga

    I was doing some research into film colour correction a while ago and this exact colour palette was explored in things i was reading. The main point seems to be that this is always used because the orange comes from the flesh tone of actors(particularly on tanned flesh). In films, sets and...