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    Spacebase DF-9

    Hullo, I had a brain fart and accidentally bought this game, even though I already own it. It's not brilliant, the reviews are abysmal, but in case somebody does want to play it, the code is 3G7MY-W9N9T-DAYQ0 to redeem on steam. Obviously it only works once, so first come first served...
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    Star Trek - Bridge Crew VR Game Announced

    It doesn't sound that great. VR isn't accessible as it needs to be yet for this type of game to succeed. On a personal note though, the story sounds bloody dire. I hate the JJ verse and everything about his movies. I'd have preferred it to be set in the prime canon universe, I feel it could...
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    Still not played Tomb Raider?

    Reading through some of your comments, I kinda agree with a bit of everything. Lovely game, really beautiful... the gameplay isn't bad either. But Lara really gets on my nerves. I don't like the character at all. She never used to annoy me this much!
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    Still not played Tomb Raider?

    The Tomb Raider reboots make for good comedy in how it juxtaposes Lara's inexperience in dire, highly emotional situations with how effortlessly and emotionlessly she shreds dudes with a submachine gun while stuff like +500 HEADSHOT BONUS XP!!!! flashes on screen.
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    The Unofficial Friendly Steam Trading Thread

    Hey, I posted a copy of Tomb Raider on it's own thread before I noticed this one. I've got a shed load of game codes I'll not be using. (Either because I have them or I don't like them) A few have multiple copies. If they don't work on Steam, have a bash on Origin as I can't remember which...
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    Still not played Tomb Raider?

    Bit of a weird one, but if anyone hasn't got it and wants a copy of Tomb Raider for PC, I have a one steam code you can have. The code is: XDV7K-ENMMT-B4ZWB First come first served.
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    I'm considering getting "Life is Strange", but don't know much about it. Enlighten me.

    It's a bit random. Somebody sent it to me as a gift on Steam. It's very slow gameplay wise, but the story is decent if you get into it. You just wander through daily life as this girl and change things using your time control ability. A lot of the time I've found it's a case of 'go here, pick...
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    Poll: Do the Escapists know how to tie a tie?

    I can tie them perfectly now, just so everyone is aware. I have to wear traditional ties when I'm in court, and totally boring ones. Nothing bright or happy looking. Casually though, I prefer to wear skinny ties, and usually very bright or cheerful. :D
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    Is Skyrim promoting bestiality?

    I hope so :D
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    US Seeks Extradition For UK Student's Copyright Violation

    I don't read half of what is on the escapist because it's mostly bullshit, with emotional teenagers posting crap, after crap about how they think the world should be. You might want to research this on sites that have some credibility instead of, Metro and The Inquirer...
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    Poll: Aliens are attacking earth, and you can join them.

    Join the aliens. The Human Race isn't worth saving.
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    US Seeks Extradition For UK Student's Copyright Violation

    Sadly this moron is a student at my University. This makes us all look bad. I say he should be deported. He willingly broke the law. Stole, and profitted from that stolen property. If the American Government don't get him, the companies that own all the copyrighted material will sue him back...
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    This scare the shit out of anyone else?

    America has no class. Celebrating in the streets? It's not like you've won a war, or the world is a safer place. Americans celebrating in the streets will only radicalise more Muslims to the cause, and it's countries outside the US that pay for it.
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    How many of you outside of the UK actually want to see the royal wedding?

    The funniest thing about the Royal Wedding so far is that Buckingham Palace will be turning their lights off at midnight, and it's pissing the US journalists off, as when they go live in the morning when Americans start waking up, the palace will be pitch black! ^_^ I love when we do things...
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    Poll: Guys: would you give up your seat on the last lifeboat to women and children?

    I voted no, simply because there was no option for just the woman. Kids can be easily replaced. Why save one? The woman would be harder to replace. Fuck it, now I think about it, I made it to the boat first, they can drown.