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    Mr Plinkett Last Jedi Review

    Mainly I'm glad they stopped the never-ending cycle of the novels trying to fix the problems caused by the previous set of novels, only to create even more problems. I'm also glad everything that everything Karen Traviss did with the Mandalorians got tossed in the trash.
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    Mr Plinkett Last Jedi Review

    Given the circumstances, I think Holdo can be forgiven for being a bit short with Poe. I mean, most of their leadership just got killed, their main leader is in a coma, the First Order is tailgating them, taking potshots at their collective asses, and it all falls on her to pull them out of the...
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    Mr Plinkett Last Jedi Review

    It's really remarkable that most people don't understand this. And that they'll bend themselves backwards trying to prove that it isn't the case.
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    Is Samurai Jack the anime of the season and possibly the year

    People really need to learn that "filler" means "inconsequential episode intended to pad out the series' length" and not "episode I don't like".
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    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    I absolutely loved Brave and the Bold. My favorite part of it though, wasn't the retro-Silver Age stuff (though that was cool). It was seeing some of DC's lesser known superheroes getting a chance to be in the spotlight. I mean, what other DC show would give a major role to Detective Chimp or...
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    David Jaffe gives in to bad IGN review, tunes down "offensive" content in his videogame

    As I said before, the writer didn't seem to be offended by it, they just thought it was overall too unrelentingly mean-spirited and obnoxious. From the review itself:
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    David Jaffe gives in to bad IGN review, tunes down "offensive" content in his videogame

    Incidently, here's IGN's review for those curious. The stuff about the game's humor is in the second half of the article. Interestingly, the author's objections to it are less about it being offensive overall and more that it was overbearingly mean-spirited.
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    Samurai Jack Season 5 thread.

    The thing that impressed is that even though it's on adult swim and they can get away with a lot more now, they're still showing a large amount of restraint. It's not like Aku's robots were suddenly replaced with living soldiers for Jack to hack and slash up or when Aishi (or however you...
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    Jim Sterling VS Digital Homocide is FINALLY over

    More specifically, his birth name is James Stanton. He's goes by Jim Sterling these days owing to some bad blood with his family, if I recall correctly. (He's been trying to have legally changed, but apparently he having trouble with all the red tape involved
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    Amazon Orders a Full Season of Cult Favorite Superhero Show The Tick

    Warburton is actually a producer for this. And the guy they got to play the Tick here is actually pretty damn good.
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    The very first time you went "this is bullsh*t!" after an ending of something.

    Oh, I completely understand that it ties with the themes that the movie's been presenting and on paper, it's a pretty daring idea. It's just that it's execution is a complete load of bull. I mean, even the mist goes away the minute the army shows up? Come on. If it was any more heavy handed...
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    The very first time you went "this is bullsh*t!" after an ending of something.

    The earliest I can remember is the movie version of Stephen King's The Mist. At the end of the film, the main character and a few others--including his own son--are trapped in the middle of the monster-ridden mist after their car runs out of gas, so they decide to kill themselves. The main...
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    Developer Threatens to Sue Over Out-Of-Date Review.

    Something similar happened to Jim Sterling today. Steam group YOLO Gaming accused him of defamation after he did a video on them, on the grounds that they had deleted some of the stuff that Jim had shown as proof. Jim's response was to laugh and forward the relevant information to his lawyer.
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    Gaming related sentiments by Yahtzee that have stuck with you

    His description of Dark Void as "a game that ran out of something" and from the same review: "They wrote a script for Lord of the Rings and had to perform it with finger puppets." It always reminds me that a game having an interesting idea doesn't mean anything if it doesn't have the proper...
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    Arkham Knight - pros and cons

    Well, that certainly explains a lot. And I just like Denal's helmet design.