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    Voice of Chuckie and Dexter, Christine Cavanaugh, Passes Away

    Now Chuckie is back with his mamma.
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    Artist Transforms Pokemon Into "Realistic" Monsters - Update

    i think the artist was going for a realistic animal theme. Dragons aren't real, thus he substituted for bird. Although he could have gone with dinosaur i suppose.
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    Feel Old As Teens Play Original N64 Super Smash Bros

    I feel that the reactions shown in the video were scripted and not entirely legitimate. Even if they aren't use to the controllers, they should at least recognize what SHOULD move the character (the analog stick) and attack (A&B). The chick not knowing she was holding a cartridge game was really...
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    Hasbro Sets My Little Pony Movie For 2017

    you're wrong on the new season premiere. no date has been set for S5, except for the ambiguous "2015". Equestria Academy could be in November, if it's an actual series.
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    Artist Illustrates Robin Williams in Time Lapse Tribute

    Did you honestly not see the category on top that said "Movie & TV"?
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    Robin Williams Dead From Suspected Suicide - Update

    these pictures sums it up for me.
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    Ubisoft on Yearly Assassin's Creed: We'd Be Stupid Not to Satisfy This Need

    i thought this was interesting and it kind of relates to the article and to assassin's creed as well as all the comments that says we need innovation
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    Jimquisition: Monetizing Whales For The Retention Of Virality

    thought this would interest some people
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    The Big Picture: Memorium

    -dono isn't largely used anymore
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    Hands-On: Super Mario 3D World: Mario Gets Catty

    oh boy... PETA is going to go after nintendo again, aren't they?
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    Jimquisition: Damn Fine Coffee

    anyone know the specific song used in the background as jim talks? i tried looking for it via the artist but to no avail
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    The Big Picture: On The Subject Of Violence

    i know it's a bit off topic but anyone see the newest Zero Punctuation? Yahtzee took a swing at poor MovieBob
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    Our Little Pony

    this guy is wrong on so many levels...
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    Our Little Pony

    that's still doubtful you would welcome harassment... if you don't expect it and you are caught off guard you will feel bullied and put down. no one likes that, not even you.
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    Our Little Pony

    i saw what you did there...