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    Has Zelda painted itself into a corner with Breath of the Wild?

    Well, there is a lot they could do. They could pull a Majora's Mask, have a similar world with a mechanic that puts an overarching and constant threat on them. If they brought back a similar "world will be destroyed", the Shika Slate's teleporting for fast travel could be incredibly valuable...
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    What do you think is the most stylish western cartoon

    Does it have to be a series? If we're allowed to do movies, "Thief and the Cobbler", especially the recobbled cut. No dialogue from the thief and cobbler, everything is hand drawn, the whole movie is gorgeous.
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    Poll: So how'd you like Netflix's Death Note movie?

    The first kill belonged in a Final Destination movie and you could see who it was going to be from a mile away. The story is as "American" as it gets with this situation. Light being a smart, fairly nice person(pre death note) with athletic ability and being handsome in a Japanese story means...
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    Trying to get a cheap PC, slightly above par with current-gen consoles (PS4). Could anyone help me? Follow this, check the comments and you'll see a lot of people chime in with alternatives to what they have put in and you'll probably find yourself something nice. Personally, I'd go a little over budget (500 or so) and buy the...
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    Anyone watched Ducktales 2017 episode 1?

    I honestly loved it. It kept the adventure of the original, set up an overarching plot, I loved the personalities they gave Huey, Dewey and Louie, the new song was a nice update to the original without going into the route of how rap songs used to be used in the 90s for "updates", David...
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    What's the silliest premise you have heard for a horror movie/thriller?

    Funny Games had a silly but unique premise. Essentially, the killers in the movie were aware they were in a movie and had control over it. At one point some of them are shot and one wounded, so he grabs a remote and rewinds the movie to fix it. They'd frequently break the fourth wall and were...
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    Why Rewatch Movies?

    We talking like movie theaters? If that's the case the reason I see it again is because multiple people may have wanted to see it but could only do different dates. If I liked the movie and I can afford going, I'll go again.
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    Meet Three More of Your Agents of Mayhem in this New Trailer

    I'm havin Yeah I was thinking the same thing. With so many characters it seems hard to say if it's a single player game, but with all the enemies and stuff it doesn't seem like an online multiplayer, especially given what it seems to be showing. It looks interesting but there just looks...
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    When will the Comic Book Movie fatigue hit the majority of fans? Or has it already begun/happened?

    I'm curious why you think people who would most frequent these movies would experience fatigue. Some of us have been reading comics for decades and buy issues of series we like every single week, only occasionally stopping if the story arc gets terrible or they pull some decision that should...
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    Is DC's Darkseid a Superman Villain or an Everyone Villain?

    Sort of. See, Darkseid is one of very few villains that drive Superman to the point he's willing to kill because of how he treats his people. The man is a militant fascist dictator that indoctrinates people from an early age to the point where even when they're given an opportunity to free...
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    New Agents of Mayhem Trailer Features Johnny Gat as Magnum P.I.

    Fun as this game looks, still won't buy it for about a year after release. I know you, Volition/Deep Silver. You'll keep releasing snippets of DLC for a while that will cost twice as much as the game, then you'll just release a definitive edition a while later for 40 dollars that will become...
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    Nintendo Announces SNES Classic for This Fall, Has 21 Games

    Question: Is this the Super Mario World from the All Stars version with the unique Luigi sprite? Cuz I want that one.
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    Has a game's size ever influenced your purchase?

    Kinda. I used to live in a place where I had to get satellite internet and we had a 7.5gb monthly limit on downloads. Short of it is I couldn't download a game without hauling my tower to a friends or my dad's place in order to get anything. Boyo, when the left 4 dead 2 big update came I was...
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    Dead Rising 2 won't Launch?

    Yes. None of them have been able to help so far.
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    Dead Rising 2 won't Launch?

    Short of it is I recently reinstalled my OS on my laptop when I put in a new Solid State drive, and now Dead Rising 2 won't seem to launch. They start going to that "Running" state and say the app is running, and a process starts on Task Manager, but the game won't actively launch. I...