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    A Note From Your Friendly Neighborhood Editor in Chief

    Nice thinly-veiled jab at editors you guys fired. Way to kick people while they're down.
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    Looking Back at This Summer's Movies

    "Sony needs to get out of the Spider-Man business -- but it's hard to see how they actually do it." I've been saying for a while that what Sony needs to do is license Spider-Man back to Disney/Marvel. Give up the rights for a piece of the next X movies with the promise of relinquishing the...
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    Generation X Is X-Men Worst Class

    I don't know if I necessarily agree with the need for puberty, hormones, and lust, but I'd add that in the 60s, the same overall theme ("team of super powered misfits forms a nuclear family while feeling alienated from the rest of society") was being done much better at the exact same time over...
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    The Wrap Says Joaquin Phoenix Wanted as Marvel's Doctor Strange

    He'd be incredible casting, but I don't see him signing on for a Marvel multi-picture deal. If Marvel can't lock you down for the next decade, they're not gonna cast you.
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    Will The Rock Play Shazam?

    Not to knock The Rock (who's a pretty good actor), this casting feels terrible to me. The tone of Shazam needs to be *just* right and quite frankly, I don't think WB has the chops to pull it off. With Billy Batson in the movie, I could see them going the family-friendly comedy route, which would...
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    MovieBob Predicts the (Near) Future of Movies

    Considering that he's the most prolific contributor to this site, I'd be inclined to cut him a little slack. Besides, the occasional grammar mistake is hardly the only thing sloppy about the Escapist. I've seen formatting errors on the homepage up for an entire day, numerous videos and podcasts...
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    First Official Ultron Image Drops. And It Doesn't Suck.

    "In the MCU, Ultron is an AI created by Tony Stark (rather than by Hank Pym, since, as Devin Faraci notes on Badass Digest, Hank won't show up until Ant-Man) to assess threats. Fortunately, Ultron soon goes a bit crazy and develops a mommy/daddy complex, just as god (and Marvel Comics)...
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    The Switch: 3 Classic Characters That Should Be Gender Swapped

    You know what they should do? They should gender-swap Thor. That would be amazing. Also, they should let Whoopi Goldberg announce it.
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    The Not-So-Deadly Sins of Syndication

    I remember watching all of these shows. There's probably a whole other column that could be written about spin-offs and sequels that were made for syndication : The New Monkees, The Munsters Today, The New WKRP in Cincinnati, 9 to 5, What's Happening Now!!, etc.
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    Geeks Should Argue Politics. It's Good For Us.

    People who don't have strong opinions are boring, whether it's geekiness, politics, or religion. I pity journalists who are so in love with their own sense of objectivity that they blindly report on absurdity without comment. One of the great things about comics, video games, sci-fi, and the...
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    No Right Answer: Recast, Retire or Pass the Avenger's Mantle

    The Infinity Gauntlet is going to have the reality gem, right? Boom! An in-universe explanation for recasting every character.
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    Is Jack Kirby's Family Greedy? Who Cares!?

    Which one of these is supposed to be the conservative movie that proves your point? Because "Son of God" hasn't even come close to "Noah" in terms of box office and the highest-grossing film of the year "Captain America : The Winter Soldier" got a lot of flack from conservatives for its liberal...
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    Is Jack Kirby's Family Greedy? Who Cares!? That's not what affirmative action is. At all. Affirmative action is an effort at righting past wrongs. Even if affirmative action was what you think it is, the idea that (a) it should apply to political points of view or (b) conservatives are a "minority" in any substantial way...
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    Is Jack Kirby's Family Greedy? Who Cares!?

    I think this is the geek equivalent of "Sigh. I don't even OWN a television."
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    Is Jack Kirby's Family Greedy? Who Cares!?

    The Escapist employs interesting writers who are passionate about their subjects and have strong points-of-view. If you disagree with them in any way, The Escapist provides you a forum to air those grievances. Yet, you still whine because they aren't adhering to a platonic ideal of ideological...