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    Poll: Your favourite World of Warcraft game/expansion

    TBC was easily the best for me as a progression raider. Had the most consistently interesting raids, always felt like there was something to do. Fuck Gruul's Lair and Mag's Lair though...ZA, Kara, and BT are still some of the coolest raids only rivaled by Ulduar and killing Cazic Thule for the...
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    How do you feel about New 3DS?

    Glad I waited to buy a 3DS. I was about to buy a 3DS XL when I saw the news and now I doubt I'll ever buy one. Was really wanting one for AROS but not going to buy a 3DS when a better version will be coming out within a year. But by the time the N3DS comes out I'll probably have no interest...
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    Americans, what's so great about the Imperial System?

    You still haven't given me a reason that I should want to switch. How is it more efficient, accurate, and easier to learn? Imperial is not complicated and relays to real life much better than metric, at least for someone who doesn't use it all that much. My foot is almost a foot long, the...
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    Americans, what's so great about the Imperial System?

    Nothing is great about it. Nothing wrong with it either. Works well for everyday life though which everyone seems to ignore. What's up with everyones' vitriolic hate for a system of measurement that doesn't even affect them? Anyone that needs to know the metric system knows it, and everyone...
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    Poll: Which Dead Space game did you enjoy the most?

    Dead Space 3 by far. Dead Space 1 had the best atmosphere of the 3 but wasn't scary and had that awful asteroid mini-game that just ruins any thought of replaying it for me. Dead Space 2 had none of the atmosphere and just bored me for some reason. Couldn't get more than 3 or 4 hours into it...
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    Dark Souls II Beta Info

    Where do I say that? Where do I say I want them to remove PvP from the game completely? I just want to be able to avoid it and still use the parts I like. Not very hard to understand.
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    Dark Souls II Beta Info

    *Facepalm* Really? My experience is just my experience? Who would've thought? When you say that online is the greater experience, which happens to have the hackers and twinks, and that you have to "take the good with the bad" you're trying to tell people to suck it up and deal, otherwise they're...
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    Dark Souls II Beta Info

    Except you did. For me, the only people I've played against on PC have been hackers or twinks. When you say that I get a lesser experience by playing the way I do, you are essentially saying they make the game better =D And screw playing offline too. DkS isn't a MMO. It's a single player game...
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    Dark Souls II Beta Info

    Ooorrr I could do the thing that's more fun for me and just do what I said previously. I play DkS for challenging PvE and to have fun with friends. You're actually trying to tell me hackers and twinks are part of the game and they make it better?
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    Dark Souls II Beta Info

    Brilliant....they made the worst part of the entire game mandatory. Unless you want to play offline that is and miss out on all the hints from other players or playing with friends. This will be terrible unless they actually balance the PvP this time, which I doubt since DkS and DeS were both...
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    Poll:What are your thoughts on children playing M rated games?

    I think it really depends on a mixture of the kid's parents, the game itself, and the kid's maturity. I grew up with awesome parents who would explain why something was seen as bad, like vulgarity, and I was smart enough to not say or do anything that would be considered offensive. Not very...
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    Will you buy a One?

    Nope. For the same reason I refuse to buy a 360 or PS4. $60 a year for online? When I could use that money to buy games or upgrade my PC? Fuck that, I have little money as it is. 99% of my gaming is online with my friends, a gaming system that I don't play online is completely worthless to me.
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    Supposedly Difficult Bosses That You Found to be Easy?

    That's the one! Yeah, he was horrible for me. My 1st toon was all Dex and fairly low level. Took me about 15-20 tries because he's extremely aggressive. His fire did a lot of damage behind my shield and it was almost impossible to get a heal off without being hit. But, he wasn't nearly as bad on...
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    Supposedly Difficult Bosses That You Found to be Easy?

    Maneaters in Demon's Souls. I don't think I've ever died to them, even on NG+. Beating them on a pure melee build is as simple as putting your back to the torch in the middle. If you rotate around it with your shield up they almost never hit you and it's nearly impossible to fly off the edge...
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    Poll: Shadow of the Colossus -- Where do you Stand?

    I hated the controls, even worse than Dark Souls on PC. Played it on PS3. Maybe it's because I grew up on keyboard and mouse but I quit and returned the game by the 3rd colossus. I can adapt to bad KB&M, beat Dark Souls with em, but SotC was too much.