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    The Big Picture: You Are Wrong About Pickle Rick

    Can someone love the show, not be an arsehole, and also not be smart enough to fully "get it"? Because I'm pretty sure that's me. The arsehole part is debatable. Anyway, one thing that often seems to go unremarked upon by people who consider Rick something to aspire to is that for all his...
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    We finally have some Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay!

    Cool. Looks solid. I feel like I'm watching a new and improved Deus Ex with a fine sprinkling of Mass Effect. Or rather, what the new Deus Ex games could have been with better tech and in the hands of a better developer. Not quite sure what the behind-closed-doors crowd were...
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    Poll: Movie Bob rehired?

    Weak, sir. Very weak. He reviews the big, popular movies because they're, y'know, big and popular. Reviews of big movies get more views than reviews of smaller movies. Plus, you're just plain ol' factually wrong.
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    Poll: Movie Bob rehired?

    Opposing the people who say America should be white is racist? Good lord. Now I've heard it all. It's like saying that it's sexist to condemn Elliot Rodger.
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    Poll: Movie Bob rehired?

    Wait, that's what you're pissed off about? Being angrily pro-immigration and calling someone (a Trump supporter?) a Nazi? Come on, at least go for the juicy stuff. Like the eugenics joke. At least that one was actually sketchy.
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    Poll: Do you replay games with multiple endings to see all the endings?

    No. That's what Youtube is for. I'll replay a game if it's good, multiple endings or not. Be damned if I'm playing through an entire game's worth of mediocrity just to see a different cutscene at the end.
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    The purge of adult games.

    Oh no, not the anime tits! This is dumb though. The anime tits, cringe inducing though they can be, aren't hurting anyone. Just clearly mark them as adult content and move on.
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    Battlefield V reveal- your thoughts?

    Always delighted for an opportunity to observe the babyman gamer crowd frantically shitting themselves inside out in a display of impotent internet rage because they saw a female character in a video game. I was initially bored silly by the idea of another WWII game. But exaggerated comic...
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    Darren Aronofsky's Mother!

    This'll probably make me sound like an edgelord, but... is it weird that I found the movie thoroughly hilarious? I don't even mean that in a derisive way or "so bad it's good" or anything like that. I was genuinely entertained. The way it starts with various social transgressions would be...
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    How could Disney redeem itself from The Last Jedi?

    We... we can? Seriously, I'm asking. Because I wouldn't have a hope in hell of telling, say, a Polish person from an Irish person. Visually I mean, accents are another matter altogether.
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    How could Disney redeem itself from The Last Jedi?

    Wait, wait, wait... You think they were trying to pander to Chinese audiences by casting a previously unknown American-born woman of Vietnamese descent? ... What are you smoking? Can I have some? We've seen how Hollywood tries to appeal to China. They cast Chinese actors who are...
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    How could Disney redeem itself from The Last Jedi?

    Oh God, it was me killing the Escapist all along! What have I done?
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    The "Is there a name for this?" thread

    Is there a name for when two people are walking past each other and they both try to pass on the same side and get in each other's way, so then they both switch to the other side at the same time and end up still in each other's way? So they do an awkward mirrored shuffle until someone finally...
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    How could Disney redeem itself from The Last Jedi?

    I think some people in this thread are unaware that China has never given a shit about Star Wars.
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    How could Disney redeem itself from The Last Jedi?

    I never said anything about sexism. I pointed out that some valient heroes of mankind's culture war had bravely sought to redeem the agenda-driven travesty that was The Last Jedi with some skillful editing. Why so defensive brah?