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    London to get coffee and Blowjob cafe

    More power to them. As long as they can deliver on proper plans to tackle the medical hurdles this sort of thing provides, I see nothing wrong with this. The whole thing actually has me more curious whether the tables are just regular ones with lots of space, or ones built specifically for the...
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    Nvidia Settles GTX 970 Lawsuit, Will Refund Every Purchaser $30

    Video cards are arguably the simplest computer components to install, aside from RAM. Remove current card (just flip a latch and pull it out), literally shove new one in, take one single piece of cabling and connect the card to the power supply. 20-30 seconds of effort. If you can plug a...
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    Im confused about the new God of War?

    I only played the first God of War and essentially read the cliff notes for the other games, so I feel like I'm missing something here with this new vision of Kratos. The only real thing of substance I got from the whole trailer is how....not-Kratos this guy is. Also just want to say that...
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    Valkyria Chronicles Spin-Off Will Expand Series by Ditching Its Best Parts

    Uhhh, I'm not completely against changes in a series over time or anything, but just like anything, there is such a thing as too much of it. I love VC1, loved VC2 and the ways it improved the job/battle mechanics, and am still super salty at Sega not wanting our money in exchange for VC3...
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    Poll: Would you hit a woman in self defence(If it were Ronda Rousey)

    As someone who also considers violence to be worthless and only for idiots, these sentiments still sound incredibly unrealistic. No matter how anti-aggression a person can be, one shouldn't act holier-than-thou about self-defense. Regrettably, not everyone in the world is lucky enough to go...
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    Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Confirmed for North American Release

    This is basically the same hope, and the same fear, that I have. I loved VC1, and enjoyed the gameplay improvements VC2 brought to the table (the lack of similar artstyle and the high school setting kinda hampered it compared to VC1 though). Still really sore from their decision to withhold VC3...
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    Poll: 60fps vs 30fps? opinions?

    Well, 60fps is objectively better than 30fps in all subjects. There's not one way having less frames per second improves a game on its own when compared to higher. The reason I (and evidently many others in this thread) are still okay with less fps is due to its allowance for better performance...
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    When did EA start to go bad?

    Well I remember playing quite a few of their games back in the early 90's onward, and back then things were pretty cool. Granted, widespread gaming news was basically nonexistent to the average guy, but purely from a gaming perspective, the EA games I was playing were good, and I have nothing...
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    Poll: Okay body.... Sleep!

    I second this wholeheartedly. It may not necessarily be mysteries of life (though that happens often), but I could insert literally anything into there and it would be 100% accurate for each night I try to sleep, since as far back as I can remember. It'd be maddening if I weren't so used to it.
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    If you could experience one game for the first time again.

    Throwing my vote in for Shadow of the Colossus. Even if I feel it's one of the most amazing games I've played (and I do), I still have to say that it's very reliant on that initial experience. Repeat playthroughs will never give you the same feelings again, and while one could say the same for...
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    Songs that are also stories

    While there's plenty of great bands that create stories with their music, I'mma break out the big guns and mention Rush. They're perfect for this sort of thing, considering almost all their songs are either contained stories within themselves or even stories that span multiple albums. Just...
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    How Intuitive Does A Game Have to Be?

    In Dark Souls, you can see a blurb for what stats do what. Hitting the Select button (or Back, for Xbox) brings up those very descriptors you're looking for, and you can do it for all the stats on the screen, not just the 8 primary ones. To top it all off, the game lists that help button at the...
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    Bloodborne's Creepiest Moment

    That little footnote right below the comic now has me convinced that Grey and Cory listen to Protest the Hero. And that's awesome. Maiden in Black.
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    Poll: Could you wear the same outfit every day?

    Male, voted yes, and I already do this. Jeans and T-shirt, with the same tattered hoodie basically every day, all year. Been doing this for a long time now, and I've never been called on it by anyone at anytime.
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    Poll: High Level Math in the Escapist

    I only learned math up to basic Algebra and some Geometry, and decades later I still have never needed to use those skills once in my life. Aside from the most basic of basics (we're talking elementary school levels of basic here) I've never had need of math as a whole. I wasn't bad at it in...