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The Deadpool

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Dec 28, 2007
SupahGamuh said:
The Deadpool said:
What's different between Early Access and giving people free access to Beta for Pre Ordering the game?
If you pre-order a game, you'll have to wait until it releases and then realize how shitty it is (I'm looking at you, Brink), but with Early Access, you get to play an unfinished turd right away, with the eternal hopes it'll ever get finished someday.

Features missing?, you can't complain, because it's stipulated on the front page (sometimes it doesn't) that it's unfinished... and the devs are indie, so somehow that gives them the power to not even release something "finished".
When you pre-order a game you also pay for it.

Again, what is the difference, ethically, between giving Beta Access to fans who Pre Order a game and selling it as Early Access?