A Movie that you hate that everybody else loves.


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Nov 7, 2007
goatzilla8463 said:
This has been done before but I'll play along.

Toy Story.

Now people are going to burn me at the stake.
No, just me.

And for me, every single Star Wars movie.


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Nov 11, 2008
The entire Star Wars series - I liked these when I was a little kid and today I respect all the effort Lucas put into the special effects and production. If I saw it back in the 70s when it was something new maybe my opinion would be different, but with today's over saturation of similar f/x filled movies and shows I just don't get the hype.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - If you don't have a good imagination the movies are definitely useful for giving you a visual of all those major battles in the books. Otherwise I saw the movies as nothing but ultra long f/x fests.

Big Fish - Seriously why does everyone think this movie is good?

Juno - I want to brutally murder who ever compiled the soundtrack for this trash.

Any Will Ferrell, Jim Carey or Jack Black movie - Well except Stranger Then Fiction and Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, those were pretty damn solid movies.

And I guess these are animated movies but movies none the less:

Ninja Scroll - Mindless action, rape, mindless action, more rape, some more rape, mindless action with a lot of fire. The end.

Anything by Myazaki (sp?) - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind was good and Porco Rosso was alright. Then he got really repetitive. Hes got quite the knack for creating trippy critters that do cool stuff but he cant write a good story if his life depended on it. We get it nature = good, technology = bad, jesus come up with something new already.

Edit: Oh man can't believe I forgot this one: Burn After Reading. I love the Coens but this movie was trash compared to their other comedies (The Big Lebowsky, Raising Arizona). The characters were all one dimensional and uninteresting and the writing sucked. It seemed the Coens couldn't decide whether to make it a serious movie or a comedy and tried to do both and badly. I have never seen such misuse of a great actor like John Malcovich. Clooneys dildo chair was hilarious though.


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Jun 11, 2009
AdmiralWolverineLightningbolt said:
SendMeNoodz84 said:
AdmiralWolverineLightningbolt said:
SendMeNoodz84 said:
AdmiralWolverineLightningbolt said:
the godfather part 1 (havent seen part 2)
not that great

also, high school musical was kickass awesome no matter what you say
Don't you ever talk about The Godfather that way!
goddamnit, it was average at best
sure, some scenes were brilliant
but the vast majority were crap pieces of a rushed conveluted story that made no fucking sense unless youd read the book

and dont say it's not about the story, it's about michael changing
that's fucking bs
not only does he barely change (from a weird pussy to a weird hardass over the course of the time he's in italy), a film with no story that lasts 3 hours has a serious problem
I was assuming you were being sarcastic. Now I understand: You're an idiot.
That's all I will say.
wow resorting to petty insults when one of your beloved films is slagged on
i hear part 2 is good, and am eager to watch it, but part 1 was not so much and i have no desire to ever see that film again

in reality, it's just the most overrated film of all time
Well I didn't call you an idiot because you don't agree with my opinion on the Godfather, I could care less on what you think about the second highest rated movie on the planet, I called you an idiot for some of the claims you made. No story?

Mother Yeti

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May 31, 2008
The Boondock Saints.

My friends are always trying to convince me this movie is the greatest thing ever. I think it's just a plotless, poorly acted piece of trash that's full of mindless violence.