A Question for all you Global Warming skeptics


Aug 25, 2008
Rosetta said:
There have been 6 major extinctions wherein the majority of the Earth's life died that we humans know of. All of them happened before we were here and all of them happened due to massive climate change. The ice age was the most recent.

Humans do not affect the climate.

The Earth will cool and warm long, long after we go extinct and the cycle of life and death will be unaffected.

The hippies are wrong. The science is right.
Yeh, cause these things don't change the atmosphere at all!



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Apr 8, 2008
Elcarsh said:
ArBeater said:
500 years ago it was common sense that the world was flat.
That's a common myth, actually. It has been common knowledge for at least the last couple of thousand years that the earth is roughly spherical.
That what I liked to point out as "Twisted History"
From the Columbus discovered American (he did not) looking for India (India did not exist it was called Hindustan) to the nature loving American indians were so meanly taken over and never fought back, oh and don't forget the left out Aztecs,Mayans and Egyptians who did brain surgery, made astrological charts with no telescopes or satellites and accurate calenders.

Cause you have to teach kids dumbed down history...not what's real. Which sums up global warming to me perfectly. It's real cause a scientists says so...to save his job.


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Jul 8, 2010
TheRealCJ said:
T8B95 said:
The Earth has been here for 4.5 billion years (don't get me started Creationists, in short, you're wrong). There has been life on this Earth for 3.7 billion years. Humans have been around for at most one million years. We've had advanced industry for a paltry 250 years. That is such a small percentage that my calculator won't give me a proper number when I ask for it.

In all that time, we have been going through constant warming and cooling periods. Before the last Ice Age, there were no ice caps in the world. We now have two major ice caps.

Are you really that arrogant? Are you conceited enough that when a small change happens in the world's temperature, you think that the only possible explanation is that you caused it?

Basically, that sums up my opinion on the subject. Good day to you.
Are YOU that dense?

If we've only been here a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the time that the earth has been around, surely the earth has never experienced something as strange and new as us.

And since our existence and the impact on the planet is unprecedented, who knows what effect we're having on the planet in such a short time. Is it possible that the 250-odd years of human industry could be the straw that breaks the camel's back?

And since we're ploughing headlong into the complete unknown, surely it would be better to err on the side of caution. If you're halfway across a bridge and it creaks ominously, do you a) Proceed exactly as before, safe in the knowledge that "Oh, well, the last half help up without a problem, there's no possible way it could break at this point". Or do you b) Take it a bit slowly.

And no, I don't believe that Humanity is wholly and soley responsible for changes in the temperature. But we're certainly not doing anything to help matters.
Who the hell are you to say that the Earth has never experienced anything like what humanity has done to it? Using the example everyone is the most familiar with, K/T extinction had roughly two million times the force of the Tsar Bomba, the most powerful explosion in human history. The K/T extinction was 65 million years ago. Oddly enough, it seems that the Earth is still here. And the K/T extinction wasn't even close to the worst thing that the Earth has lived through.

My point stands: the Earth has been here for longer than a human being can comprehend. It has survived volcanoes, being struck at impossible speeds by large objects, tectonic plate shifts, and glacier movements. It will survive us.


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Mar 28, 2009
Rosetta said:
TheRealCJ said:
Rosetta said:
TheRealCJ said:
Okay, you can sod right off.
Maturity at its finest.
You're right, I should have just laughed maniacally and completely ignored what the poster I was replying to was trying to explain.

Much more mature.
Let me check something... Nope. Nowhere did I say I was mature; I simply said your post was immature.

Try again?
Uh, no, I don't think I will. Because I still want you to go away and leave the adults to talk.


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Feb 9, 2011
electric discordian said:
If it is happening then surely this is a good thing! Humanity has hit an evolutionary dead end we are like the Panda. Nothing threatens our reign as absolute masters of our reality so we will continue to slowly slide into a quagmire of our own making.
um... no we haven't. evolution doesn't just stop because we come up with medicines and such. so long as there are people having kids there is selection occurring.


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Nov 25, 2009
its not that i dont beleive it is happening, i just dont think it is happening at the rate they claim it is. still, probably not a bad idea to try to take care of the problem now.


Dec 12, 2010
United States
Since I think any global temperature change has another explanation, such as the variance in sunspots and other factors that are outside of man's control, the need to switch over to some of these programs not only is a huge expenditure of funds but also is unlikely to do anything to help what it is claiming to fix.


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Oct 6, 2009
TheRealCJ said:
I honestly think it's a shame that Americans have yet to adopt diesel as a more mainstream fuel.
We had once upon a time but then the market got flooded with shitty diesel cars from companies trying to make a quick buck by copying Mercedes. The sheer volume of awful destroyed all the public trust in diesel.


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May 27, 2009
TheRealCJ said:
Those are some awfully big presumptions you're making. I think all of this has more to do with the earth's natural cycle of warming and cooling to do with "global warming"--because as George Carlin once pointed out, how can something that we've been doing for less than 200 years irrevocably screw up the earth worse than anything that's happened to it in the past 4,000,000,000 years it's existed?

That being said, I don't think we should do nothing about pollution and waste. To just ignore it would just be a long, drawn-out process of shooting ourselves in the foot. Of course we need to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels, of course we need to find more efficient ways to deal with waste, and of course we need to make sure we don't cut down every forest left on the planet. Nobody is arguing all of those things are fine and dandy as they are and could never come back to haunt us someday.

What they argue is that we don't need to flip everything upside down this very moment to deal with those problems. We need to let the improving technology run its course and work society into a position to where it is ready for those things when they arrive [sub](and when the oil companies decide they can't hold it back any longer).[/sub]

At this point, the notion of global warming feels like little more than a fad to me. It's worn out. It's just a buzz word, like "abortion" or "gay rights." I think if you want to convince people to be more green, you should stop beating them over the head with videos of stranded polar bears trying to swim for the shore 10,000 miles away, and present the problem as a local issue. You know, on a more human level. Show the long-term affects pollution can have on people and where they live.


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Apr 18, 2011
Nightcraft66 said:
Rex Fallout said:
The Earth goes through cycles, it gets hot, then it gets cold, then it gets hot, then it gets... I think you get the idea.

What do you think the Ice Age was? "Ugh those darn cave men drivin their hummers about and ruining out planet!"
The Ice Age and Global Warming are two completely different things.
It's been proven that in the past 100-110 years, Human Activity, whether that be mass deforestation or burning of fossil fuels have drastically peaked CO2 levels in the atmosphere.
It's also been proven that more CO2 = more infrared radiation that can't escape through the atmosphere (heating basically...)
No the Ice Age and Global Warming are exactly the same thing


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Jun 9, 2010
Squid94 said:
bdcjacko said:
Here is Kansas City it has been on the coldest, snowiest years for like 3 years in a row. It sure is cold for Global Warming. Then I'm told Global Warming isn't the correct term, it should be called Climate Change. K, the have scientifically proved the climate has been changing for billions of years before man. Big deal.
With all due respect, mate, it is called 'Global Warming', not 'Kansas City Warming'. The average Global Temperature is rising, and we, humans, are assisting that increase. I think the only argument that should be worth discussing now is to what degree we are assisting it, instead of whether or not we play a part at all.

Yes, climate change has happened naturally in the past, but the problem this time around is that we're accelerating it. If we don't start holding back on the way we use fossil fuels, there will be a number of consequences, some of which will be particularly severe. I am totally in agreement with those that say the situation has been blown out of proportion; that's a reasonably judgment to make. People who hardly understand the situation are dramatizing it far too much. But nonetheless, it is something that should be on our minds.
With all due respect, you are 17, and I don't get my science from kids. I know Kansas City isn't the center of the world. And it is not indicative of the entire world. But weather patterns have been getting cold across the American Midwest for the past 3 years. So it makes me a little skeptical that I see it getting colder while being told it is getting warmer.

Plus the science is also saying we are due for an ice age. The science is also saying that when the ice caps melt, it will dilute the salinity of the ocean, which will in turn screw up the gulf stream and other warm current that keep places like England warm, thus making it colder there. Which some have speculated will help trigger an ice age.

I've also heard it isn't the amount of carbon and other green house gases, but the amount of reflective surface on the earth. Plenty of dark blue seas will raise the temperature by absorbing heat. While on the other hand ice caps and glaciers are white and reflect that heat back out to space, and there is a certain amount of ice that will just cause so much heat and energy to be reflected back into space that it could bring about a total ice covered earth.

I've heard volcanoes spew more green house gases than all of humanity ever has. I've also heard that refuted, then heard it backed up again.

I've heard that lead researchers of global warming have skewed data to make it fit their hypothesis.

So I've come to the conclusion, fuck it all, the earth is going to do what it is going to do. So I'm not too bothered by it, but I am skeptical of any information put forth saying the world will end.

Hell I remember back in the 1990's, before you were born on Earth Day and Arbor Day specials, Global Warming Advocates saying New York City would be under the ocean by 2015 if we didn't reverse the green house gases being pumped into the air. Since then, we as a world, have continued to pump the same if not more gases into the air, and New York City is still above water. I know, they have 3 and half more years, but I really don't see the ocean raising by 10 feet a year.

I grew up being forced to watch tree hugging hippy tree hugging crap about deforestation, pollution, a depleting ozone, and the end times just being 20 years away. It has been 20 years, and now there are more snow days than ever.


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Jul 11, 2010
So what we are suggesting here is that even if we are having very little impact on the supposed global warming, we should still levy fines, infringe on freedoms, drive up costs all because it's the right thing to do?

Should we recycle? Yeah
Should we conserve? Yeah
Should we find alternate forms of energy? Yeah

Should it be illegal to not do any of those things? No
Jul 13, 2010
Rosetta said:
Yes, because as we all know, as the heat increases, melting the ice caps, MORE ice will form.

Yes, the heat that melted the polar caps will allow more ice to form. Indeed. Ice thrives during a global shift towards heat.

Hell, it's easy to show! What you do is put some ice in a cup, set it in the sun and wait for the ice to melt. What will happen? The cup will freeze!

Right, so what you're saying is because you can't understand a basic concept it must it must be wrong? This is the science, and I seem to remember you being the one who said that the science was right.