Blizzard Apologizes for Diablo III Launch Troubles

Shamanic Rhythm

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Dec 6, 2009
PingoBlack said:
Shamanic Rhythm said:
I find it mildly amusing that you're accusing Grey of shitty journalistic practices while basically admitting that you didn't do any research on the subject. All you need to do is google 'Error 37' - which, incidentally, was a trending topic on Twitter on launch night - to get an idea of the scope of people who have been affected.

Of course there are no 'hard statistics' on the launch, but you can't really overlook the huge glut of anecdotal evidence without looking like you just want to stick your fingers in your ears and go 'lalalala'. Not to mention that filling out your post with condescending ad hominem makes you look even more in denial.
You completely misread. :)
First of all, editorial policy is not personal. I do not say Mr. Grey, but Escapist, as in the magazine.

Second of all, I did as much research as I personally could. On the other hand you point out anecdotal evidence, while listing Error 37. The only error that was announced by Blizzard to be expected as part of log in throttling.

What you proved is that people on tweeter do not read their emails.

Now, about last part ... I did not discuss you as poster, so do me a favor and do the same.
1) You referred to someone in your post as 'Johnny', which is kind of obvious.

2) You obviously didn't do enough research, and if you're going to cling to the belief that if Blizzard didn't acknowledge it, it didn't happen, then neither I nor anyone else will persuade you otherwise.

3) You called Grey a hipster and accused him of exaggerating news as a kind of petty revenge for not being given an advance copy of Diablo III. You're free to discuss me as a poster all you like, because I personally don't care. But if you're going to launch desperate ad hominem attacks on people because for some reason you don't want to hear the news they've got, expect to be called out on it.