Blizzard Explains Tough Decisions Behind StarCraft II Trilogy

Korroth Dyahwanre

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Jul 3, 2010
Primary reason for not caring : Its still only three races the same three races.... want me to spend money on the game give me another race or two more races, then I might consider it, then it has innovation and my curiosity. Continue to sell the same three races over and over again and I'll stand firm by my "you no get my money"(bad English intended). SC2 is SoS DG(same ole shit different game) Gimme a new race to explore and learn their weaknesses and advantages. don't give me a slightly different slightly prettier version of the game I still play to this day from the mid '90's.


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Oct 11, 2010
Matey said:
Still sounds like buying three games to me. Do I have to go pay $40-60 for each one? then I'm buying three games. If they make them as Expansion packs and charge $20-30 for each... well thats not so bad.
They are expansion packs, and will be price as one. At least that is what they said.
Well the first one is bigger then most console game that is price the same, let just hope they can keep it up.


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Jan 10, 2009
All I have to say to this thread is: haters gonna hate [].


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Sep 2, 2009
cursedseishi said:
Maze1125 said:
They explained all that at the time they originally announced it. It didn't stop people saying it then, so I doubt it will now.
exactly, move along nothing new to read here. I'm still calling BS, no matter how many times they try to throw this out. We still have to pay for each game, which boils down to having to pay thrice for the whole experience, considering that the stories are linked.
I notice nobody complains when they have to pay for three games in every other trilogy ever made when they're games like this one that easily provide $50 worth of content. 50 missions plus multiplayer seems like plenty to me so all complainers shut up and wait for the game to come out and see what extra goodies they have in place of multiplayer. If it's not worth $50 then you can complain, but for now just shut up, you don't even know what other stuff they'll add.


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Oct 4, 2010
The fact Blizzard is even trying to formulate an excuse is in itself going to cause more problems than solve.

C'mon Blizzard, we all know that you just want to make a profit, don't try to hide it! Either that or Bobby Kotick is forcing you to release it in 3 parts.

I think the second one is more likely though...


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Mar 13, 2009
sad thing is that there are people who will buy all the collector editions. you know the funny thing is you could probably get a really nice upgrade for your computer for the price of three collector edition sc2 things.


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Aug 13, 2009
Settle down, children. Lots and lots of silly, unjustified anger in this thread.

Fact: Blizzard is going to price the Zerg and Protoss games as expansions.

I know we all hate Mr Kotick but give Blizzard a break, really. What's this, hating someone by association or something?

Yes, I know the lack of LAN functionality sucks (I even signed the petition for it), the voice acting could use some improvement in some places and the lack of cross-region play (unless, like me, you're in the SEA region and got NA regional access for free - if Blizzard was truly selfish, they wouldn't have done this) is understandable but now it seems you're just finding stuff to ***** about. The fact is, if Blizzard waited until they could release all of Starcraft 2 as one massive game, you'd all be bitching incessantly about how the game is taking far too long to be made. Either way there'd be a lot of complaining. You might not care so much about the single-player portion of SC2, but strong single-player has always been a core part of Blizzard's games. In Wings of Liberty, we got a 29-mission mercenary style campaign reflecting Jim Raynor's current situation. This simply would not have worked within the confines of 10 missions per race.

Bottom line: if you think Blizzard is ripping you off, don't buy the game. And if you already have, don't buy the expansions.

I personally found the game to be well worth the $100 I spent on it. Did I like the fact that I had to fix it to my account? No. Did the game more than make up for it? Hell yes.

If you're going to act like a spoiled child (and a lot have), you clearly don't deserve what you're so readily demanding.

FUCK this game.......All they care about is making money they don't know not every fuckin body has high speed internet to fuckin update game or the time to wait fuck Blizzard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! []
(Actual quote)

No, I'm not a fanboy, I just have my head on straight. Complain about something worth complaining about, like the lack of LAN functionality. Bloody hell.


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Apr 4, 2010
Did Blizzard decide to split it into 3 parts or did activision? this sounds more like an Activision move rather than blizzard. Even the first starcraft didnt pull this crap but then again they were thier own company when SC1 was released before whoring themselfs over to activision.