Crappy Capcom Proofreader Strikes Again


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May 28, 2008
I think the guy employed to spellcheck is just bored, or maybe one of their head guys said something mean about him and this is his way of getting back? who knows.

Surely this can't be a simple error, its happened twice now it has to be intentional.


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Oct 8, 2008
Hey, Capcom. I'm an experienced proofreader~. If you need a mo...


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Oct 8, 2009
Sleekit said:
Rheinmetall said:
I think "Chanllenges" is a valid way to explain to someone that we are not just talking here for ordinary challenges, but "chan-llenges" with an "n". It's written this way to emphasize the seriousness of the challenge. Like mission impossible and above.
im glad you cleared that up as i was was thinking it might possibly involve a string of fights with Jackie Chan...
Way to give away the hidden character. Now they'll have to come up with a new pun.


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Feb 8, 2011
Grey Carter said:
Crappy Capcom Proofreader Strikes Again

This time it's Asura's Wrath that's fallen victim to Capcom's, apparently broken, spell checker.

When Capcom accidentally launched Resident Evil: Revelaitons (note spelling) early this month, we all had a good chuckle at the company's expense. Now it turns out our cruel barbs may have been terribly insensitive, as Capcom appears to be suffering from some kind of debilitating box art-dyslexia.

As GamesRadar helpfully pointed out, presumably with a smirk you could see from space, the tagline on the back of Asura's Wrath's game box reads, "Relentless action and near impossible chanllenges."

Now the version in question was a promotional copy sent out for review, but with only a week before Asura's Wrath is due to hit the shelves, Capcom may not have time to fix the gaffe. Should the typo make it through to the retail copy, it'll be the third time Capcom has cocked up a game's box art in recent years. The first instance, in case you're wondering, would be that time they accidentally left an IGN watermark on the cover of Okami.

And Capcom used to have such nice box art [,39984/] too.

Source: GamesRadar []

Is it pedantic of me to suggest that instead of the awkward "...tagline on the back of Asura's Wrath's game box reads...", the sentence would be better as "...tagline on the back of the Asura's Wrath game box reads..."?


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Jun 16, 2011
Active Schizophrenic said:
Ahhh good ole' megaman box-art! I wonder if the four-year-old kid who made that still works for capcom?
He sure does, 'course he's almost 30 now, so hopefully he's improved a bit.

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Sep 13, 2011
Lol when I read the title I thought it said "Crappy Crapcom"

Which is still an apt description of their proofreading abilities come to think about it...


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Aug 19, 2009
rapidoud said:
To be fair, Blizzard had a lot of mistakes in Starcraft 2 that I can recall, and SWTOR had some.
There's a difference between a typo ON the game and a typo IN the game.
The former has a few hundred words tops, while the latter can easily have hundreds of thousands words of text.
It's like the difference between a typo in a book and a typo on the cover of the book.
The relative difference of the magnitude of wrong is staggering.