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Apr 8, 2010
Setch Dreskar said:
crazypsyko666 said:
I don't think you really have much to worry about. The gameplay videos look pretty shitty. I mean, the sky is BLUE. How can it be GRIMDARK if the sky is blue? Fuck, Sam and Max is a more GRIMDARK game than Dark Millenium right now.
It takes a more realistic yet decaying view of the universe where humanity is in slow decline and being destroed on all sides (or eaten in the case of the Tyranids) and has its back in a corner. Just because its a grim universe doesn't mean there aren't beautiful worlds, and clear sky, in fact I prefer it to every 'grim' setting where all the worlds look the exact same and have no other distinguishing features from one another. It also makes more sense why the Imperium as a whole would fight to protect the few planets that have not been turned into smog covered Hive worlds. Besides most Aggri worlds also have clear skys and blue oceans, they are the worlds who's sole responsibility is making enough crop to feed the hive worlds.
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Setch Dreskar

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Mar 28, 2011
I would say more (doesn't care) I gave my opinion on it, and used yours as an opinion itself.

Especially with the state of the internet, and people still thinking Warcraft or Starcraft or hell even Gears of War came before Warhammer, I won't rule out anyones stupidity.

Arren Kae

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Nov 10, 2010
It would be stupid if they made female space marines. 40k space-marines are space-monks. Their female equivalent are space-nuns = Sisters of Battle. The game could make a character class which's space marine for males and sister of battle for females though that wouldn't suit the fluff. Maybe the male equivalent would be a novice so he wouldn't have that beast armor. If they included both factions you'd have an all-female class, balancing things. Besides, it doesn't make sense to say

"I love this group so much which has being all men as one of its' fundamental defining features. I'm a woman and I want to be a member."

That's like a midget wanting to play in the NBA.