Democrats already proposing austerity before DNC even ends


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Apr 24, 2020
United States of America
And then you just link another prime example of #2. Read it. OTHER PEOPLE just speculating about what could happen, not about anything actually happening.
Show me stuff Biden is actually doing here. Constant barrage of misinformation attributed to him that isn't even happening, just an idea of what is possible.. it is possible aliens come down and reclaim trumps hair too, that doesn't mean it is actually happening. That might actually be more likely than this.

You really have to read what you link, This sounds great:

SO the only thing is says for definite that Biden has said he would do is actually really good and the rest is just people discussing their own positions/ ideas? If this is what his other hand is doing, that is pretty awesome tbh.

It really is incredible.
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May 1, 2020

It really is incredible.
They haven't announced what their policy is yet, so we can't say if what they are actually going to do is good or bad yet until we have something solid. Right now we have rumors and speculation until Biden has something actually set here. They are " worried" it might not be what they wanted, that doesn't mean anything until something happens here. You are reading more into that than tangibly exists.

OTOH we actually DO have Trumps plan in hand and it is difficult to get worse than that. We ALREADY know trumps plan is the worst of the worst, so it is going to be pretty difficult for Biden to do worse than that.


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Apr 3, 2020
Well, from what I can see, currently Biden has 249 electoral college seats "safe", and Trump has 122 "safe".

The states in play (college votes) are Texas (38), Florida (29), Pennsylvania (20), Ohio (18), Georgia (16), North Carolina (15), Arizona (11), Minnesota (10), South Carolina (9), and one college vote in Maine.

In order of favouring Biden (most to least):
Minnesota +5
Pennsylvania +4
Arizona +4
Ohio +2
Florida +1
N Carolina +1
Maine (1) 0
Georgia -2
Texas -3
S Carolina -5