Ever Watched A TV Episode That Pissed You Off So Much You Quit Watching The Series?


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Aug 11, 2009
Accel said:
Warachia said:
Here's why I hate her, (halfway through season 2) she's a control freak, she wants to be in control of everyone else's life, she want's to know what happens in everyone else's life and everyone only exists to make her happy, your husband doesn't want to get treatment and wants to live the rest of his life to the fullest? Fuck him, guilt him into going with what you want.
Well, yeah, because the treatment could potentially help him LIVE a lot longer. Considering this would also cause her teenage son to lose his dad and her not-yet-born baby to never even meet her father, I'd imagine anyone would want the same if they found out their significant other was dying. The idea that a dad would just leave his family like that without even trying to find a solution because he wants to "live his short life to the fullest" is pretty selfish.
Not nearly as selfish as wanting somebody else to live for you, not to mention treatment can also mean he lives the rest of his days in more distress than if he never got the treatment at all, and when you consider they were already in financial trouble it's pretty obvious why he'd be at the very least reluctant at accepting medical treatment.
I've had family die from cancer and I've met other's who were going through treatment for years only for it not to matter in the end (one of whom was a friend of my family), and I would NEVER force or guilt them into taking treatment unless it was their own decision (of course I'd try to convince them though).

I don?t see it, especially considering people going behind her back usually involves acts such as making meth (Walt) or stealing (her sister).
I didn't say they were justified, just that she does it too and that certainly doesn't do her any favours, also she seems to force herself on other's lives.


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May 28, 2011
There was a show called "Is it real?".
they were testing a person burning to death overnight. at first they described real occurrences, then asked some scientific opinions on how it could occur, they have crafterd a theory to which firemen team agreed with as well.
so far so good, they decide to make an experiment, build a fake house, ontroduce conditions, set it aflame. during the experiment the fire proceeded just liek the theory stated, pretty much a 100% confirm.
5 minutes later the represented turns to use and starts babbling how the experiment failed, how the theory is bull and its all just a myth and nothing like that ever happens. (thier other episodes were also aimed at disproving things, even going as far as a "psychic" guy getting a good guess and they still claim he didnt, but this topped it all)
i was just like "are you fucking kidding me?" and stopped watching it.

King Billi said:
Geez... Am I really the only person who was still able to watch Lost after I came the realisation that it was never ever going to end in a way that made sense and just enjoy it for the characters I liked and the imaginative bull**** they kept coming up with?
no your not, i enjoyed lost.


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Nov 20, 2009
Nobody's mentioned this one yet so I guess it's not that popular, but my one is Weeds.
I never especially loved the show but season one was watchable.
Got to the end of season two hating every single character in it. None of them gave me any reason to care about them.

Also, if you guys dislike Dexter the TV series, you should see some of the ridiculous shit that's pulled in the books.


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Oct 31, 2008
Odgical said:
Yes! Yes there is. Oh ho ho! The New Normal. God I hate that show. It revolves around a gay couple using a surrogate mother to have a baby.

At this point you should know I'm ginger. This is important.

They're in the doctor's office, having just given the mother a routine ultra sound to make sure everything's fine and dandy. The doctor mentions they could probably screen for inherited diseases and one of the couple asks what they could be. The other man begins to explain the process and what diseases they scan for. The doctor chimes in that red hair is the sort of disease they scan for. Red haired children are the devil's children, he says. The mother and the first gay guy react in horror at the thought of having a ginger child and immediately inquire about abortions.

Not five damn minutes later in the show they expect me to react with sympathy when the gay couple kiss in public and someone asks them not to do that in front of their kids. No no no, show, you get NOTHING from me after you just equated red hair to genetic disease and made fun of aborting ginger kids just for their hair colour. Fuck you, you shitty american comedy. The message of that episode was be nice to gays, it almost made me homophobic out of spite.

So... yeah.
I'm American and I don't understand ginger jokes. I really don't fucking get why they're reviled. Because....they have red hair and freckles? To be fair, the show you describe seems to be making fun of this attitude, ridiculing ginger hatred by presenting the logical extreme. It's hard for me to take that scene seriously from my point of view.

OT: For me, it tends to be the pilot or first episode of any anime I watch. Mind you I enjoy some anime, but the grand majority of shows just...tire me. The first episode of Code Geass springs to mind. My anime living friends tell me how much they love it, but it's impossible for me to buy into it. It's just so cartoonishly awful
Nov 28, 2007
Elfen Lied. I enjoy anime, and the characters are decently done, the animation is good, interesting story, so what killed it?

That fucking puppy getting killed. That was the breaking point. I dislike seeing animals being abused just for the point of sympathy. The only reason the puppy died was to make Lucy sympathetic (which she already was), and to make the bullies even more one-dimensional and cruel than they already were.


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Nov 17, 2008
I wanted to stop watching Battlestar after the mid point of season 3 where they just shoved religion into it really hard and it got continuingly more and more stupid with less and less of what made the show really good.
I liked that there was a battle between religion and Adama and the like, I liked that he was only using it to give hope and such.
I only continued watching because it was sort of a family thing.

Walking Dead was the same way, for some reason my brother and dad felt that the show would pick up in season 2, all Season 2 was, was crickets and drama and stupid shit that made no sense. And now season 3 is interesting, so I don't know if that counts either.


Feb 12, 2009
Episode 1 Season 3 of The Boondocks

I know animation takes a good amount of time, but you have an episode (and subsequently more episodes) based on an event that took place 2-3 years beforehand? That's timely.

I can't even describe the plot of the episode because I only watched 3 minutes of it before I told myself never again. Seriously, campaign allegations against Obama because he's friends with Huey who happens to be a Cyber-terrorist on Myspace? I know you could describe most of season 2 like this but this is a serious case of jumping the shark.


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Oct 3, 2008
Yeah, The Walking Dead - season 2 episode 8. I thought season 2 was terrible, but that episode just sealed the deal for me.


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Sep 29, 2010
Kind of feel that way about the second season finale of Hell on Wheels.

It's one of those shows which has the potential to be a really good show, but the latest finale was one of the most self-destructive hours of television I've ever watched, killing off several of the best characters for absolutely no gain.

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Oct 29, 2011
TK421 said:
Also, some of you people are waaay to sensitive about jokes and circumstances intended to be humorous. I'm purposefully not singling anyone out, because I don't want to have a huge argument with some guy on the internet, but some of you could consider lightening up a bit.
Agreed, some of these situations were meant in a ironic or satirical manner, and some are just simply odd dislikes.
But that's just me!

OT: probably one of the early Naruto episodes, where some villain appears out of the blue, and curbstomps a already established character.owait
that's all of them.
So yeah, anime in general after 15 or so episodes.


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Oct 17, 2011
I wouldn't say it ruined the series but my hopes aren't high after the season 3 finale of MLP. The episode starts out alright if really rushed but the underlying message was really good, that people shouldn't accept the path imposed upon them and instead find their own destiny. Then the second half goes right to shit. Celestia reveals that she's been grooming Twilight for princess-hood since the moment they met, without her knowledge or consent, essentially negating the entire moral of the episode. The driving force behind the plot itself was an unfinished spell book Celestia sent that she must have known would wreck havoc. It turned a loving mentor into a behind the scenes manipulator in the span of 5 minutes.

As for Doctor Who, Stephen Moffat is so obsessed with "big" stories that he ignores all established rules and character relations in order for his scripts to work. Amy and Rory's divorce comes out of no where and is solved in a two-minute conversation. The Statue of Liberty is actually a Weeping Angel and walks downtown despite the fact that the angels can't move when seen. I could go on but instead I'll leave with this bit of knowledge, Moffat's most critically acclaimed and popular episodes were written under Russell Davies which pretty much means he writes best when someone else is there to rein him in.


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Oct 17, 2012
I gave up on Lost after season 1. I started to realize that the writers were just making shit up as they went along. And oddly enough, I stopped watching the UK show Primeval. I think I saw the first two seasons and it bothered me SO MUCH that everyone on the show was so scared of firearms.
Why I stopped watching Primeval.

"So yeah, let's go on yet another extremely dangerous mission where everything has evolved to become even deadlier to man, more so than the great white sharks, gorillas, elephants, crocodiles, piranhas, drop bears, etc. are EVEN TODAY".

"Oi, hold on, maybe at least one of you should take a firearm?"

"Ooooh, right. Let's take JUST ONE even though there are four of us! Thanks, mate."

[Five minutes later, firearm is lost.]


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Oct 11, 2012
Hannibal942 said:
I'm American and I don't understand ginger jokes. I really don't fucking get why they're reviled. Because....they have red hair and freckles? To be fair, the show you describe seems to be making fun of this attitude, ridiculing ginger hatred by presenting the logical extreme. It's hard for me to take that scene seriously from my point of view.
Really? You don't know. It is because of South Park. There is no real reason beyond the fact that Cartman said gingers don't have souls. It really is that simple.

OT: I quit watching the Walking Dead for a while part way into season 2, though I did get back into it with season 3. Considering the fact that I have a full grasp of everything going on now, it seems I didn't miss much.

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Jul 12, 2011
I can't even remember when I stopped caring about Heroes, it was either when Claire and her dad kept making dumb decisions or when Sylar finally got his powers back.

I stopped caring about House when he was making progress with Cuddy for the uptillienth time but then they pulled "LOL IT WAS A HALLUCINATION" thing (which they had already used long ago).


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Jul 31, 2011
The second episode of Game of Thrones. I don't mind when one character is annoying while the rest are likable (Skyler in Breaking Bad), but every character was imminently unlikable in Game of Thrones.


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Dec 17, 2008
The episode on Lost where they turned a wheel under the island to turn time. I was steadily losing interest before, but that was the episode that made me say "ok, screw this".

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Jan 22, 2010
So I just watched the season finale of The Clone Wars, and the reveal was just as moronic as I thought it would be. Barriss turns to the dark side because "The Republic is corrupt, and the jedi are nothing but murderers who started this war!"

So the obvious solution is to then blow up the Jedi temple, murder your friends and family and then try to blame it on your best friend while you run around cackling like a madwoman? For fuck's sakes, nothing about this whole plot had anything to do with Barriss as a character. It could have been any Jedi and it would still be fucking stupid. Making it Barriss was just an insult to anyone who knows about her character. It isn't like she was defined by anything in the tv show. She hadn't shown up since season 2 for goodness sake.

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Jul 10, 2012
Well, I do not watch much TV, but I recently had to go to the ER because of some back spasms. So, I was there in the waiting room at 1am watching that Honey-Boo-Boo show on TLC. It made me sad, so just for the state of TV but for the state of the world itself, though the excruciating pain I was in probably helped depress me a bit.

Come to think of it, I may have just given up watching TV altogether, because I cannot recall sitting down to watch anything since then.


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Oct 12, 2011
Futurama: after season 6, the characters turn from interesting deep characters with humor, into caricatures that constantly repeat events BECAUSE HEY FUNNY.

South Park: Don't remember when but at one point I realized that the humor was no longer witty and satirical, but "insert pop culture reference here." I was just done.

Anything by Seth McFarlane: Family Guy started out witty and kept it going for a while, but eventually dropped it for gag jokes (poor ones). American Dad was witty for a little while, then quickly followed Family Guy; plus the premise is Family Guy, but CIA-style. And The Cleveland Show is just Family Guy, but about Cleveland.

The Walking Dead: I forcibly sat through Season 1, and slowly got more bored as it went on, but quit when it turned into character drama every episode. It's not like you have zombies to worry about or anything.

Star Wars The Clone Wars (the more recent version, not the awesome 2D one): The show seemed interesting enough following the movie, but when it got to the Mandalorian Arc, and every Mando character they portrayed was either a non-traditionalist who wants to turn Mandalore into Naboo (cough Satine cough), or as an extremist Death Watch moron who wants to bring back the days of old Mandalore. It was practically dropped in as an idea akin to "hey, let's make all Mandalorians bad guys, that's a good way to get the fanbase on our side." And further on they bring back Maul? No. Just, no.