Fallout 4: Want, needs, and things that aren't needed


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Apr 11, 2012
I only want them to either continue the setting that has been created in Fallout, Fallout 2 and New Vegas or... and this is really important, have nothing at all to do with the other games. No Brotherhood of Steel, no Enclave, no G.E.C.K. hell even no vaults. Fallout 3 just felt like a mash up of Fallout and Fallout 2, I noticed it pretty quickly and it irked me all throughout.

If they want to work on their own canon that is perfectly okay, I'd play something that was totally removed from the main fallout universe if it didn't keep referencing previous titles and basically stealing plot threads for no other reason than "its something from the older games!". To me Fallout 3 always felt like a Fan-made mod rather than a unique game, Oblivion modded to use guns and with a Fallout-fan's fanfiction as the plot. Create a new faction of Power Armored energy weapon users rather than mangling the Brotherhood of Steel to fit into your story. Find a new bad guy since the Enclave has been broken, beaten and battered so badly not even the developers recognize it anymore.

Maybe focus on one of those areas ya'll hinted at in Fallout 3? The Commonwealth sounds iffy as a premise since there is no explanation about its proper location or how it is so technologically advanced or why is hasn't just dominated the wasteland since if it can create totally perfect human androids then it is certainly capable of making weapons of war, hell there are loads of that stuff just laying around to be used whenever since there was no conventional warfare in the Great War of 2077, there have to be huge military stockpiles that went untouched after the war, if you can create real artificial intelligence on a whim you can easily repair some tanks...they even run on atomic power in the Fallout universe. Maybe even have it take place in one of the more tribal areas of the world? There have to be some right? Then after about say a good 10 hours or so end up near a major settlement and see how the characters handle the change.

No need to change the SPECIAL system much, it works fine. DO NOT go all Skyrim on us and take away base stats, SPECIAL only goes to 10 so it isn't a hard system to use or balance and it is pretty self-explanatory how it correlates to skills. Although a change in the total number of skills might be in order; Big Gun is gone and I'm glad since using the various weapon skills is a better fit over all, survival is a must keep since it is all about a wasteland setting, the return of a traps skill might be cool but Fallout has never really used it much in the past so not top priority. Add gambling since it just seems to fit, maybe making Stealing separate from stealth. Definitely keep traits, NV's perk system is pretty good; every level seems wasteful and over powered where as even levels seem a good balance between older Fallout titles base three system and Fallout 3 every level system. Keep, wait no ENFORCE Hardcore mode no option to turn it off, make heat/cold a factor, make injury a factor, and return eye damage and blindness to the game. No addiction cures either, have to wait it out if you get addicted works better that way since there is no negative to becoming addicted in either Fallout 3 or New Vegas, 100 caps isn't much of a hit even at the start of the game.

That's pretty much it... I think.

Bat Vader

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Mar 11, 2009
I would like to see Obsidian be given the ability to develop Fall out 4. I want to see it take place in a rebuilt part of the US or perhaps China but have the ability to go to the Wasteland as well.


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Apr 4, 2013
Set it outside of America.

*Ducks down under parapet to avoid barrage of arguments to the contrary*

Seriously, much as I do like the American setting, it'd be really interesting to see what happens in other countries with different eco-systems and pre-existing social and political systems. While I'd quite like to set it in London, you could get away with Paris, Rome, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Delhi, Cairo, and a hundred more. It'd be different, with different challenges (perhaps a focus much more on improvised weapons for countries with limited private firearm ownership), but I think it'd be very interesting.

But that's just me, and I'm happy to slink off into my corner if people disagree.


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Dec 12, 2011
Sir Thomas Sean Connery said:
I really don't get this complaint.
Well there is a certain amount of fanboyism to it.

Sir Thomas Sean Connery said:
I had heard about how Fallout 3 did all kinds of horrible things to the lore and I assumed it would all make sense when I played 1 and 2.

I did and I don't get it. Fallout 3 has almost nothing to do with the earlier games. Was it the minor thing about there being more Super Mutants? Was it the BoS being too nice?

I would truly appreciate an explanation of what you and others find so egregious about Fallout 3's lore.
The complaints from hardcore fans are many I hear, but you've listed the main two I care about there.
Not so much the amount of super mutants but how they behaved. They were reduced to an almost animalistic, generic evil monster. Compared to an intelligent race of mutants, created for nefarious purposes, freed from their servitude, and trying to find their place in the world.
The Brotherhood of Steel is the same deal, they're barely even recognisable, and are just generic good guys.
Like I say there are mainly fanboy complaints (which is weird considering FO3 was the first of the series I played), but they are part of larger, more general, more legitimate criticisms of the quality of writing.

t00bz said:
You mad, bro? :p
I might be if it weren't for Wasteland 2.

t00bz said:
Obsidian has a rather nasty habit of putting out half finished games that are buggy to hell and back.
I am aware, although the only Obsidian game I've played where the unfinisheness has affected the quality significantly (in my view) is KOTOR 2.
t00bz said:
Hell, I remember not being able to play Fallout: New Vegas for more than 30 minutes because it was constantly crashing/freezing, so I'd rather not have them make the next one unless they bug test the f*ck out of the game before release day.
See having never suffered from such issues I cannot comment.

t00bz said:
As for the retcons, I only started playing Fallout after 3 came out, (I can't play the first two. I've tried to get into them and they just aggravate me) so I can't really say anything good/bad in that regard.
See Fallout 3 was my first game of the series as well. But I had the opposite reaction, I was distinctly unimpressed with Fallout 3, and very please with New Vegas, the original and the first sequal.

t00bz said:
I can agree that f3 had some minor/major flaws, depending on your opinion, but I think Bethesda has made efforts to make these games as enjoyable as possible. Are they the same as the old games? No, but that might not be a bad thing.
Oh I agree and I certainly wouldn't say it's an objectively bad game. But it has certainly moved away from my personal preference.


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Mar 16, 2013
Wickatricka said:
CloudAtlas said:
In a game where you shoot with guns, combat should feel like in a shooter, and not like... Oblivion. That was my biggest gripe with Fallout 3. Now that id software is part of their family, there's really no excuse anymore.

In my opinion that would be the worst thing to happen to it. I'm not saying make it like skyrim but don't make it like any other generic first person shooter. If they use id software I would lose all hope in it.
There are many shooters, and they hardly feel all the same. But every good shooter gets the gameplay mechanics right: fitting hitboxes, gun feeling, hit feedback, pacing, the feeling of control, the pacing, and so on.
If you shoot around a corner and the bullets hit an invisible hitbox, instead of the enemy, it's bad. If your bullets have no other visible effect on the enemy than to deplete his lifebar, it doesn't feel right. If you need 10 headshots or something to kill a human-like enemy, it just doesn't feel right. If you have the feeling that it's not you who's determining the outcome of a battle, but just your character's stats working in the background, it doesn't feel right.
Character stats should never affect the damage a bullet does - that just doesn't make any sense, that's not how it works. Accuracy, reload time, kickback, yes, but not damage. Many RPGs with guns don't get that right, and it always feels wrong.

Harley Q

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Oct 11, 2009
All I want is a damn fine story, oh and to be less black and white on the morality scale. Being "good" or "evil" just doesn't seem right in any RPG, for a fully fleshed out character you need to be many shades of grey. Faction armour has to go for sure.

Finally, I would appreciate it if my robotic companions wouldn't just disappear so that I need to spend literal days roaming the wasteland to find them, or giving up the search because screw them for not returning.


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Jul 29, 2013
I don't want the Enclave, at least not in any significant capacity. We've defeated them twice. It's time to move on.
I do want to see choices have a bigger impact on the world. My biggest gripe with Fallout 3 (and Bethesda games in general) is how pointless choices are. The karma system in Fallout 3 was a joke; you could go from being purely evil to the saviour of the Wasteland in five minutes. That's just dumb and removes any consequences for your actions.
Blowing up Megaton in Fallout 3 was one of the biggest disappointments I've ever had in gaming. You blow up one of the largest settlements in the Wasteland, and no one cares, In fact, I think only Three Dog and your Father mention it. Doing something like that should have a noticeable impact upon the world, but it just doesn't.
I would also like to see it harder to max out skills; no matter how I play through Fallout 3, all of my characters end up almost identical. Raise the maximum skill limit back to over 100 like it used to be, or significantly reduce the amount of skill points available.
The shooting aspect of the game irked me too. It was just ridiculously slow and clunky. Make it smoother. And change VATS; it's too overpowered. The concept is good, but making the player almost invincible and freezing time just changes it into an instant win button rather than something that can be used tactically.


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Sep 26, 2010
Ultratwinkie said:
-Power Armor can be a radiation suit and gives the wearer incredible strength.......
-FEV doesn't. Its a dangerous chemical with unpredictable results.....
-and know what happens? Nakedness?
-Low powered bulbs? We have periods of history where all you got was a tiny candle. That's all you got.
-One man for 999 women? And expecting a viable population is stupid, even by experiment standards.
-So can FEV.
-Hence why you do more tests until you figure out the results.
-I have no idea what your talking about anymore.
-Yes, and low powered bulbs allows us to see how human eyes adapt in low-light situations.
-I dont believe it was made to have a viable population, rather, to see how they actwhen they realize they cant share him between all of them.

Ultratwinkie said:
SajuukKhar doesn't seem to know, the vaults just seem to be there just for being there. To say its about improving humanity is kinda hilarious when some have no actual value other than "hey look at this crazy scenario!"

And technically a faulty door could have some value to see how the other radiation proofing works. Having an underground nudist colony doesn't really have any actual value.
Actually, you dont seem to know, the Van-Buren design documents specifically state that the entire premise of the vault program was to study how humanity reacts under certain conditions so the Enclave could use that knowledge when they repopulate the earth

You just dont understand basic scientific experimentation and data collection.

You should read-up about the true purpose of the vaults before you start trying to debate someone about them.
"The Enclave, responsible for the experiment (officially known as the "Societal Preservation Program"), considered themselves prime candidates for recolonizing the world after a nuclear holocaust and to this end commissioned the construction of their own shelters, isolated from the vault network. The purpose of the vault experiments was to help prepare the Enclave for either re-colonizing Earth or colonizing another planet if Earth turned out to be uninhabitable. "


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Nov 16, 2008
What I want to see:

- A setting in Canada. A big urban Toronto (Ronto as it's referred to in The Pitt), surrounded by a huge snowy wasteland, with pockets of Canadian culture and history of the war.
- Hardcore mode taking the weather and body temperature into account.
- The same ridiculous amount of special weapons and customization available in New Vegas.
- The kind of appallingly rotten Wasteland featured in Fallout 3, instead of the well-preserved city I could find in GTA such as New Vegas.
- A story that gently brings the player into something bigger than themselves, like in Fallout 3
- More endings, like in New Vegas. I don't want to be shepherded into the 'good guys' again.
- The way companions are managed and even get their own stories as in New Vegas. Easily the very best part of the game.

What I don't want to see:

- Silly DLC's. Don't get me wrong, Muggy is funny as shit the first couple of times, but I actually prefer the reasonable tone of Point Lookout, Operation Anchorage and the especially dark Pitt. Zeta and the Vegas DLC's bit.
- The poorly implemented bad idea of a reputation system in New Vegas.
- The faction armor can fuck off, too.
- An impersonal story concerning everyone else's problems, like New Vegas.
- An ending. Fallout 3 going forever with Broken Steel was aces.
- The Brotherhood and Enclave. Their stories are old and wrapped up, and their place in the world has dried up. Please just let them go.

Chaos Isaac

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Jun 27, 2013
Smeatza said:
I want Fallout 4 to be developed by Obsidian.
I NEED Bethesda to retcon their changes to the lore.
Another Elder Scrolls with guns (a la Fallout 3) is not needed.
Oh, please, keep Obsidian away from the game. New Vegas was a long chore of a game that had many promises but failed them all.


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Mar 12, 2012
I want to experience no game-breaking bugs.
I need to never have a save file corrupted.
What's not needed? Obsidian Entertainment.

Edit- And a new fucking engine. I was finished with paying for reskins when the third version of GTA III came out.


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Jun 7, 2013
I want life-changing, awesome scenery. I find the backdrop of the current Fallout games to be quite depressing. I want to see something pretty and colorful. It does not have to be on all places but maybe perhaps in one corner of the world. Something along the lines of Trine 2 sunsets.

That, and lots of handcrafted dungeons with UNIQUE as in, not procedurally-generated loot. Kinda like Morrowind and its super-hidden legendary stuff that you find BY EXPLORING and not by quests.

Finally, add a hardcore "dead-is-dead" mode.


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Feb 11, 2011
I almost forgot: Please don't have moral dilemmas that just end up falling flat on their ass because i have two equally stupid choices given by moronic characters.
I found the "Pitt" stupid because Werner has the most moronic "plan" imaginable.
I would have liked to drag werner and ashur together and punch them both in the face for being so stupid.
Why can't i side with ashur but then force him to treat his "workers" better?

NCR or Legion? That choices falls a bit flat, especially when you beat the game.
The NCR is way too nice to present an actual dilemma. It's corrupt in some places but pretty much every government on our planet now would have to go a loooong way to tone the corruption within itself down to "NCR" level.

The NCR is stretched very thin. After playing the last new vegas DLC i think that can be at least partially excused. The main supply line got "re-decorated."

The legion is rather evil and not a very nice place to live. If you're a Lady, the legion is not for you. If you're a guy who likes ladies to display something other then submission and more or less thinly veiled contempt and hatred the legion isn't for you either.

Alternatives are Mr. House, which may or may not be able to colonize space eventually. Which would be nice for anyone who has the caps. Everyone else gets to live in freeside which will see more triggerhappy securitrons.

Or maybe complete independence with "Yes man". Meh.

Moral dilemmas annoyed me in skyrim as well. Empire or Stormcloaks? Might as well toss a coin.

Earlier i asked where food comes from in the fallouts. Well, there are some people who grow food and there are some people who make ammo.

Very very few people; the hydroponics in rivet city isn't enough to feed a single person.
All the punga fields in point lookout may be enough to feed the named NPCs.
I liked that the pitt and point lookout dlcs had farms and factories.
At least little lamplight had their magical fungus.

I wanna see more of that. Combined with my wish for less desert one could assume that people could hunt animals that eat some berries and not just brown grass.
Have some brahmin chomp green grass. Poor cow in megaton eats nothing but dirt :(


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Mar 2, 2009
What it needs the most I fear we will not have: a game without bugs so deep it actually kills most joy. It happend in Fallout 3, Bethesda fixed it, it happened again with New Vegas (never truly fixed) and with Skyrim (never truly fixed either); if that's due to the SIZE of the game, than make it smaller, just make it work. That's way more important than fixing the lore, Fallout is not the lore, it's about role playing.

That said...

It needs more sarcasm, both new games had too much of a serious tone to them, while the original ones, at times, could even be considered a comedy.
And update the graphics one way or another. Fallout 3 looks ugly as hell nowadays, same for New Vegas. For Fallout 4 they should either go kick ass the way they did to Skyrim, or do something "stylish" like Borderlands (even because those graphics don't seem to get old) by that I mean, maybe forget about trying to make it look realistic and go all the way into "artistic".
I would REALLY REALLY like to be able to make my character look like a savage, WHY CAN'T I COVER HIM/HER IN TRIBAL TATTOOS??? AND CRAZY MAD MAX VILLAIN MAKE-UP??? It's a RPG, I want that to my characters.