Fallout 4: Want, needs, and things that aren't needed

Tien Shen

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Mar 25, 2010
I want New Vegas-level of decision/choices + Bioware-level companion interaction + Less clunky and smoother combat + All the open-world fun we are used too + Modding.

That'll do Bethesda..... that'll do.


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Sep 21, 2009
Everything that Fallout: New Vegas is and drastically improve on what it has. Let Obsidian develop it and if they do, FFS give them at least two years to finish it instead of giving them 18 months like F:NV.
Jun 16, 2010
Something I miss from Fallout 2 that nobody ever seems to mention is the theme of the psychological effects of post-apocalyptic life.

In Fallout 2, almost everyone you meet is depressed, angry, foul-mouthed and unhappy to see you. And if they're not, they're either delusional, or so strung out on drugs they look like zombies. A big part of Fallout 2's atmosphere for me was going into a town or city and seeing jet-addicted zombies stumbling around and mumbling to themselves.

By contrast, in Fallout 3 most NPCs you meet are relatively chipper and upbeat. They don't act like they've lead a brutal hand-to-mouth existence where everyone they care about is either dead or in constant threat of dying. Even the self-professed drug enthusiasts you meet are like, "check out this Jet man, it's some good shit." The jet addicts in Fallout 2 weren't even coherent.

I think there should be less focus on how post-apocalyptic the environment looks, and more of an emphasis on the human drama of surviving in such a world.


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Nov 9, 2009
I would love it if they returned to the old overhead view and didn't make another FPS.

And bring back the eyes as an aiming point


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Dec 12, 2011
Chaos Isaac said:
Oh, please, keep Obsidian away from the game. New Vegas was a long chore of a game that had many promises but failed them all.
Considering Bethesda's nasty business practices, I don't think you need to worry.
Although I could not disagree with your assessment more.

Capcha: Trolololol
I hope not


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Dec 8, 2009
I want Obsidian to make it, New Vegas was much supperior thaan Fallout 3, and closer to the lore i love :)


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Feb 11, 2011
Carnage95 said:
Everything that Fallout: New Vegas is and drastically improve on what it has. Let Obsidian develop it and if they do, FFS give them at least two years to finish it instead of giving them 18 months like F:NV.
I do not think that that would work; Obsidian would just add new stuff to be left there unfinished.
If i would have been in Obsidians shoes at the time and got wind of Bethesda unwilling to extend the deadline (which i could've seen in advance because Bethesda doesn't like to move deadlines) i would've carved huge portions out of the game in order to have more time to make the rest work properly.

The crafting system may have been very nicely balanced, if they finished it. Now it has been made so that it works but it is still very obviously something that was made to work, not something that was made to work "right" and balanced, so to speak.
It works but there are many things that needed some fine tuning, quite a lot of things like like the inability to use any empty bottle to put the drink you're making into. Groups to put certain ingredients into would have been nice but i guess time was too short for that. Put your homebrewed nuka cola into any item of the "empty bottle" group. Have a "meat" group so i can make a "Brahmin wellington" and a "Bighorner wellington".

If there's not enough time to make a proper crafting system, cut more of it out. The entire survival skill is arguably pretty useless since it's for roleplaying mostly and yet it breaks immersion.
When interacting campfire while having raw meat on me, give me the option to have a "waiting" cut in which one of the raw meat items will be pulled from my inventory. After that, it's two hours later and my hunger is gone. Also i have a little bonus for having a hot meal in me.

Later, skyrim had a food crafting system that was better, but still crappy. I should be able to put any item from the "meat" group in the pot, then add any item of the "vegetable" group, add some salt and then have "Self made stew" that will give me a healing over time buff that's actually practical to have.

Either have a good crafting system or have my character be a shitty cook that doesn't loot meat off animals.
I would love to make an "apple cabbage stew" and then add some venison but nope, can't be done.

I would have NPCs do most of the crafting because most of it can't be implemented to a degree where it doesn't break immersion.
Have Farms, inns and factories there that make stuff and that will do nicely. There's one guy in skyrim that makes Arrows. Wonderful!
I don't want a crafting system for that in which i make arrows from different materials which would then annoy me when i have to gather feathers, wood and maybe ebony for the heads.

Unless it can be implemented in ways that don't pull me out of the game don't do it and instead have people find and remove bugs or replace one "Megaton settler" with a character with backstory.

Which brings me to interchangeable unimportant NPCs. I like them overall. I wish they wouldn't call them "Megaton settler" for example but i don't find it odd that there are some people around that have very little importance to you and your quest.
They could still be thankful for things the PC does, i loved the wastelanders who popped up in fo3 that said that they're alive because of the Wasteland survival guide and i loved the megaton settler who comes up to me to give me random stuff as a token of appreciation for being a nice person.
I wish they had names but if i was some random unimportant person i would certainly thank the guy who saved the world.
If i had nothing but two bottles of water i would give one to the guy who made sure that i'll be able to drink this water by defusing the nuclear warhead in my town.


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Aug 21, 2011
Keep those incompetant bastards at Obsidian as far away from it as possible...have they ever made a game that works properly?

Head back towards the Fallout 3 crafting system and drop/fix those overpowered, low skill requirement weapons (supersledge, grenade MG etc).
Make a map thats interesting again and have shit loads of zones within zones to keep me constantly wondering what i've missed. Also remove the invisible barriers that plague NV.
Move the setting into China...drop the shitty factions we have and write some new ones for a change.
Less skill increases per level and more skills books (those keep me entertained all day long on 3 and are part of the reason why NV is so much shorter a game for me to play).
More balance between being a good, neutral or bad player.
Remove bad karma from stealing from bad people...duh!
If they have gambling again, loosen the grip of luck on the effect (i'm sick of twisting at 19 and always getting 2 because of my 10 luck).
More selection of big guns...i want my Bozar back!

Tanner The Monotone

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Aug 25, 2010
A need for me is more fluid movement. It always irritated me how stiff the characters were. Another need is better character modeling. The main characters that they put effort into creating were just fine, but the random bots were not very good. Another would be to have the same talking thing from skyrim, the one where things are still going on around you whilst you are talking. An improved waypoint system be much appreciated as well. Better optimization.

Wants: More accurate gib effects.You shoot someone in the chest with a 45-70, I wanna see a hole where I shot that person.
Better weapon customization. Maybe have perks affect your appearance? Maybe a hardcore mode in which limbs can be blown off and you must either deal with it or get cyborg replacements.

I'm having a hard time thinking of what shouldn't be in it. Nope, nothing comes to mind.


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May 6, 2013
I'd like them to continue the story of the east coast. I might be in the minority, but I enjoyed the Capital Wasteland more than the Mojave Wasteland and would love to explore more sprawling urban ruins. As a plus side to the people who did prefer New Vegas, it would keep Bethesda's fingers off the west coast metaplot.

Hardcore mode could stand to make a return, preferably with more difficulty options. Being able to switch off fast-travel, quest markers, and inventory pausing would be a start. My impossible dream would be if you could even remove the pipboy completely. Your map would be an in-game paper map you'd have to mark things down on yourself, your character sheet just a clipboard, your inventory a backpack you had to take off to dig through, ect...

Really like to see a somewhat smaller map that is significantly more dense in content. The whole "See that mountain? You can climb it" approach has never ended up feeling worth while when you do climb that mountain, only to discover that the view isn't great and there isn't anything to do up there. Fallout 3 had a lot of sprawling empty space once you moved away from the urban areas and while the desolation could be sobering, after awhile it became monotonous to track through.

Couple things it needs are more and better voice actors. Skyrim was certainly a huge step up in general quality compared to Fallout 3, but they could still stand to do better. More bug testing and post-release patching would be good too.

Really do not want them to recycle villains from Fallout 1 or 2. No return of The Master or another incarnation of the Enclave. Don't want them to use Caesar's Legion either. They need to come up with their own villains or else use stuff from the lore bible that hasn't been touched yet.


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Feb 8, 2010
All I really want from Fallout 4 is a Fallout 3 with more dialogue (options and just more talking, GIVE ME SOME OF THAT GLORIOUS EXPOSITION, MM-MM-MM!) and the option to maybe pick a backstory for my character. Don't even need it to be anything major, just let me pick mutant/ghoul/human/robot and roll with it. Hell, they could basically all have the same backstory if you replace the robot with a cyborg! Just let me have more options for the character than just female/male.

More ways to move too would be nice. I'm replaying Fallout 3 at the moment, and I just shamelessly raised my walking speed via console commands. Fast travel is super handy, sure, but thats only after I've visited the place.

And like all the others said already, how about we spend a bit more time on bug squishing this time around, hmm? Sure, I'll play it even if it's crashing every 10 minutes (thats almost how bad it was when I first played it on my 360), but it would REALLY make me appreciate the game more if it, like, you know... worked properly.

I'm sure there's something good they could pick from New Vegas too, but I just... meh, I can't find the enthusiasm for it.


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Mar 18, 2012
I've played FO3 many times a long time ago, and recently have gotten back into New Vegas, and there are several things that need to be fixed and changed in both titles that I hope are in FO4.

-The game must be dramatically less buggy. And I know everyone will jump to their defense saying the world being as big and interactive as it is will always have issues, and to a degree that's fine. But it's not just little things that affect the player. The game(s) are broken at an almost fundamental level, to the point where I sometimes feel like I'm playing a very unfinished beta of a fan game release.

-Faction armor and factions. Either faction armor needs to be tweaked, or they need to allow you to join factions in an official capacity. I'll explain.
My character I've been playing as of late was designed as a way to explore the NCR. That's his main focus. As soon as I got some bandoleer armor, I slapped it on so I could look the part, and upon arriving on the strip, marched over to the NCR HQ to join. And as far as I knew, I did as soon as I took a quest.
Several quests and hours later, I check my reputation to see if it's high enough for me to get some ranger armor. That's when I realized that with the NCR armor on, I had NO rep with them, and only neutral with it off. This needs to be fixed, el pronto.

-Crafting. I love the idea of a big crafting table of items to choose from, I however HATE feeling like the best way to take advantage of it is to pick up every useless bit of junk I come across, especially difficult since you're weight limit isn't relatively much. Now I don;t want them to lower the number of items, but instead think it would be a good idea to have a small icon on the names of items that can be used for crafting, or if they want to incorporate the game lore into it, require the player to have a certain level of the/a crafting skill before the icon will appear.
As it is, I want to like and use the crafting in NV but I can't. It's too needlessly obfuscated, but thankfully it's not required.

-(If Obsidian) No invisible walls please. What's all this about Bethesda's games being all hand hold-y and Obsidian is some bastion of player independence, and yet they won't let me go over a mountain that I can clearly go over?
Seems much more hand hold-y to me than anything Beth ever did.

Which brings me to the last thing, writing and world building. This will go either way, depending on who's developing.
If it's Bethesda, they need to get some better writers. PLEASE. You're world building is fantastic, it always has been, but the bit's in between are lacking quite badly.

And Obsidian needs to learn better world building. It's an interesting dichotomy to me how the people and quests in NV are far more interesting and dynamic while the world and locations range from "Okay" to just dull and unmemorable.
I remember a LOT of places for FO3, even seemingly mundane spots like the first super mart you go to, because it was well designed. I've not had many times like that in NV sadly. A lot of places feel very empty design wise and don;t leave an impression on me. This hit me the hardest when I was in Hoover Dam and found 4 rooms just cut and pasted together. This is not to say NV has NO interesting spots at all, because it does(the plant vault jumps to mind) but I'd still love to see Obsidian step up their world building game.


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Dec 21, 2007
Prequel. Prequel. Prequel.

Now I'm not meaning a pre-war game. That'd be silly. But by the time of New Vegas, it's been roughly 200years since the War and well mankind is starting to pull through. Heck in Fallout 2 there was several separate advanced Nation states/factions by the End (Vault City, BoS, NCR, Shi Empire and the city made from Arroyo/Vault 13), they even had gold coins as currency for a while rather than bottlecaps.

So I'd have the game set in those early years after the Vaults opened. Where society was still trying to pull together. There'd be more intact ruins and greater valuable stuff to salvage, but also more diverse threats from other vaults and some mutated creatures that didn't survive till the later games. I'd emphasis the survival aspects, as well add community building as you shape your vault into either a tough but honest town or a raider camp over the years.


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May 10, 2012
Coastal city
motorcycles or something along those lines
Some kind of knockback when I hit someone
Delayed effects. Like a blowgun that causes a target to become a feral ghoul after X seconds and attack foes.
More traps.
Personally designed traps.
Guns that don't break after 20 shots.
Guns that can melee ... bayonet or something.
Time to eat food, not freeze time and instaheal.
Pocket inventory or something like Resident Evil 4 inventory management.
Freerunning. You should be more athletic than an RC car with a jump button.
Stealth system based on actual lines of sight. Not a level thing to change people's perception. Make stealth levels stuff like an echo effect when there's a noise nearby, maybe some climbing skills, quiet kill abilities, etc.

Don't want.
Bugs in the code
Omnipresent npc conceousness
Mod block
Bad save management
Bad data storage design


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Feb 23, 2013
I need a deeper narrative for the locations of the wastleland. Places like Oasis and Arefu in FO3 had one quest and no reason to visit ever again.
I would also like a weather system. I know the world is supposed to be dry and desolate but why not have conditions such as acid rain.


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Jul 31, 2009
Greater Freedom on which perks I can choose. I hated having to pick crap I didn't want simply because I HAD to pick one, I couldn't save it for when I reached the arbitrary level for the ones I wanted.

Given the choice I'd prefer Obsidian to have nothing to do with it, as while FO3 had its problems one thing it managed to avoid is the glitch in NV where I'm 30 hrs in and ALL MY WEAPONS STOP DOING DAMAGE!

It was annoying enough working around the caprices of my ultimate space laser not wanting to work properly 60% of the time, but when I literally can no longer damage anything with any method of combat, and reverting to earlier saves does nothing then FML.

QA is pretty much a formality in these types of games as it is, but that one...it effectively bricked my game.

If it weren't for Veronica and Eddy, I really wouldn't have cared for NV at all.

I also liked my scoped laser rifle and ballistic fist, but I figure the fun I had with them was more than offset by the fucking Cazadores.

I'm really not that big a fan of Fallout I guess, despite owning the CE of FO3 and playing it and NV for many many hours. Much like I'm not that big a fan of ES, yet play them to death.

By this I mean I enjoy most of the GAMEPLAY, and some characters, but the WORLD and LORE etc. in both series I really don't care for. All they seem to do is bottleneck how much creative freedom can be used in a new title due to all the fans getting butthurt over EVERY SINGLE DETAIL real or imagined that has ever been hinted at in the totality of the universes if even slightly adjusted.


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Jan 21, 2010
Ooh! Fun game!

Want: New setting. Not desert or East Coast USA urban. Jungle? Like South Africa? Malaysia? Need some variety, people.

Needs: A more interactive experience with the npcs. Less uncanny valley.

Not needed: More radscorps. F*** those guys.