Funny events in anti-woke world


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Apr 3, 2020
I recommend that every teacher in Missouri default to using "she" when referring to students. I want to see some assholes get red in the face when "them damn librul teachers try to feminize my big strong son".
Then refer to those asshole as 'she' too for acting like such a B


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Jun 21, 2012
I think literally every other country in the world kept schools open. Cochrane's review demonstrated there's no evidence of masks working.
And thousands of teachers are dead and the US is sending the army to teach kids there is such a shortage. Congrats. Well done

I, in Australia, as a teacher, have had Covid more times than my non teacher friends. Being in a classroom is far more risky than most other jobs

Even if you think keeping schools open is not going to hurt the kids, it was deadly for teachers.

But I know, you want everyone to die for you just to keep the day care open

A) When did Trump say not to get vaccinated
I didn't claim this about Trump and vaccines. A while ago I was stating he was pushing them through fast

I'm pretty sure he has said both don't and do get vaccinated. Because he only speak to audience and not about what is true

B) Take a sick day was not the CDC guideline
“For most persons with COVID-19 illness, isolation and precautions can generally be discontinued 10 days after symptom onset and resolution of fever for at least 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing medications, and with improvement of other symptoms,” the CDC says.
Yeah, each disease gets a different length of time you should be away. Eg. Measles has 21 days. My country, the 'authoritarian hellhole' Rogan gaslightes you with, had 10 days at the start of the pandemic, then 5, and I think its 3 now. This is due to better data coming out and the fact that diseases without any vaccination will automatically have a longer period... for hopefully obvious reasons. Perhaps not obvious for you. We will see how this goes
C) Wear a mask WHEN sick. Where was there ever guidance, let alone MANDATE for healthy people to wear a mask?
Hundreds of thousands were getting sick each day. If you didn't have it yet, they made an assumption that you were going to get it soon. If you weren't sick with Covid, you could be sick with something else like the Flu that could make you susceptible to Covid

There are no badges stating that you were healthy or sick. It was a guess

Rachel Maddow also said covid has a 2% fatality rate and downplayed that. Do you know how many people would die if that was the case? If 2% of people were dying, you DO NOT just do what you do for the flu.
About a half a million died from Covid before vaccines per year. The average death rate of the Flu is about 60k per year (with a vaccine before 2020).

Maddow is wrong about 2%. It was also from a time where the best guess from early in the pandemic where the guess range from 200k to 2mil deaths per year. While the actual number is in that range, both the top and bottom were wrong.

That does not mean you treat it like the Flu, because they didnt have a vaccine. It is NOW being treated like a Flu because there is a vaccine. This exact circumstance was stated from the start by many people, including Trump. Just because Maddow was wrong, that does not mean there isn't something to be concerned about

I'll ask this question again because you never answer this(slighty update to 2024): How many people needed to die in 2020/21 for us to actually worry about it? One million deaths isn't enough so 10? Maybe 7million as that's about 2%.... I don't know think Maddow claimed Covid was going to through all the US before a vaccine happened. So she wasn't claiming 7 million

And don't worry. Every pandemic from at least the Black Death had people like you who made up information that ended up killing more people and damaging the economy because they were worried about masks and quarantines. There will always be people like you
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Jan 16, 2010
That's not a good argument. The US is still a democracy because Trump failed, not because of lack of trying. You can't claim someone's intend to overthrow democracy was valid just because it didn't work. Other demagogues like Orban or Erdogan didn't topple democracy in their first terms either. These things take time. And when Trump discovered wouldn't be granted this time through a second term he tried to do a coup.


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May 29, 2014
What am I missing here - was there something gay or trans or plus-sized about this limited street parking?
Beats me, I just saw it being shared on Nash076's microblog and thought it fit the subject of the thread.
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Jun 6, 2008
The answer is far stupider. Works like that push into the "15 minute city" concept. And rightoids think the 15 minute city is a conspiracy to take away people's ability to go outside their "zone" "like they do" in China.


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Mar 10, 2016
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So did Peterson buy his degree somewhere, or is he a self-proclaimed doctorate of just being a wangsty, whiny, bottom-biatch-fuck, asshole?


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Jan 4, 2023
So did Peterson buy his degree somewhere, or is he a self-proclaimed doctorate of just being a wangsty, whiny, bottom-biatch-fuck, asshole?
Peterson was in his day genuinely a well-respected academic with a good record of scholarship (mostly I think in the subject of alcoholism). I think in the end he didn't feel that career made him feel important, admired and loved enough.
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