Games that genuinely make you angry.


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Apr 9, 2011
anthony87 said:
Battlefield 3.

When the enemy team is moving in groups, working together and supporting each other while the team I'm on is running around like a bunch of headless fucking chickens it can be quite frustrating.

When someone turns a corner and gets you with one shot. Better connection perhaps? Headshot? Still fucking annoying.

When I'm in a squad and everyone has the same squad specialisation equipped. Do people think that the effects stack or do they just not give a fuck?

Also, camping bastards.
Coincidentally, I just rage quit'd a BF3 match just then for all the reasons you just stated! My dipshit squad-mates, both of them, had the Sprint perk on. Ok, not THAT big of a deal. What pissed me off, is that they were also SNIPING. With the perk that lets you sprint faster. When I asked one of them to change, he just said 'y?'. MFW


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Aug 9, 2011
Super Meat Boy, its a fantastic game and I love playing it. However, I am awful at platformers and yeah the inevitable rage occurs.


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Jun 24, 2011
Dead Rising. I just can't beat it... I just can't. I get so far and then I die and have to go through everything ALLLLLL over again because saving in that game is so tedious. I know that when you restart from the beginning you can keep your current level, but even so... Having to do the same quests over and OVER AND OVER again, blagh. I gave up on it loooong ago, and never picked up it's sequel.

Also, the PSP port of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Not only did the original PS1 version have a better layout for the menu that made setting turn orders and such MUCH easier, it was also LAG FREE! The PSP version's combat interface lags ALL THE TIME! Even turns lag, sometimes it takes 5 seconds in between turns to load the next one, it's crazy! Not to mention loading between battles and entering new areas... The PS1 version had like, NO loading screens. All in all it was a major letdown... Oh but I can't hate you Atlus :(


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Mar 23, 2011
Niishke said:
Hitogata Happa []

I pre-ordered Hitogata Happa on Steam because I'm one of those incorrigible freaks that actually likes arcade shooters. It was allegedly very well received in Japan and I was looking forward to some games that aren't cheap Geometry Wars cash-ins from western indie developers.

Everything about it was so infuriatingly terrible that I couldn't even physically control my anger. The gameplay was impossibly obtuse, even with the game's PDF instruction manual available for download, and the parts I did understand were retarded. Nothing in the manual seemed to correspond to anything that was happening in the game. The controls were horrible, the hit detection was weird and the game was so impossible even on the easiest difficulty setting that I couldn't even finish the first level.
I didn't even know it had a manual. Now I understand that I'm supposed to suicide myself. Well, that's a hell of an unintuitive mechanic...

...Still, at least now I stand a chance in hell of beating the first freaking level.


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Feb 8, 2010
Iwata said:
w00tage said:
Tom Milner said:
modern warfare 2, the whole "no russian" guff offended me very literally, when playing it at a friends, i can put my actions in a simple list:

1. start mission,.
2. makarov starts genocide
3. turn off game
4. walk home
5. drink 2 bottles of WKD and go to bed early....06:40:pM

Yeah, where's the "Shoot Makarov in the back of the head before we walk in 'cause we know he's going to kill a ton of people" option? O wait, then they'd have to use another character for the main story, and that would be bad... somehow.
You play as an American CIA agent. A well-placed one. What makes you think a US agent would risk his cover, his mission and commit certain suidice to save a buttload of Russians?
I know. I played it. And your question sets up my point exactly - the developers did not put in the CHOICE for the player to blow his cover, his mission and commit certain suicide to save a buttload of Russians. (Edit: and yes, the story could have gone on with a name and face change for the villain and a bandaid's worth of writing).

Said lack of choice is why it's a contrived scenario and imo the major reason that mission is so controversial - the player, who by definition is a active participant in events, is forced to either be a bystander to a massacre or participate in it. Of course people are going to be "wtf?" about it.

But since the game industry has been infested with every Hollywood wanna-be director/writer who can't get a job making ACTUAL movies, it's no surprise to me that such hamhanded B- movie crud is showing up in games.


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Feb 8, 2010
Renegade Shepard said:
Last five minutes of my last game didn't exactly sit well with me.

Or my body.

Or the rest of the galaxy.

I guess it all depended on my wanting to commit either mass slavery, genocide, or molestation that day.
Somebody needs a hug from a Star Child.


Sack of Cheese

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Sep 12, 2011
I am very mild-mannered, but I get infuriating whenever I play video games. I guess that means every game makes me angry.

Dr. Mongo

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Oct 31, 2011
3quency said:
Force Unleashed.
When you have to bring down a star destroyer.
Whilst be shot at by every TIE fighter there ever was.
I hated this part of the game so much. Just thinking about it now makes me angry.


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Jul 12, 2009
Tribes Ascend.

God this game makes me infuriated quickly when shit starts to hit the fan. Its not the games fault but every kill just seems so good damn cheap with no way i can counter it! makes me wanna slam my desk in frustration.... tis a good game though.

Super Meat Boy.

FUCK!!! THAT!!! GAME!!!!!11!!1!!
I rage quit that game quite a loooooooong time ago, but i still fondly remember how frustrating it was.... its haunts me.


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Jun 1, 2011
SUPER FUCKING MEAT BOY. MY WRISTS GET SORE AND MY FINGERS START MAKING CLICKING SOUNDS AS MY KEYS SOUND LIKE BLOODY GUN SHOTS!!! That game... I fucking hate it. I should probably get a controller but couldn't be bothered to buy one :p


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Jul 11, 2009
White Knight Chronicles

I hate this fucking game. The combat has a few neat ideas, but the fact that enemies can and will hit you from 50 ft away with any attack and you have to go right up to their face to hit them makes moving freely in combat fucking pointless. The plot is asinine and relies on the characters being incredibly fucking stupid, which they are.
You rescue the princess and while the other characters are celebrating, the princess is left alone and gets kidnapped again. FUCK. THIS. SHIT.
They made a sequel to this pile of shit. Un-fucking-believable. I never beat the game, because I got stuck on a boss gauntlet with six bosses.


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Feb 3, 2009
The Binding of Isaac. Just the whole game. When the difficulty of a game is based purely on luck, you're doing it wrong. Even worse, a friend of mine seems to think I'm dumb for not liking this broken-ass game.
I'll give it another chance when the expansion comes out (maybe it'll give them a chance to rebalance the damned thing). But until then, f*ck this game.

Gearhead mk2

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Aug 1, 2011
Prettymuch any fighting game that alows for long combos. Yes, I get it, you have great hand-eye coordination, now let me fucking fight back! This is why I hate Wesker in UMVC3 with a burning passion.


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Jan 6, 2011
Grand Theft Auto 3 on the Xbox because the controls are an absolute NIGHTMARE, you cant control the camera and the auto lock goes to what your character is looking at, not what you yourself are looking at, so this frequently leads to you turning a nearby pedestrian in to swiss cheese while an enemy stands 2 inches behind you popping caps in your dumbass.


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Apr 10, 2009
Dandark said:
Well I do rage a lot at Dark souls, partly because ****ING ANDOR LONDO ARCHERS!!! Also because I really dislike the PvP.
It probably would be fun but most of my experience with it has been like so...

Im a low level character, in a low level area, learning to play.
I get invaded, this could be fun I think.
I get killed in two hits by some **** using end game equipment.
This is not fun........

It's also annoying that I have to run the risk of being invaded just to play the Co-op, usaully I just turn my Xbox off when I get invaded now simply because I don't want to even bother pretending to have a chance against people with far supirior equipment which pretty much translates into insta win.

EDIT: Actully I can add to that. Blazblue CS. Tager...
I don't care if he isn't broken at high level play but at low level where people are learning to play he is such a damn broken character, his special grab attack and distortion do way too much damage. I raged so hard.
That said I will be getting extend in the next few day's and he is apparently a more viable character in that.
Oh shit, the ones with the Dragon Killers? On the roof top when you have to walk up that thin roof?! Yeah, I could shit my pants with rage after the fourth or fifth time of being knocked off the roof.

But for me, Vampire Rain for being pure crap.