Games that genuinely make you angry.


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Jul 6, 2011
The witcher 2,the diffuiculty scale is retarded.
I was playing on normal and it takes me like 10 hits to kill an enemy but when I'm on easy it's pretty much godmode.and you can't riposte enemies you're not locked on(super annyoing).

And it's almost impossible fighting with more than one enemy because of the sticky camera.


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Sep 21, 2009
I generally don't rage at a game unless it is a poor movie port. I usually just quit playing or take a break when I start getting frustrated.

My dad on the other hand rages quite regularly whenever I get him hooked on a game. The first instance was when he played Luigi's Mansion for the gamecube. I was somewhere between 12 and 14 trying to sleep because of school the following day and then out of nowhere I hear a string of obscenities spew from the basement loud enough to make the windows shake. We had to take and hide the game from him he was so into it. Thankfully games like Skyrim and Call of duty are a bit to complex for him.

Edit: Oh and I just remembered my friend who was playing a final fantasy game (don't remember which one) he got stuck fighting enemies that would regenerate after a 1 hit kill with the only guy left in the party pulling off 1 hit kills every turn equipped with a ring that kept him from being damaged by the enemies attacks and enraged. His game was stuck there until the battery on his GBA died. Much rage was had by him.


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May 7, 2012
leet_x1337 said:
Niishke said:
Hitogata Happa []

I pre-ordered Hitogata Happa on Steam because I'm one of those incorrigible freaks that actually likes arcade shooters. It was allegedly very well received in Japan and I was looking forward to some games that aren't cheap Geometry Wars cash-ins from western indie developers.

Everything about it was so infuriatingly terrible that I couldn't even physically control my anger. The gameplay was impossibly obtuse, even with the game's PDF instruction manual available for download, and the parts I did understand were retarded. Nothing in the manual seemed to correspond to anything that was happening in the game. The controls were horrible, the hit detection was weird and the game was so impossible even on the easiest difficulty setting that I couldn't even finish the first level.
I didn't even know it had a manual. Now I understand that I'm supposed to suicide myself. Well, that's a hell of an unintuitive mechanic...

...Still, at least now I stand a chance in hell of beating the first freaking level.
There have been other games that encouraged suicide before. The DoDonPachi series has advantages to suicide, and any game developed by Raizing basically requires strategic suicide to maintain a chain or keep the rank low enough to finish the game. Unlike Hitogata Happa though, playing those games doesn't feel like tearing my fingernails out with a pair of pliers.


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Feb 25, 2010
Dr. Mongo said:
3quency said:
Force Unleashed.
When you have to bring down a star destroyer.
Whilst be shot at by every TIE fighter there ever was.
I hated this part of the game so much. Just thinking about it now makes me angry.
Ah, yes the legendary Thumb Destroyer sequence. Fun times for all.


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Apr 20, 2009
Hmm...I would say Half Life, but that game doesn't make my angry. Just confused as to why people like it so much. I think it's a pile of crap that's directly ripped off of Goldeneye's gameplay.

Now, as for a game that actually makes me angry...that's a toughie. It takes a lot to get me hyped for a game; I'm rather cynical, and I tend not to get a game unless I know whether or not it got a good review by other people...

Around a year down the line.

I do buy some sequels faithfully mainly because I liked the prequel (Borderlands and Borderlands 2 for example). But I would have to say the game I hated would be Fable.

Fable promised SO much, and it didn't deliver on ANY of it. Oh sure, on it's own, not a bad game (even if I could finish it and all the sidequests in six hours). But the fact it was such a let-down, and one that I paid $50 for just pissed me off when I first bought it. Then again, I was only upset 'cause I felt like I wasted my money; and due to the fact everyone else seemed to have the same problems, GameStop refused to give me a refund even though I turned it back in, same-day and even with the box and instruction manual still in pristine condition.

So now I here I sit with this charred, melted, acid-holed wreckage of a game. Admittedly, destroying it with a mixture of setting it on fire and using some acid on it was rather...liberating. Now if only it was Peter Molyneaux's face...


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Aug 22, 2011
Evochron Mercenary.
The combat is ridiculously hard.
After the tutorial, the game pretty much says "LOL, GOODLUCKBRO".
Even though it makes me angry, I still come back to it.


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Mar 12, 2012
I want to shit on any multiplayer game that isn't oriented to be either
A. Bunch of players team up to fight AI (a la Bulletstorm)
B. TF2
C. Ass Creed
So there,I've had my share of multiplayer in my CoD and Halo days. Mind you getting to skill 32 and only having 120+XP in Halo 3 was mostly not fun at all for me.


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Jun 30, 2010
TLS14 said:
The only time I've genuinely raged at a game for an extended period of time was when I got stuck on the race against Dexter Hovis in Freelancer. You have to fly through these tiny rings (maybe about twice the size of the average ship in diameter) while Hovis's cronies fire everything they've got at you. Meanwhile, Hovis is making every single turn, sharp or otherwise, with perfect accuracy. And you can't shoot him OR his cronies.


Skip to about 4:00 for the rules and the two attempts at the race.

All of my hate for that mission.
Oh dead god, I remember that. So horribly, horribly rage inducing, especially as i had a habit of using freighters earlier on for the vast amount of guns.

OT: N3: 99 nights. Voice acting. Baaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddd.
Also, theres a damned giant frog guy to have to fight in several missions. His sword slash - which is a quick attack and he is invincible while doing so - takes off just over half a health bar. Generally you can't block because you are just coming out an attack and you are not invincible while attacking. Most of the time he blocks your attacks anyway.

And then with only a small chance of getting health, you have to kill a bunch more dudes and various goblins before fighting gannondorf the goblin king, which holds a similar problem.

Damned N3.


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May 11, 2012
SpaceBat said:
Buretsu said:
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

A lot of SMT games suffer from that, even p3. While I find a lot of their games to have really interesting story's and characters, the combat can often be absolutely infuriating. A combination of partial, but awful luck (aka status effects) and atrocious team AI can really screw you over.

P3 had battles that took me an hour to fight through (resistant against everything, powerful and high HP et cetera), only to die at the very last moment due to events caused by shitty status effects and an AI that is rarely helpful. Hell, there have been a lot of instances of people's teammates getting charmed and fully healing the enemy, completely destroying all of your hard work. And you sometimes can't do anything about this because of the turn order.

There's another boss enemy that's even worse. if this specific boss decides to spam megidolaon, you can basically kiss your ass goodbye, as repeated attacks from the enemy keep getting stronger. What's even worse is that you can't protect yourself against it and if it decides to use a damage boost skill before it, your entire team is going to die in a single hit and there's nothing you can do about it. What's even fucking worse is that this enemy can heal itself by using life drain, a skill that drains your HP and adds it to the enemy's HP. But the problem is that it heals more HP than my entire team is able to dish out in a single turn, meaning that if it suddenly decides to spam it (and it does this sometimes), it can heal huge chunks of its health, dragging out a fight in which you could be OHKO'd at every turn if you're unlucky.

Ugh...I'm starting to get irritated. Better stop now.
If you have a PSP, you should pick up P3 portable, I consider it the definitive version to own. Not only is there a whole second campaign as a female character, they fixed up so many things including the ability to have total control over all party members. Seriously that fact alone made it the definitive version for me, and led to me picking up the persona trilogy on PSP as they all have improvements over the originals. I do not have enough patience to wait for P4 Golden, I plan on picking up a Vita only because of that game's release.


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Oct 28, 2009
LittleBigPlanet 2 is one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. Trying to beat each level without dying makes me want to destroy all the things.


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Oct 20, 2010
Mostly the Witcher series.

Bad vo, bad facial animation, bad UI, poorly done combat, and most importantly a defined character who goes beyond being a mere marty stu.

Bloody hell I beat the first one, but after wiping over and over again I gave up and uninstalled.
You can think that, but I just found it to be ripping off every other fantasy/fairy tale and adding grimderp.

I hated playing, and I find it laughable when people come running to its defense like its the second coming.
I know this is very YMMV but honestly I am pissed off that I lost friends over this simply for not liking it. "YOU JUST DONT UNDERSTAND IT MAN ITS TOO DEEP FOR YOU"


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May 16, 2009
Super Meat Boy is, without a doubt, the most fucking annoying game I've ever bought! The beginning couple of worlds weren't so bad and was actually very satisfying to complete but then, when you go to hell, the game goes; "looks like your having WAY to much fun there, lets take care of that with incredibly difficult, rage inducing levels. Lol, people will love this!" Fuck that game, fuck it hard!


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Apr 21, 2011
Mario kart. Just because of the AIs. The game is fine, but the AIs are so douchey, it hurts my mind. WHY THROW THAT SHELL? I WAS ABOUT TO WIN, YOU ASSCLOWN!


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Oct 14, 2010
World of Warcraft - Fucking kids and their dumbshit rogues and Blizzard's ineptitude or cowardice to properly balance the stupid class.

Super Mario 64 - Mario's voice + fire = tossed game cartridge every time. God I hate Mario now and I grew up with him being a video game icon.

Also, I did toss my PS3 controller trying to do the "Don't get cocky, kid" trophy on the original Dead Space. Once I got it it became one of those "My god, never again" kind of things though other than that one rough patch, I enjoyed the game thoroughly.

Patrick Buck

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Nov 14, 2011
MW3. Because the campain is so. Fucking. Stupid. I just... It's so freakin' insane. The multiplayer is... alright, and the spec ops is pretty fun, but the campain... Jesus.

One mission, a guy i was supposed to be following got angry becasue I wasn't directly behind him, so he shouted the exact same line OVER AND OVER for 10 minutes straight, while i searched for intel. With the exact same inflection. It really started grating.


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Aug 22, 2011
MMSouthpawVIII said:
Mortal Kombat 3. Fucking Shao Khan

and Super Meat Boy. I don't have the patience
This, although the one game that really angers me is one I haven't played, and will never play. That would be Homefront. It just feels to me like the shooter genre is becoming the new refuge for jingoistic macho fantasies about grizzled one-man armies who happen to be experts with all guns, and less about actual team play and proficiency. Homefront is one of the more thematically egregious examples, but it's all over the Battlefield and CoD franchises, too.

I'm just sick and tired of shooting at natives of Genericistan, at Nazis, zombies or mean green mothers from outer space; and seeing that this is the best-selling genre in the market and the best franchises in said market? That just makes me want to hang my head.

As broken as it was, Brink was some welcomed relief from all that, and there's always Team Fortress 2.


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Apr 16, 2009
lacktheknack said:
hazabaza1 said:
Binding of Isaac, trying to finish Sheol as Eve.
Fuck that shit, yo.
Oh God. Is that even possible? That little dead bird of hers must be useless at that point.

OT: Trying to beat Street Fighter IV as Sakura took me 48 attempts. I nearly ended my keyboard.

(Fun Fact: I play SFIV better with a keyboard than with a controller. I don't understand either.)
Of course Binding of Isaac is possible with Eve. Whether you can complete the game is a combination of 2 things: How good you are at combatting enemies in a certain room and luck. You can have runs where you get so many good items that synergise well that turn you into a monster and other runs where you get total crap and barely pick up any keys so you have to skip locked rooms.

Super Street Fighter IV on the 3DS does annoy me when I fight cheap cunts online. Oh what's that? You've got 28000 BP and 4000 PP as Honda? Well I'm sure this guy won't abuse the Lite controls to spam his-**** **** **** FUCKING DICKHEAD COCKSUCKING FUCKWIT.

That's not as bad as most other fighting games however, as SF4 is pretty merciful on the combos and juggling. I played maybe 15 minutes of SF v Tekken with a friend and gave up on it. Combos are just a way of letting skilled and experienced players punish newbies.

Up until a recent patch fixed it, Battlefield 3 had an extremely bad rubberbanding problem that would cause your character to stop every few seconds while on foot and would shake the screen around while in an aircraft, making it impossible to properly aim at targets. The fact that it was happening for so many months, that I got no help from EA/DICE's tech support and that the same issue occured with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 drove me to just stop playing until it was fixed, months after it began.

And Mass Effect 3's ending pissed me off too. I've pretty much concluded that the indoctrination theory is the only way you can justify that mess of a conclusion to the story of Mass Effect, but that it's also not an ending. And when you ship a game that heavily focuses on story without an ending, your a fucking moron of a developer, no matter how artsy you were trying to be.

Oh, Duke Nukem Forever. Foolishly paid full price, even pre-ordered it on Steam, and they didn't have the common decency to give the suckers who forked out top dollar for it any kind of compensation for that turd of a game. If The Witcher 2 can give me it's DLC for free, why the fuck couldn't you Gearbox?

Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, though only in retrospective as it works now. The game can be notoriously arsey to get working in Windows 7.

ORION: Dino Crisis and Magicka both share the "We may be a tiny small developer but that doesn't give us an excuse to treat our first customers as the game's beta testers" award. Loved Magicka, bought the DLC when it was on sale even though I haven't played the game in months, but the netcode was just absymal when it came out. Though this was quickly rectified by a very quick and steady stream of patches and updates, which ORION is doing as well.

Minecraft's lack of a built-in way to stop X-rayers. That shit kills any attempt to hide things on Miner Apocalypse.

League of Legends. Not the game, just the players. Well, some of them.


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May 11, 2012
1. Mass Effect 3- I fucking hate fighting the last Marauder Shields on Insane difficulty before the beam. I mean I died and had to go through the cut-scene around 8 or 9 times until I checked on YouTube for a walk through.

2. Any fighting game multi-player. I am not good I get it but after practising for hours on end on SoulCalibur V I still get raped by a button masher I get annoyed like hell. Oh also Shao Kahn (sp?) in Mortal Kombat-the last one. His moves are so cheap I can barely et close enough to him before he hammer rapes me.

3. Indigo Prophecy's dodgy PC controls where you had to press the coloured buttons at the same time really quick to get through fights etc.

4.Wet- Biggest waste of my money ever!