Grats, you won the lottery.


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Jun 8, 2011
Heh, thought about this a few times myself.

1: Arrange payments of 2000 a month to both my brother and mother. (which is about a middle-class income over here.) Then pay off the mortgage on my mother's house.
2: Tell my closest friends that if they need anything (need, not want) all they have to do is ask because I have more money than I can spend now. Plus I would hand them all 2000 in cash as a gift.
3: Fund my own private charity, so I know -exactly- what the money will be spent on.
4: Buy a castle with a few hundred square meters of land, and turn it into a LARP/medieval event location.
5: Build a LAN party room capable of holding 6 people.
6: Buy myself a Harley Davidson Heritage Softtail Classic or something similar, a Mini Cooper for fun (For some reason I love those), and a good family car that can take a lot of luggage. (Though I would keep my current Honda Shadow VT1100 and have anything worn or damaged replaced. I've become quite attached to it.)
7: Travel to another country every now and then. I'm a firm believer in seeking out new experiences when capable.
8: Get a one-time flight in a fighter jet taking off from an aircraft carrier. I don't care if I pass out from that. The one thing that makes me feel truly alive is speed. The faster, the better. And I can't think of something much faster than taking off in a fighter jet. Well, apart from travelling to space with a rocket or something...
9: Meet with the band that got me into metal; Nightwish. Not some standard meet and greet. I want to ask them to join me in one day of LARP, and have a bar night after that. No singing needed, just a fun bar night. And if they're not up for that, just the bar night would do!
10: Fund a good indie developer I want to support to make a single player rpg with co-op for me. Just because I've always wanted to do that. :p Nothing too costly, but I'd be willing to put a few million into it. Afterwards I'd probably put it on steam for something really cheap share the profits between the developer and a good cause. (Can't say a price because that would depend on the end results.) Not like I'd need that extra money any time soon.
11: Probably try to find a good investment or two, and bank the rest to live off of the interest.

I've grown up in a lower-middle class family and once I moved out I have just enough to not get any debts as long as I save up for more expensive things like a TV or a washing machine breaking down. And I'm happy as is. I wouldn't mind more money, but I don't need it. Let's say I managed to spend 80,000,000 in the first year. 20,000,000 in savings would give me about 19,000 a month in interest alone if I put it in my current savings account, family payments included. So I don't think I would ever be able to spend all of that money on myself. ^^;;


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Apr 3, 2020
Three things I'd do first. My Mom's house will be paid off, my Grandparents will be put in a nursing home, and my student loans will be gone. After that, I'll buy the best gaming PC I can find, buy a decent amount of games I want, clear some of my amazon list, and throw the rest into a bank account. I may or may not keep working. I like my job, so maybe I might stay.


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Jan 16, 2014
Id personally still work aswell, I always said I would. I donno how long though because Ive always said that Id work until the first thing really ticks me off. Then I could table flip, say f u, and take my leave. Ah yes..dreams are lovely.

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Sep 19, 2014
1.) Divide it equally between myself, my sisters, and my parents.

2.) Set aside about 3 million for extreme nightmare scenarios (self-induced or otherwise, we've all heard about idiots losing their millions almost immediately), hoping never to touch it again-will to charities or loves ones upon my death.

3.) Never work again.

If I somehow still at least $50 million after that (an initial %400 million lottery, perhaps), I'd have my own eccentric mansion built, probably someplace on the Western side of the Cascade Mountains. Otherwise, I would carefully set aside a certain amount each year for personal use, for charity, and to gamble on the stock market for fun and curiosity.