Hey 4chan? Can we talk briefly?

Something Amyss

Aswyng and Amyss
Dec 3, 2008
EpicMike7 said:
In fact, the whole purpose of the hoax was an attempt to frame 4chan by militant feminists and to start a movement calling for the site to be banned in yet another example of SJW moral arbiters deciding what is best for the public.
Except, you know, that was fake, too. The group supposedly responsible wasn't, you know...real.

So, when you complain about ignorant people, is it really the ignorance you have issue with?

Irony's Acolyte

Back from the Depths
Mar 9, 2010
Dear Escapist -
Maybe you should stop going to the "containment boards" like /b/ and /v/ or the hotbed that is /pol/. I'm sure if I decided to go trudging through the Religion and Politics forums here I'd find some pretty eye-raising stuff too, even with the whole profile system in place here. Or hell, I can just go over to to that 300+ page thread right here in the Off-topic section. And how long did those "Quinnspiracy" and Sarkessian threads last both in Gaming and Off-topic? Of course, I have the sensibility not to trot out those as legitimate examples of the mindset of the entirety of the Escapist Userbase (not to mention that even then this thread and me making a similar one directed to the Escapist wouldn't be the same due to how anonymity affects how people act on 4chan's various boards). Most of us on any of the other boards don't tend to give 2 shits about Gamergate so how about you take the straw back to the barn. People are more likely to take you seriously when you aren't trying to act like beating up a scarecrow is a sign of how smart you are.

A fa/tg/uy who stopped caring about this whole mess several weeks ago